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Oh, it's one of those stories. Well then...yummy! :heart:

A nifty story, but I have to admit as-is it feels a tad unfinished.

That ending just... well, almost demand more shenanigans to come.

5349279 Yeah, I kind of had trouble figuring out a good way to end it.

Quite the abrupt ending, I feel there should be more to be honest. But of what was there was interesting.

Need more but good story

Although the ending seems a little...off, I really liked the rest of it. Not entirely sure what else to say other than that it's really interesting, and is probably one of those stories that needs a sequel revolving around Shining's new body. Good read. :twilightsmile:

5358235 Stories revolving around Shining Armour being stuck in a female body have been done before (Shields are Gleaming, I'm Not A Mare, female-shining-armor on Tumblr, etc.). I was more interested in how he ended up there. However, I'd be more than happy to let someone else do a sequel.

5371272 I get it? In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed it, considering what you said before about transformation stuff.

5399486 Apart from more sex, not sure what else to do with it.

Shining was fapping, but then he was not. Long story short.

5457548 That doesn't really explain how the fuck chrysalis turned him into his opposite

5457561Because it's third person rather than omniscient, the reader doesn't know because Shining doesn't know.

5457575 I know but still how in the multiverse can you turn a male into a female and still be almost god-like among the changelings?

5457588 Maybe it's not something one can do easily, and is instead saved for "special occasions".

Is that all? It's just left hanging :(

5437792 twe want to know what candece did

He turned to face the source of the other voice, and found himself looking at another Shining Armour in the eyes.

Shiny started to descend to descend on Shining,

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