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Well. this was something. Though, I think a Sex tag is required considering that Celestia quite obviously gets turned on by what she's doing. :eeyup:

We never get enough celestia stories of this genre,


5314128 I don't know whether or not this fic being marked "Incomplete" is intentional.

5314113 done
5314140 I thought, when i plan to write more then is " incomplete " the right choice?
5314128 she's my favourit filly

5314963 It is. It's just that sometimes, a story can be completed, but authors may forget to mark it as such. Especially in regards to one-shots (which this is not).


5319601 looked like it was complete on your da.....

5319642 there stands nothing if it's complete or not... besides that you can always continue a story

5319663 there stands nothing? please write more stories with that way of writing this language XD .....

Comment posted by Cytotoxin deleted Nov 27th, 2014

5320783 if it was a bigger picture you would see my bad lining.. but thanks, I love to draw

5320840 I look pass all the thing wrong. instead I see someone do want they love.

Great story:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile: :heart: it.

saw that coming.. how could anyone keep such a secret from one who can see your dreams?

5460525 luna knows all our secret dreams :rainbowderp:

Sequel? Pleeeeeeaaaaaase. :pinkiesmile:

Idiot... It's Celestia.

I already forgot what this story was about...

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