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Lily Blossom, not even as important as a background pony, and also a lingerie company in Spain. What can you expect from here? Clop! My goal is to enrich the sexual lives of all readers.

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Written on a phone!? Well done! I have trouble commenting with a phone.

I am Like number 2.


Since I have a Droid, I have a decent word processor, so it's not all bad. Mostly just a pain without a keyboard. Thanks for the like! I see a lot of negative reactions already, especially compared to my first work, and I'm honestly not surprised. I can imagine this material would be controversial.

It was good until the part were Starlight grew a dick :(


It's not a real dick. Just a magical strap-on.

5876191 Still, I don't like thing that go into a males body.

It wasn't bad for a clopfic, but it needed a bit more time and buildup to be really good.


Right. I forget that many heterosexual males aren't into prostate stimulation/pegging. I'll be sure to mark that in my warning. Thanks for the feedback.

hmm,,,, I am okay with this

Equal sign cutie mark.

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