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When saw the Fluttershy seen I was like :fluttercry: NOT FLUTTERSHY PLEASE NO! And then Rainbow Dash punched Twilight so I was like :yay: Flutters is not dead! But then Rainbow got eaten and I was like :twilightangry2: HOW DARE YOU EAT DASHIE! Then the end I was like :trollestia: wow. So for that great chapter I give you 4/5 :moustache: .

This extremely simalar to another fic

I keep hearing that. Oh well. There's really nothing new under the sun, only different takes on the same subject; Every story has already been conceived and written by someone somewhere in some form or another. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks. Comments like this are nice to have when I'm feeling down. :scootangel:

Okay, you have my full interest. It's not because I'm a fan of vore that you got me hooked, but the premise itself is so interesting. I wasn't expecting so much to happen in the first chapter, but we're already off to a big (lolpun) start. It's definitely intriguing. I shall be looking forward to more!

If there are any gripes with this first chapter, it's that the ponies don't do much. Here, it's obvious that Twilight has grown a lot. No one questioned how she ate all those apple pies and fritters, and no one was apparently in Sugarcube Corner when Pinkie met her demise. Seeing a giant pony would likely set off more sparks than what was going on. It finally took Twilight to crush a few ponies to cause them to panic. I think they would have been more alerted to it earlier, or someone would have said something. I know that if they did that, she'd probably be stopped earlier, so I guess it works. They just seem stupid, is all I'm saying. It's still brilliant.

I wasn't expecting so many notable characters to fall so quickly. I was thinking some background characters might kick the bucket first, but jeez. It dived straight into it, which makes me think Twilight's going to venture elsewhere.

But still, enjoyable read, and looking forward to more!

Well, I certainly hope I showed that the Apples were pretty concerned by Twilight's eating habits.

The orange mare who had greeted her earlier trotted up to her, lower lip set in her teeth.

”Um, Twilight, are you feelin’ alrigh—Whoa Nelly!”

By the time he was finished, he didn’t look angry or disappointed, but… afraid?

Twilight shook her head, looking at the other ponies beginning to gather around her, similar expressions on their faces

I tried to make sure Rarity was pretty terrified by Twilight's size

The unicorn looked up at Twilight and shrieked, her eyes widening until her luxurious eyelashes were nearly invisible. She began backpedaling furiously, collecting herself after gaining some distance between her and Twilight.

“Oh my stars, darling! You gave me such a fright. I wasn’t expecting anypony to visit just yet, and certainly not somepony so… tall.” She fumbled for the last word.


“I don’t suppose you have any Horse in your lineage? I must say I’ve never met somepony of your… um, considerable stature.” Beads of sweat appeared on the side of the little pony’s forehead as she took a trembling step backward.[/quote[

and there are actually very few ponies that Twilight sees before she teleports right into the middle of a darkened library full of her welcome party. Could it be they were all at the party waiting for her, or were they fleeing in terror and staying out of sight of the giantpone? :moustache:

Thanks for the feedback. It's very encouraging to receive comments like this

The reason it seems similar is because there is a story on here with the exact same cover art and the exact same premise of a diet spell turning Twilight into a rapidly growing ravenous beast. The only difference I can tell is that the other one never expressly said she ate any pony, though it's heavily implied since that one had her devour the planet and some of the solar system.

Also, in that one it was just a dream.

There doesn't seem to be much continuity between the first and second chapter in terms of Twilight's relationships.
In the first, it was her first time in Ponyville and she had no friends. In this chapter, she keeps mentioning having friends as if this were taking place mid-season instead of first episode like you made it sound.

... whoa. Nice catch. :rainbowderp:
I'll have to fix that. Ah the troubles of trying to ignore four seasons worth of content. :twilightsheepish:

Twilight, wat r u doign? Twilight stahp!

Wasn't expecting the humans. I thought she'd have rampaged through Equestria. But still, the result would be the same, just a lot less cars. Oh, and giant buildings wouldn't be as crushed.

But man oh man, stuff's about to go down.

He probably means this one. It's the page linked to the image I swiped off of google.

Any idea on when next chapter is going up?

Really sad that this one is canceled, was a fun story.

This is quite a few years late for the comment, but I really enjoyed the first part of this fic when it first came out - Looking over it again, it's still good stuff. Well done. Personally I stopped browsing MMP threads around that time since the quality of them was lowered, and things didn't feel the same after the board was changed to disallow NSFW images. There's actually a continuation of MMP on Discord if you're interested, since the threads themselves while they continue usually aren't very good at all. Then again, the Discord has its own share of things (like roleplay everywhere).

actually yeah, that sounds great. could you send me a pm with the link?

So she went home and perished through starvation?

Yeah? I guess? I forgot I still had this thing up

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