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[SPOILERS! This is set right after The Amazing Spiderman 2. You have been warned!]

Edited by the lovely PhilliChez

Shortly after the arrival, and subsequent arrest, of the Rhino and the Green Goblin, Peter finds himself in a lucrative position at the Daily Bugle and despite everything that has happened for him, things are going well. That is until a new villain is in town and this time not only threatens the safety of New York but of the fabric of reality itself! It's all Peter can do to don his mask and defend reality itself.

Meanwhile, Princess Twilight Sparkle is getting used to her new home after the destruction of her precious library. She decides to come to terms with her new position as the Princess of Friendship and tries to figure out what her duties are and what they mean to her life now. So, how can she cope when a stranger literally drops from the sky, causing trouble almost instantly?

Art cover by Bakki. Check their work out, it's awesome! Somewhat NSFW

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Interesting idea, this is not a crossover i see often.
This wont be much of a review cuz there's no plot holes yet.

I like this idea and assume the next chapter will involve Spider-Man

Have an up vote and some moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Aw thank you, I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy this story and future installments.

Have some Rarity.




Okay... this looks like another Spiders and Magic but as a sequel to a bad movie, dood. Not sure if want... I'll withhold my thumbs until more clarification is received, dood.

4819542 I hope so too and thanks for the quick reply (about 10 seconds)


I hope I'm able to convince you otherwise! Unfortunately, I never grew up with the comics, only the cartoons >.<

Personally, I quite enjoyed the movie, with a few minor complaints, and adored Andrew's interpretation of Spiderman. But I would ask you judge my story on its own merits rather than the film, that, I believe is what matters.


No problem, I was already looking at the story as I decided to add the second chapter almost immediately. A poor decision, maybe, but the first chapter was originally going to be Peter and the second with Twilight but due to restraints in submitting I had to change that. so I decided, screw it and just give you the second chapter immediately.

Jameson always say spider man is a menace.....

Aww, jeez, Spidey just can't catch a break... :unsuresweetie:


What the poop, I got four thumbs-downs o.o

4820398 Buuut you have fifteen thumbs-ups. :twilightsmile:

Looks somewhat interesting. I guess I'll follow this.

A Spider-Man crossover! I will follow and see how this pans out! :twilightsmile:

Another Spider-Man crossover!:pinkiegasp:
I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2, can't wait to see how this turns :pinkiehappy:

I really don't understand how people think TASM2 was a bad movie.

Apart from Rhino it was almost perfect.


I'm glad you guys are enjoying it :3

Enjoy yourselves with the next release!

Oh and guys don't randomly thumbs-down someone who have a legitimate reason to dislike this story. It isn't really fair, he's allowed his opinion.


This is somehow promissing, i want to think of him as the Peter from the Cartoon, because i like the opening. (I mean the newer one)
I can see him somehow messing with Pinkie Pie inside of the Castle. I understand somehow what Pinkie means, i like the new Castle, but for my liking it is a bit to large and....well how do i say it, .....not perfect but definitly not bad.:heart:


Aw thanks! I liked the Spiderman from the cartoons as well and draw influence from them, but this is mostly based off of Andrew Garfield's interpretation.

I love this story so far and I can't wait to see how you bring these to worlds together and how you bring Spider-Man to Equestria.

Wait, why is this chapter called At the Gala? I am pretty sure party names are different in Equestria and Earth.

Nice chapter! I really like the interaction between Peter and MJ.
Wonder what Ock needs those canisters for, obviously for something evil.
The last part reminds me of the cafe scene from Spider-Man 2.
When can we expect Spidey to arrive in Equestria at some point?


I wasn't going to ship Peter and MJ but I made their interaction so cute that I couldn't help it! :heart:

As to when Peter is going to Equestria... YOU'LL SEE, MUAHAHAHAHA

So when's Spider-Man gonna become Spider-PONY? :pinkiesmile:

I don't get the thing about Oscorb being like China. Is it because China owns the US basically?


Sure! If that's what comes to mind :raritywink:

Can´t wait for the Spider Pony:pinkiehappy:
I really hope he goes to Equestria with no way back, or at least a possibility for him to stay in contact with Equestria, i hate farewells if they are forever.
i know i wanted to say more but this late i can´t remember what. I probably get my sleep, with my exam i had a hard day, more or less.

Good work, i read another Spiderman story too, but this is still my favourite.

I can't wait to see Spider-Man become a pony and what they were going to unveil will it have to do with him going to Equestria.

Hm, I do believe it is time for Peter Parker to turn into Spider man in order to wreck Doc Ocks face.

I seed that explosion will or has already caused him to crossover into Equestria right and I like that last bit "It's not like the worlds going to end."

It isn't like the world's gonna end.

Tempting fate much, Twily? :trollestia:

“Why must you concern yourself with this? Come on down to Fluttershy’s cottage, we have tea and biscuits! Besides, aren’t you the one who was worrying over losing your friends because of this royal promotion?”

Discord is somehow right, she isn´t responsible for the whole world righ now.

Sooooooo.....i think i ike it, not much happening right now, but it doesn´t matter if the next chapter is coming. She is maybe a Princess of Friendship, but i would say she isn´t responsible for everything just because she is a Princess right now. I mean the world was a more or less peacefull world without her being a princess too. i know it is just a fanfic, but it would not make much sense for me if she is overloaded with work. Shouldn´t it be somehow easier for Celestia, Luna and Twilight if some of the work can be shared, at least she could take Ponyville and they have still Canterlot.

I just want to say, she should not have more work then Celestia i think, if she doesn´t let it happen. I don´t know if i would have a choice, but i would at least not overstrain myself just because of this.

PS: don´t take that to serious, i just like to discuss a bit the last time:twilightsheepish:


There's an interesting parallelism between Spiderman and Twilight that, I think, should be noted even in-universe. While Twilight doesn't exactly burden herself with responsibility all of the time, she is very quick, and keen, to take on trouble if need be. She isn't the type of pony, I think, who would easily pass things on to somepony else if she can help it.

Peter is the same way, rather than ask for help he would much rather shoulder the burden himself and only himself as perhaps a self-punishment sort of thing. Peter is the more extreme example to Twilight's selfless personality and she is the perfect teacher to show Peter that there are other ways, to show him, perhaps, that there is magic in friendship.


Twilight is eager to tempt fate, she wonders if it's a subconscious thing or not.

4972175 well if you put it that way, then i can go with the idea:ajsmug:

i think it just remembered me of an fanfic, where Twilight would be forced to married, get Royal soldiers and let them escort her and stuff like that. I maybe am a bit sensitive if it looks like Celestia and Luna would force someone, and i don´t like it if Unicorns force their power over Humans, even if they are right, and get away with it.

I now you didn´t do it that way, i just say something had remembered me at this stuff, nothing more, so thank you for the explanation.:pinkiehappy:

You do a good job, but i think i told your already that i enjoy your story:heart:

4972024 As soon as I read that sentence I was like, "Welp, Twilight is now the Universes bitch."

Ooooh, so now MJ knows Peter's identity? Interesting... :raritystarry:

ahhh can´t wait till He finally meet Twilight:pinkiehappy:

Can Peter not be a pony for once? Just once?

Not a problem dude but I get it also love Doctor Who now good was that episode man and I can't BELIVE that MJ knows Peter is Spider-Man now so when he wakes up is he gonna be a pony.

Ps: I'm a dude just so you know.

“That bug couldn’t stop a runaway train much less me,” he all but spat. “You will see, the whole world will see my genius!”

Spiderman 2 reference. Nice.

4985888 Dang it, I wasn't the only one that caught that.:twilightangry2:

Okay I loved everything about this chapter I liked how Luna spoke to Twilight with such understanding knowing where she was coming from.

Ps: So Peter's going to just "Drop in" during thier sleepover right?

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