• Published 8th Aug 2014
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The Amazing Spider-Man: The Web of Friendship - Time Pony Victorious

Peter Parker, intrepid photographer and moonlighting superhero, stumbles into the world of ponies! How will he cope being a pony... without hands?!

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... Has Been Disrupted

Author's Note:

You're getting TWO chapters this week!

I was supposed to put up the chapter on Saturday but I completely blanked! Robot of Sherwood distracted me, so, in penance, I have decided to give you two chapters this week and the next chapter will be released, on schedule, on the 13th!

Please enjoy, and, oh, thank Spider-Mane15 for telling me my schedule slipup! It's thanks to him (or her) that you're getting two chapters!


“It’s the end of the world!” a nearby vagabond cried, running around in circles as the chaos outside only grew.

The police had already gathered outside but it was too late. Doc Ock was already scaling the building, holding up Mary-Jane to him as a protective shield so they weren’t able to fire. Even if they could scramble the police helicopter in time, he would be on the roof already. Mary-Jane struggled, pummeling the robot arms but she may as well have been hitting a rhino.

“Again with Oscorp!” she grumbled as they neared the rooftop. Mary-Jane gasped as she saw what was up there.

It was the skeletal frame of a weird mad-scientist device. It was arc-shaped about 10 ft tall with a control panel right in front of it. Lights blinked and the device seemed to be operational but it looked like it was missing one key ingredient, whatever Doc Ock just stole from Oscorp.

How did he have time to set all of this up?

“With this… it will be complete,” Doc Ock said with a malicious grin, holding up the radioactive canister.

“It won’t work, this freaky experiment of yours. The police will stop you, Spiderman will stop you,” Mary-Jane said.

Thankfully he turned as she had planned. A deep frown creasing his already unattractive features.

“That bug couldn’t stop a runaway train much less me,” he all but spat. “You will see, the whole world will see my genius!”

“I’m not sure the world is ready to see that,” Mary-Jane muttered. “But oh, trust me. Once I give Spidey a call, he’ll kick your—“

Doc’s spare arm lunged, spike protruding from its claw, and stabbed Mary-Jane’s phone as she pulled it out. “You know, I’m beginning to grow weary of you…”

“Join the club.”

Doc Ock growled, arm retracting as if ready to hit her but then a spider web caught him in the face. Mary-Jane turned with a smile to see Spiderman crouched at the edge of the roof in all of his grandeur, strangely enough he had a backpack slung over his shoulders but she didn’t focus on that.

“Come on, Doc, that ain’t no way to treat a girl!” he taunted.

Otto tore the web from his eyes. “Spiderman!”

Spiderman leapt, dodging the first two arms and webbing them together as he flew toward them. “Yep, still me!” he yelled as he spun mid-air and kicked Doc in the chest. Doc Ock staggered back, dazed in pain, while Spiderman tried to pry Mary-Jane free to no avail.

His first two arms freed themselves and lunged at Spidey. Spiderman leapt, dodging the strikes but he wasn’t fast enough. It sliced at his side, creating a visible cut, he winced but kept going, charging the arm that held Mary-Jane to free her.

But Otto lifted Mary-Jane up in the air, she yelped and Spiderman leapt to reach her but he was pinned down by another arm. “Mary-Jane!” he yelled.

Spiderman shot another web at his eyes but one of his arms blocked it. He sneered at Spidey but he was already charging him. Spidey leapt and kicked the Doc right in the face and used his shoulders to jump-spring up to Mary-Jane but all three of his spare arms caught Spidey by the legs and arms and slammed him down at the floor.

Firing off two web-strings and caught Doc in the back and pulled him toward himself. The Doctor and Spidey tumbled and rolled, pummeling each other. During the chaos, Spiderman tried to tear off the arm that held Mary-Jane but was stopped at each attempt. Eventually, they tumbled off the roof.

Mary-Jane screamed as she was dragged along with them but Doc’s arms grabbed the side of the building, stopping their descent violently.

Spidey held on to his back and wrapped his arms around his neck, trying to choke him out but his arms grabbed him, pulled him away, and slammed him into the building. Before he could attempt another web-sling, his arms were pinned down.

“You think of yourself as a hero,” Doc said with a sneer.

“That would explain the skintight suit,” Spidey snapped sarcastically.

“Then watch as you fail!”

Mary-Jane was thrown by the arm and plummeting down to the earth. She screamed and Spiderman leapt to action. He headbutted Doc Ock so hard he fell off the building as well, only being saved by his robotic arms.

Spiderman braced and prepared to dive off the building after MJ… but he froze.

Time slowed down as he watched MJ fall. Spiderman’s heart pounded like crazy, his body felt numb, and he was paralyzed with fear. He looked at Mary-Jane’s face, she was so terrified… then he saw her. Gwen Stacy… the last moments of her life fading as Mary-Jane’s had.

Then he dove. He pushed off the building and shot straight down at Mary-Jane. His spidey sense slowed everything down, he could sense her velocity and how quickly she’d hit the ground. He could see where her muscles tensed and relaxed and he knew how dangerous his web-shooters would be.

With two hands, he shot out two web-lines that caught her at her waist and pulled himself toward her. He sensed how close the ground was at this point, he was running out of time. Embracing Mary-Jane in a tight bear hug, she yelped from the impact and hugged him back, bracing herself for the fall. But Spidey shot another web which connected with the building and it tensed, shooting Peter up violently and toward the building.

Protecting Mary-Jane, Spidey took the impact entirely and slammed with a thud on the ground with the redhead on top of him.

His entire body burned, his muscle lanced with intense pain, but he looked up at MJ. She had her face buried in his chest, half-sobbing, half-gasping. “You okay?” he asked weakly.

She shook her head. “T-thank you...”

She lifted herself up slightly, her eyes were red and tinged with tears. Spidey sighed, putting his head down, he wanted to just pass out there but he couldn’t. Doc Ock was still up there.

Spiderman stood up and helped Mary-Jane up. “You need to get out of here,” he told her, heading toward the window but Mary-Jane held his hand tightly, stopping him. Spidey turned around, she was frozen in place, tears ran down those sad eyes.

“The police are downstairs, they’ll be up here soon,” he told her calmly, placing his hands on her shoulders. “But you need to leave. Whatever Doc Ock is plannin’ it won’t be good.”


Spiderman took a step back, recoiling in terror and fear. He wanted to argue and call her nuts but he realized she wasn’t looking at him. She was looking at the camera that was at his feet, the picture of Mary-Jane laughing clear on its display.

He shot a web at the camera and yanked it to his hand but it was too late. She knew.

“Peter is that you?” she took a step forward, her hand reaching his face but he backed up.

“Please, MJ. Get out of here,” he begged. “You can’t be here.”

“But you’re—“ she took another step forward but again he backed up, as if afraid if he touched her she would shatter.

Spiderman took off his mask, revealing the slightly bruised, crestfallen Peter Parker underneath. He held up his hands to her so she wouldn’t get any closer.

“Doc Ock is planning something big, I know it,” he said. “I need to stop him and you need to leave and get yourself to safety. Find JJ if he hasn’t already left.”

“But…” MJ said, eyes brimming with tears. “The police said Spiderman was with that girl, Gwen, when she died…”

Peter looked completely shattered, like if she pushed the issue he would shamelessly begin bawling in tears. “Oh my god,” she gasped, wiping her eyes. “Peter, I’m so—“

“If you want to apologize, do it outside,” he interrupted with a clipped tone. “I can’t let what happen to her happen again. So please, just leave.”

MJ looked conflicted and Peter thought she was going to continue arguing but then she did something surprising. She grabbed Peter and hugged him tightly, kissing him as much as she could in a 4 second span. She broke the hug, wiped her eyes and gave him a brave smile.

“Go get ‘em, Tiger.”

Peter would’ve stood there all day trying to remember his name but the building shook and the power went out and that snapped him back to reality. He slipped his mask on, gave MJ a nod and leapt out the window, webbing up the building.

It only took five minutes to get up to the roof but it looked like the sky was on fire. The clouds had darkened and gathered at the top, spinning like an axis, lightning flashed in streaks of red and blue and a pulsating tremor shook the building like a heartbeat.

Peter swung in from above and stared, awestruck, at the doctor’s creation. His little arc thing was activated and it pulsated with blue energy that sparked and arced electricity throughout the roof. Peter’s body ached as it remembered how painful it was fighting Electro.

Doc Ock stood in front of the arc and laughed maniacally. “I HAVE DONE IT!” he cackled. “THE TESSERACT WILL BE MINE!”

Peter webbed a piece of pipe and swung it at the doctor but his robot arm caught it. “Yeah, I made a potato clock in 5th grade, but I didn’t let it go to my head.”

Otto growled as he threw the pipe back which was easily dodged by the Web-Head. “This will be the last time you interfere bug!

Peter swung and slammed into the doctor, knocking him back slightly. “Now that’s just rude. It’s arachnid to you, Octy!”

Two of his arms shot out like vipers and Peter jumped over them, webbing them together as he cleared it and landed on Otto’s back. “We’ve been through this before, honey. That evil stuff is a big no-no!”

His two free arms whipped around and tried to grab him but he dodged and web them to his back, like before he webbed his entire body and springboard leapt off him and toward the portal. He reached the control panel but nothing made sense to him.

“Haywire doomsday machine with a potentially hair trigger control mechanism that I have no idea to control,” he mumbled to himself. “Easy solution: Hulk smash!”

Peter slammed his fists down at the panel and destroyed it with one punch. It sparked and grumbled before finally powering down… but the evil portal was still on!

“Now what?” he asked.

Doc Ock roared as he broke through the webbing and slashed at Peter. His spidey-sense saved his life as he whipped around and dodged but he wasn’t fast enough. His arm slashed his chest but missed at grabbing him. Peter grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the Web-Head.

The two went tumbling over each other, fighting for dominance but Peter’s super-reflexes allowed him to perfectly pin him and web his arms again. “Tell me how to disable it!” he ordered.

“It’s too late!” Doc Ock cackled. “It is now self-sustaining!”

Peter webbed his mouth and sighed. “Well, that helps…”

The portal crackled and roared. Electricity arced from it and Peter felt ill standing so close to it. It felt like the portal had its own gravitational pull, like it was pulling every molecule of his body toward it. A rainbow spectrum of colors exploded from the portal and Peter’s spider-sense was telling him to run but it was too late.

With the force of a megaton bomb, the portal exploded. Heat washed over Peter as his vision exploded with rainbow colors. His body felt weak and he collapsed, like a giant hand grabbing his head and squeezed him unconscious.