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Hey everypony This is SonofThePoppyman most of my stories 3 to 4 years in the future. And I love the characters Celestia, Luna,Twilight, and Flash.


After Twilight gets her Castle, she tries a spell that she had come across paths with. While in Canterlot, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found the same spell. Once they all cast the spell at the same time, a strange thing happens; They all swapped bodies! Princess Luna was now Twilight Sparkle, Princess Twilight was now Celestia, Celestia was Luna. How long are they going to last this way? Will any of the Mane 6 or Spike notice that Twilight isn't acting as herself? Will the guards notice that Princess Celestia is not acting as herself? And Princess Luna was flying around when it was day time!?!? Everything would have been going well, if Trixie didn't come back to Ponyvile for a another match, and if Princess Cadance didn't need help at the Crystal Empire or That Applejack needed help at the barn and Princess Luna said she would help. Not knowing that Discord used his magic to spice up the spell.

(For The Body Swap Contest late on coming in .)

Edited by: MagicPegasus123
Written by: SonofThePoppyman
Story Idea By: Poppyman65

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i really like this story so far :pinkiehappy::raritystarry: hope to read more soon:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by xXShadowSparklesXx deleted Jul 14th, 2014

A few fanfic I would actually read and this one is one of them.

4692827 I already have one all ready but my editor wants to check it

4693516 My editor is looking over it tonight

4693789 okay thank you so much for letting me know

Damn............. That Trixie always seems to pop up at the very worst times:rainbowkiss:

4693931 My next chapter is about Luna's and Trixie's Fight :raritystarry:

it lke swap life and make it change

4694029 I'm thinking of making anther swap story :rainbowwild:

Meh, I've got nothing better to do. Might as well read this...

Okay. read the chapter, and I have to say....wonder what bombshells are gonna be dropped on Twilight and Celestia!

Oh, and:
"Luna, a bit of advice, it's my experience that explaining the situation at the earliest possible moment is better for your safety than revealing it later, as the longer you wait, the worse the reaction will be."

I'm a bit apprehensive because of the Tragedy tag... :applejackunsure:

4697544 I have to move Tragedy no one dies in the story :twilightsheepish:

Alright everypony my next chapter is done but my editor is working kinda slow so they should come out in a while

Alright, but remember:
Early reveal to others: :twilightsmile: Okay. Now we can work on fixing this together.
Late reveal to others: :flutterrage: WHAT?! YOU'RE NOT THE REAL -insert character here-! (Followed by much fighting and random yelling)

4698700 Alright the new chapter is coming out today :duck:

As you may know this is kinda my story idea but Poppyman65 more so had most of the idea but he wanted me to write it and get the credit but I give him some credit anyway :pinkiesmile:

New chapter yay!*reads* Bad ass Luna is Bad ass :twilightsmile:

Well, that certainly was interesting. Odd that nopony noticed Twilight's sudden fighting skill, though the real Twilight has been full of suprises in the past, but you'd think somepony would think it's a little odd that she didn't hold back, right?

Wait, didn't Celestia become Luna, and Twilight Celestia?

YEAH go luna go luna it is your b-day its your b-day hope to read more soon

4699548 My new chapter is going to be edited tonight or tomorrow :pinkiehappy:

With the Mane 6 aware they would have to watch out for each other, wouldn't they at least be suspicious to Twilight's(Luna's) tone or reaction, a little too violent ?

Did twilight get swtiched with luna or did she get switched with celestia? :applejackunsure:

4702027 Twilight is in Celestia's Body and Luna's in Twilight's Body and Celestia is in Luna's Body

4711214 Thanks new chapter coming up tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon :ajsmug:

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