Princess Swap! Spell Gone Wrong!

by SonofThePoppyman

Helping Applejack (Celestia's Chapter)

An open window faced the royal chambers, as a drift of the wind blew through, allowing the curtains to dance in its soft melody. A dark figure littered the bed that sat a few feet away from the window, and the blowing wind, one with dark wings, a moon for a cutie mark, and long flowing dark hair. She seemed to be sleeping, while her hair continued to flow along her face silently. A small moan escaped her lips, as she now stirred awake.

Sitting up, and opening her large dark eyes, she looked to and fro of the unfamiliar room she occupied, and suddenly felt a pain in her head. A hoof soon rubbed the spot, as the Princess spoke with a soft groggy voice, ¨Ouch my head. That blast of magic sure took me out for some time.¨ Celestia said, groaning once again at the ache in her head.

She suddenly gasped softly, and looked at herself, No... Running towards the mirror in the room, she shook her head with disbelief, can’t be...Luna?

She looked around the room frantically, her face burning at the realization of being in her younger sisters’ body, ¨I can’t believe this!¨

She then remembered the scroll, and found it lying on the bed, fluffled on the pillow, and soon scanned her eyes over it, ¨This was a body swap spell. Perfect.¨

Sitting on her flank now, she pondered on what to do next. She was supposed to go off to the Crystal Empire to help Princess Cadence with something, but now that she was stuck in Luna’s body, she felt it impossible.

She then came to a conclusion, ¨If i'm in Luna's body, that means she must have been transported to mine,¨ as she spoke, her hoof stroked her chin in thought, and she was soon up on her hooves again, ¨I have to get to her before she leaves,¨ the Princess said, before trotting out of the bedroom, and made her way down the hall with speed.

She stopped short in front of an open window to see that her body was leaving the palace with Princess Cadence and her guards from the Crystal Empire. Oh no, Luna! she gasped, and ran to the window, ¨My dear sister, wait!¨ she yelled, looking at the crew worriedly.

Celestia’s head turned to stare down at Luna, and said nervously, ¨I can't stop your hi- I mean, sister. I have to leave I'll see you tonight.

¨But-¨ Celestia was cut off by who she thought was Luna flying off with Princess Cadance and guards.

Frowning now, she started her way back to Luna’s room, thinking hard to herself, I have to find Twilight she might know what to do about this.

As soon as Celestia went back into Luna's room she looked at her sister's Calendar and saw that she was going to help Applejack with something she needed.

¨I guess I have to go to Apple Acres for Luna’s sake, since I won’t catch her at this rate. I will talk to Twilight a bit later on this matter, but right now, duties comes first.¨

Racing out of the room now, she made it to the open window, and took flight towards Ponyville, and being though it was still morning, she wasn’t due until the afternoon

- Thirty minutes later -

Celestia flew overhead of a large field of apple trees, and took in the sweet scent of the ripe fruit. Smiling, she was proud to know that the Apple Family was doing their job. Landing in front of the entrance, she folded the dark wings, and trotted along the farmland, looking around for the orange pony she was supposed to meet.

Coming up to the house of which the Apple Family accompanied, Celestia knocked on the door a couple of times, and heard Granny Smith’s soft muttering as she made her way to the door, ¨I'mma comin, hold your horses,¨ the old timer said, opening the door to see the young Princess standing there with a slight smile.

¨I'm here to speak with Applejack, Granny Smith,¨ Celestia said, staring at the old pony, who gave her a smile.

¨Come on in, its almost breakfast anyway.¨ Granny Smith said, moving out of the way for the Princess to walk in.

Once inside, Celestia closed the door behind her with a glow of her horn, and looked around the place, as she was taken to the dining room of the house, just in time to see that the breakfast was laid out on the table.

¨So Princess Luna, I haven't seen you in a while. What brings you here?¨ Granny Smith asked, picking up a bowl of applesauce that was on a tray of food, and placed it on the table, before looking up at the Princess for an expected answer.

¨I'm suppose to help Applejack with something, since she said it was something urgent.¨ Celestia responded, curious too of what the honest pony wanted from her little sister.

¨Ah yes, she had talked to me about that. She needs you to help her with some type of spell.¨ Granny smith replied, moving along to the kitchen to pick up a few more dishes.

¨A spell?¨ Celestia asked, raising an eyebrow, feeling that this might lead to trouble.

¨As Applejack told you yesterday, she found a spell hidden in one of the apple trees, while she went apple bucking. You told her it was a bug remover spell, and she wanted you to try it out on the bugs that makes the apple trees bad...,¨ the old apple explained, wondering why Luna didn’t remember.

Celestia thought for a few moments. My sister gave me no news about this, and knowing it now, I wonder what it was that she was thinking. Nodding a bit at the thought, she continued to think some more silently to herself, I’ĺl have to talk to her about it later.
Staring back at Granny Smith, she watched with curiosity as the old mare rung the bell, signaling that breakfast was served. No sooner had she rung it, three ponies ran in, full of leaves, and mud on their manes, as well as their hooves, all flashing bright smiles at the scent of food.

¨Y’all youngins’ go wash up, and get to the table, breakfast is served!¨ Granny said, showing her teeth in a half smile, before she trotted off slowly to the dining hall.

¨Howdy Princess,¨ Applejack, one of the ponies who ran in said, tilting her hat, before taking it off, and hanging it on a coats’ rack.

¨Good morning, Applejack.¨ Celestia said softly, smiling at the pony, who walked off to wash up for the surprised event.

The other two ponies, Applebloom, and Big Mac stood off to the side, examining Luna for a bit wondering why she was out at such an early time.

Celestia felt their eyes on her, and turned to give them a small smile, ¨Good to see you two as well.¨

¨You too, Princess!¨ Applebloom exclaimed, and ran off after Apple Jack.

¨Eeyup.¨ was Big Mac’s usual words, before he dismissed himself as well.

- At the breakfast table -

¨So, after we eat, are we going to try the spell Luna?¨ Applejack asked curiously, before she dug into a plate full of food that sat in front of her.

Celestia looked a bit worried, and only gave the orange mare a slight nod, ¨Yes, I'll just...wait outside until you’re done.¨
¨That’s no problem, I’ll be out in a few minutes.¨ Applejack said with a grin, before going back to her food.

Celestia went outside to have a look around, and while she waited, she began to think to herself of the upcoming events she would have to continue with. Her mission was to find Twilight, and let her know what has happened so far.

The truth is, she was worried of how long this spell would last, and when it would wear off. She was starting to get a little uncomfortable with her sister’s body, it just seemed so strange to be in somepony else’ skin, especially if it was a sibling.

¨I wonder why my voice sounds like Luna's, when I'm in her body.¨ the Princess whispered, before continuing, ¨I'm going right to Twilight's place after this. I need to get back to Canterlot.

- A few minutes later Applejack came out with the spell. -

¨So, Luna, are ya sure Princess Celestia won't mind ya trying this spell on the apple trees?¨ Applejack asked handing the spell to the Princess, which glowed in a dark blue aura, allowing the Princess to take it, and look it over.

¨Are you sure you want me to do this?¨ Celestia asked, scanning over the scroll, before raising an eyebrow at Applejack wearily.

¨Ah am and Ah’m ready Princess.¨ Applejack said, standing at attention, while she watched with a bit of curiosity to see how this would turn out.

¨May I ask why you want me to try this for you?¨ Celestia asked, staring at Applejack with an expression of uncertainty.

¨Ah figured that if what it says is true, then you can help me out with these bugs that keep attacking my trees and eating up most of the apples on the farm.” Applejack explained, looking around the field, at most of the trees she had already emptied, and some which still needed some work on them.

Looking back at the Princess, Applejack wore a worried expression, “If this continues, we won’t have our big bake sale that’s supposed to be in a few more weeks. We’ll be out of apples.”

Celestia nodded in agreement. IF these bugs weren’t stopped, there won’t be much of any product that were made from apples. Especially, apple cider... “That would be terrible. Alright, show me the are of where you first saw them appear. Maybe if we find out where they’re hiding, we can be rid of them, once and for all.”

Applejack nodded, and the two of them ran off through the apple orchard to find out where these creatures were staying. It didn’t take long, since a familiar buzzing sound was heard by Applejack, and the two stopped in the middle of the apple orchard to listen. A deep frown made its way onto Applejack’s face, as she listened carefully to where the noise was coming from.

Celestia listened hard too, looking from to and fro to find out where the bugs could be hiding. Coming around the corner of one of the trees, the saw a gruesome sight. Apple cores. They were spread all over the place, trees were knocked down, and hideous small bugs, worse than the parasprites that had attacked the village some time ago, flew all over the apples. Their bodies were an ugly brown, with big red eyes, small wings, and six short legs.

The two ponies stopped in their tracks, and stared at the sight of these creatures, and Celestia soon turned to Applejack, and asked with a worried expression, “Are these the bugs you were talking about?”

Applejack could only nod, and stared at the bugs eating the apple cores, and chipping away at the leaves on the fallen trees. Celestia then studied the spell that continued to glow with the dark aura, and nodded, knowing what she must do, “Here I go.”

Standing in sight of the bugs, she read over the words, and cast the spell onto the pile of bugs. A large swirl of dark magic swirled around the Alicorn’s horn, as her eyes glowed a bright white, which concentrated on the bugs in front of her, and with a flick of her head, the magic wrapped around each of the bugs, trapping them in a dark bubble.

Applejack stood back, and watched the Princess work her magic, and looked a bit worried, as each of the bugs were trapped. With a small grunt, Celestia lifted her head, and cast another spell on the small bubbles, each one disappearing from sight.

Once that was done, the spell was over, and Celestia lay panting on the ground, before Appljack came, and helped her up, “That was amazing, Princess.” The orange pony said, giving Celestia a smile.

“Yes, well, it did take a while to get the spell right,” Celestia commented, and looked around to see that there were no more bugs left. “Well, it seems my job here is done. There should be no more of those creatures around here anymore. I made sure I put up a bug barrier over the orchard to protect your trees.”

Applejack looked relieved, and grateful of the generous thought, and bowed in thanks, “That was mighty kind of you, Princess. Since you’re done here, I can get back to my apple bucking.”

Both ponies began their trip back to the farmhouse, and Celestia continued to listen, as Applejack continued speaking her thoughts, “I also think you should take the spell back with you, so nothing bad happens.”

Celestia nodded at the suggestion, and smiled, before remembering what she must do after she leaves the farm, “By the way, do you know where Twilight is?”

Applejack stopped in front of the farmhouse, and raised an eyebrow at the Princess, as she thought of her question, and nodded with a smile, “Last time I saw her, she was busy unpacking the new supplies that was delivered to her castle. You might find her there.”

Celestia nodded, and began to fly off, as she thanked the pony, “Thank you, Applejack. I might see you later on tonight.”

Applejack tilted her hat, and smiled, “My pleasure, your highness. Hope to catch you later.”

As those words were spoken, Celestia flew off towards Twilight’s castle, unaware that her most trusted student was somewhere in the Crystal Empire with Princess Cadence.