• Published 14th Jul 2014
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Princess Swap! Spell Gone Wrong! - SonofThePoppyman

After Twilight gets her Castle, she tries a spell that she had come across paths with. While in Canterlot, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found the same spell.

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Helping Candance (Twilight's Chapter)

A small painful groan pierced the silent air of the huge bedroom of the Princess Celestia, as the tall alicorn woke up from the sudden daze that swept over her.

“Ugh, what happened? The last thing I remember is...” the alicorn said softly, her blue eyes opening slowly, only to regret it as the bright lights flashed through her eyes, causing her to close them again. She realized that her voice wasn’t the same.

Wait...I casted a spell, if I remember correctly...and... Frowning now in thought, the alicorn stood up from the spot she laid on, which was a small cushioned pillow, and made her way over to a scroll that sat on the table across the room.

With the magic of her horn, she managed to pick it up slowly, and read over the spell, before realizing what it was, “Wait a second! This is a BODY SWAP Spell.”

Moving over to the mirror now, she stared back at... “PRINCESS CELESTIA!?” The pony was shocked, and sat down on her flank in panic.

“Oh no, that means...if I'm in Celestia's body, then she is in mine!” Her eyes became giant saucers, as she stared at the reflection of Celestia staring back at her. The long wavy hair of light colors, sparkling, as well as her tail. The sun cutie mark, and her large horn and wings. “I better find a spell that can cure this dilemma.”

She then realized another thing, ”Wait...I’m Princess Celestia now...ugh...can anything get any worse?!” she yelled in frustration to nopony in particular, before looking up as a couple of guards ran in.

“Is everything alright, your highness?” one of the guards asked, giving the Princess a raised eyebrow.

Twilight stared at the two guards with a shocked expression, before sighing softly, Right. They think I’m Celestia. I have to roll with this until I find a reverse spell.

She gave the two guards a nervous smile, and waved a hoof at them, “Yes, I'm fine. I just had a bad dream.” She explained, getting
a confused glance from the two, before they only shrugged in response.

“We have news, your highness. Princess Cadance is here to speak with you.” One of the guards said, waiting for her response.

Twilight was excited to know that Princess Cadence was here to see her...well, to see Celestia, which made her wonder why.
Nodding at the guards, she dismissed them, “Alright. Tell her I'll see her in a few minutes.”

“Yes, your highness.” The guards bowed deeply, before leaving the room, closing the doors of the chambers once again.

After the guards left, Twilight looked around the room for a few more minutes, and placed the scroll back on the table. She had to keep in mind that she wasn't Twilight anymore, and this was on an important matter for Celestia. Nodding at the thought, she gave the room a once over, and then made her way to the throne room, where she found Princess Cadance and her guards waiting for

“Celestia, its good to see you again,” Cadance said, giving the Princess a gentle hug, before smiling softly at her.

The Alicorn was the same as Twilight remembered her. She looked alot healthier too. Her coat was pink, with the sign of love as a cutie mark on her flank. The same colored hair of yellow, pink, and purple, and her large wings with a tint of purple on each tip.

“It’s always a pleasure to see you, Candance,” Twilight said, knowing it may be something along the lines of what the Princess
would say, and returned the hug that was given to her.

“Guards, you’re dismissed.” Cadance commanded, and watched as the few guards that came with her bowed, and left to keep an
eye on the carriages outside.

Turning back to Celestia, Cadance gave her a worried glance, and began to explain the reason of her visit, “I need help at the empire. It’s an urgent emergency, so I had to come to you first personally to let you know what’s going on.”

Twilight nodded, a look of deep thought appearing on her features, as she wondered what it was that was wrong. “What’s the problem?” Twilight asked, giving the alicorn a raised eyebrow.

“One of my guards tried to assassinate me a few days ago when I was looking over preparations for a ball in the throne room, and I was saved by another guard named, Flash Sentry. The guard is imprisoned now, and I do wonder why he had the thought to do such a thing. Also, I would like to know how to deal with this guard, and how should I reward Flash for saving my life?” the Princess explained, showing an expression of deep thought, before smiling with a bit of relief, feeling grateful of Flash’ bravery.

Twilight had to think about this. First off, like Cadance said, Why would a guard try to assassinate her? What made him do this? And is he working for someone other than Cadance? Questions that Twilight couldn’t answer made her more suspicious of Cadance’ protection.

She stared at Cadance, and started pacing the floor, “This sounds very dangerous, and very serious. I think we should discuss this matter further at the Crystal Empire. Maybe look around for clues as to why this has happened. As for the guard, he should be put on trial, so we may figure out his reasons for trying to assassinate you.”

Cadance nodded, and turned to the doors, “I agree with you. I will wait outside in my carriage for you to prepare for the visit.”

Twilight nodded as well, and made her way back to Celestia’s chambers to prepare a message for Spike, I need to get a message to Spike. He needs to know what’s going on, and about this whole mix up of this spell. Her trots started out slow, and before she knew it, she was running into the room quickly.

Picking up a piece of ancient paper, Twilight’s horn glowed, as she started writing the message quickly with the golden quill pen Celestia had used not too long ago:

Dear Spike this Is Twilight I need you to find me a cure to a body swap spell. I’ll explain everything else later.
P.S Don't fail me

Afterwards, she sent the message, along with the spell that was attached to it, so Spike had an idea of what she was talking about. Alright, now to the carriage. Twilight thought, making her way out of the room, and down the hall to meet Cadance.

Once she was settled into the carriage of her own, she commanded that they get going. Cadance nodded, and the two were both lifted into the air, and was off to the Crystal Empire.

They didn’t get far, as Luna had appeared out of nowhere, and was staring at them fly off with a panicked expression, ¨My dear sister, wait!¨ she yelled, looking at the crew worriedly.

Twilight turned to stare down at Luna with surprise, not knowing it wasn’t Luna at all, and said nervously, ¨I can't stop your hi- I mean, sister. I have to leave. I'll see you tonight!” The carriages then were out of sight, and Twilight stared at Cadance, who gave her a raised eyebrow.

Author's Note:

I'm really really sorry everypony! this is one of my shortest chapters sorry!