• Published 14th Jul 2014
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Princess Swap! Spell Gone Wrong! - SonofThePoppyman

After Twilight gets her Castle, she tries a spell that she had come across paths with. While in Canterlot, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found the same spell.

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Trouble Starts!

One sunny afternoon, Twilight busied herself with unpacking a few things into her new castle. After fighting Tirek, she noticed that she would need some more supplies, and ordered them right away.

"I hate that Tirek burned down my tree house," the purple alicorn said, her expression filled with annoyance at the thought, as the new order had come in. She stared down at the boxes full of restored books that had once lined the shelves in her old tree, but now would be filling up the few spaces that were left in her new home, "Though, it was generous of Princess Celestia to have the spares brought over."

Her eyes scanned them for a few more minutes, until her eyes caught onto something, Hmm? Whats this?

An aura of colorful magic wrapped itself around a scroll. The alicorn examined it carefully, her eyes moving across the page, before they beamed with excitement, "Wow, its a new spell for me to try! Oh, this is so exciting!"

Placing the scroll onto a nearby table, she looked around the cluttered room of boxes, and smiled slightly, "I'll try it after I unpack all this stuff." A hoof tapped her chin lightly, as she continued speaking to no one in particular, "I wish spike was here to help, but he is helping Rarity with her new clothes line, which is a good experience for the baby dragon."

Shrugging her shoulders slightly, her horn glowed once again, as she assembled the the items from the boxes, and put them in their proper places.

- Meanwhile at The Canterlot Castle. -

"Sister what are you doing?" Luna asked, as she walked through her sister's chambers, looking at the pony before her, who sat at a table with a quill pen scribbling on a piece of paper. her expression concentrated on the words that were being written down.

"Oh Luna, my dear sister," the Princess said, looking up from the note she was writing, and gave her younger sibling a smile; before concentrating on the note once again. "I'm writing a message to my most trusted student, Twilight..."

"And pray tell, what is this message you're sending her, sister?" the dark alicorn asked, as she walked over to sit next to her sister on a cushioned pillow, her wings folded back, while her long dark hair wavered about her face. She looked at the message that her sister was working on, and only raised an eyebrow in curiosity, as well as a bit worrisome.

"Its about a spell I found in our old Castle," Celestia explained, watching her sister sit beside her, which made her smile again, before she continued writing.

Luna frowned slightly at the news, and asked with concern, "You took a trip?"

"Yes," The Princess said with a serious expression, "Of what had occurred in the last few weeks, I had the thought of looking around for anything else that might pertain to my dearest students' new home. Unfortunately, all I found was this spell, and it seems to be one of Starswirl the Bearded'. Since Twilight is the one to know about things like this, I have decided to send it to her, and report back anything that will or has happened, when she tries it out."

"But sister, have you thought of the consequences of this spell? We don't know if-" Luna started to say, until the older one interrupted her.

"Which is why I put my trust in Twilight to let me know what comes of this spell, my dear sister. Whatever happens, she will let us know if it is a threat to our kingdom or not." Rolling up the scroll, and wrapping it up with a red ribbon, both Princess' raised to their hooves, and walked onto the balcony, where they over looked Canterlot.

"I found the spell on the floor of Starswirl's spell chambers, which is where he had kept most of his most prized possessions, though sadly, everything that once occupied the place has now vanished." Frowning slightly at the realization, Celestia continued to stare down on Canterlot with a thoughtful expression, "This may not come across us as a coincidence dear sister, but I feel this was meant to be found at such a time."

Luna listened intently, and frowned as well in thought of this new information, "Perhaps Twilight and her friends can take a more in depth look around for another clue, sister? There may be something more to this then we think."

"Good idea, Luna." Celestia said, giving her sister a smile.

"And I don't think you should send the scroll right away," Luna informed, turning away back into the room, with the sound of her sister's hooves on her trail.

"Why do you say that?" The Princess merely curious as well as confused.

As the dark alicorn made her way to the door, she turned her head to give her sister a warning expression, "Try it out first, and see if it is safe at least, and if you haven't found much of it, have Twilight see of the matter. It will be a lot safer on my account."

"You're right, I'll try it, just in case. You don't want to be too sure about things like this." With a small smile, she got to work.

"Alright then, let me know when you're done, I want to go on a walk later on. I have a few things I want to discuss with you," Luna said, sending a smile her sister's way, before leaving the room.

- Meanwhile at Twilight's Castle. -

"Done." The alicorn said with a look of satisfaction at the once half-empty library, to the bright and colorful in its place. She was happy to have done such a great job, even without Spike's help. The dragon hasn't come back yet.

"Well, I think I should try that spell now," Twilight said, trotting through the hallway towards her bedroom, where she left the scroll sitting on her table.

"Hmm, this is so simple. I could do this in a few seconds!, "Twilight exclaimed with a smile, before picking up the scroll, and starting the spell off.

What Twilight didn't know, was that Princess Celestia had the same spell, and they would both be in for a surprise..

- Meanwhile, in Luna's chambers-

"I wish I could spend more time with Celestia, but she is always busy," Luna said, while tapping her chin with her hoof in thought. "If only there was some way, I can spend more time with her..."

Walking up to her bed, she notices a scroll that was fluffed up on one of her pillows, "Hmm? Whats this?" Luna said picking up a scroll on her bed...

- And she read -

Dear Luna:

Can you try this spell? I have to do something in the garden. Thanks!

From Celestia

Luna raised an eyebrow, "Hmm? Did she think she would be too busy to try it for herself? Oh, well then, I'l have the honor of dong so, if she wishes."

Lifting the scroll with her magic, she began to read the words.

-As Luna also started the spell, that's when the Trouble Started. After the spell was cast, Twilight, Celestia, and Luna were hit with a blue blast of light, knocking them out for a few hours. -

Luna was the first to wake up, "Oh, my head," she said softly, before looking around the unfamiliar place. Standing up on wobbly legs, she wondered where she could be. The room she occupies now, was Twilight's new bedroom, filled with book shelves, a sizable bed, a window look out of, and a few other things such as a bit of furniture littered the place.

She also felt...different...somehow. Her eyes suddenly opened with a realization, and she ran over to a nearby mirror, and stared back at...not her reflection, but, "Twilight!"

Yes, she had been switched with Twilight. The same colorful mane, purple coat, large wings, and the same eyes. She let out a horrible groan, and then ran over to the scroll that had the spell written on it, "It seems this spell was a Body Swap. How am I going to tell sis-"

"Oh no, if I switched bodies with Twilight that means Celestia could help, if she didn't try it out herself..." Looking around with alert now, she notices that some of the windows were open, and she rushes around the room to close them, before hearing a faint knock coming from the front door. Oh no, who could that be?"

She walked to the door cautiously, and opened it slightly, only to see that the two visitors were Spike and Rarity. The two gave her a smile, as she opened the door wider, "Come in, my loy- uh, I mean, Spike and Rarity." Close one...I can't tell them what happened...a problem might arouse between them.

She sent the two a fake smile, before her eyes widened at the gentle hug Rarity gave her, "Well, its good to see you, Twilight."

"A pleasure as well, Rarity, and dear Spike..." Luna answered, giving the two a nervous smile, hoping they didn't catch anything.

"We wanted to invite you to..." Rarity started, but was interrupted by Snails, an orange pony with a light green mane and tail, along with freckles ran into the library with full alert on his face.

"TWILIGHT! TWILIGHT! Trixie is back, and she wants to do another duel! She also has Snips as a prisoner." the pony said, panting heavily from the heavy trot across town.

"Who?" Luna asked, raising an eyebrow at the pony, while Rarity and Spike didn't look a bit amused to the news.

"Don't you remember, Twilight? 'The Great and Powerful Trixie'? You defeated her when she wore that horrid amulet, which took over her mind to take over ponyville?" The fashionista explained, raising an eyebrow, as she wondered why Twilight would forget.

Luna had heard of the pony, and only nodded a bit, before charging out the door, not sure if she'd seen her..."Let us go then." Once out the door, the other three, Snails, Rarity and Spike followed closely after her.

Author's Note:

Hey everypony I have another chapter coming out soon I hope you enjoy this one.