Princess Swap! Spell Gone Wrong!

by SonofThePoppyman

YOU DID WHAT! (Last Chapter!)

Applejack put away the last batch of apples that she had just bucked from the trees, and sighed deeply, before wiping the sweat off her forehead, and placed her hat back on her head. She had watched Celestia walk off to find Twilight, and had soon followed along, while Celestia decided to give the truth about her situation.

¨So is that why you used the spell? Ah was starting to wonder why you were acting strange.¨ Applejack said, giving Celestia a raised eyebrow.

¨Yes Applejack, and I’m glad I can count on you to keep this between us, at least after I find Twilight, she can reverse the spell. She has reverse spells for almost anything,¨ The Princess said, only hoping that she was right. She may not visit Twilight often, and check out the library herself, but she knew her trusted student would come through with anything when it comes to dealing with spells.

¨In that case, good thing we are here,¨ Applejack said, as the two had approached Twilight’s castle, which Applejack in turned, knocked on the front door.

The door opened quietly, and the two creatures gave each other a side glance, before being grabbed by their necks, and brought into the place, making them both gasp in shock.

¨Hey what’s the big de-¨ Applejack started to exclaim, before Spike sent a finger to her mouth to keep quiet. Whispering now, Applejack asked, ¨What’s going on?¨

¨Be quiet Applejack or you will be heard by Twilight.¨ Spike said, looking at the staircase worriedly.

¨Or if it is Twilight,¨ Rainbow Dash murmured, her forelegs folded across her chest, as she floated in the air, her wings flapping aimlessly, while her eyebrows narrowed in an expression of suspicion.

¨Ah don’t understand, what do ya mean?¨ Applejack asked, giving a worried glance towards Celestia, before staring at Rainbow Dash, who decided to set foot on the ground for once that day.

¨She is in the library, trying to find a reverse spell, and almost turned me into something unpleasant.¨ Spike explained, folding his arms now, and looking annoyed.

¨Well thats just silly. Why would Twilight need a reverse spell?¨ Applejack said, until her eyes widened, and a hoof tapped her chin lightly in thought, ¨Unless...¨ Her eyes looked up at Celestia, who was in Luna’s body, and she suddenly wondered if Twilight was looking for a reverse spell to put Celestia and Luna back together, then that means she’s fine, right?

She remembered what Celestia had explained, and now it only made her brain hurt just thinking about what could have happened.

¨Unless what darling?¨ Rarity said, giving the honest pony a worried expression, as she walked up to her...

¨Unless she has been body swapped!¨ Applejack finally said, trying to come to some conclusion of the whole matter.

Everypony there, but Celestia, said what they all thought, ¨What!?¨

¨What do you mean AJ?¨ Rainbow said, wondering where her friend was going with this decision.

¨Ah reckon we need to get in there to find out what’s really going on...¨ Applejack said, nodding in thought, as she frowned slightly, thinking that she should at least get the facts straight. Not saying that she didn’t believe Celestia, but she had a feeling something else was going down.

Wait this makes no sense... Celestia thought, as she frowned at the explanation Applejack just gave, If Twilight’s been body swapped, would that mean that...? Celestia looked at the staircase with wide eyes, and then took off towards the library.

¨CELESTIA, WAIT!¨ Applejack exclaimed, before trotting after the alicorn.

¨CELESTIA!?!¨ Everypony yelled in shock.

¨Come on, we have to catch them,¨ Rainbow Dash said, suddenly zooming up the staircase, leaving a trail of a rainbow behind her, while the other girls quickly, gently followed.

¨Oh my,¨ Fluttershy said softly, wondering what was going on.

Spike had already made it to the top, and once the others joined him, they each peered into the room, and gasped to see a wall of scrolls facing them.

¨So, how are we going to find them?¨ Fluttershy asked, flying softly over the scrolls, looking around for any familiar faces.
Applejack had already trotted quickly across the large room of bookshelves, and scroll-littered floor, to hear voices outside an open window on the far wall. Raising an eyebrow, she trotted closer to get a look, and found Luna(Twilight’s body) and Celestia(Luna’s body) both standing on the small balcony both seemed to be in deep conversation, until interrupted when the others made their way out.

¨Celestia, Twilight, there you both are, mind telling us what’s going on?¨ Applejack asked, looking from Twilight to Celestia, who both seemed a bit nervous to answer.

Neither of them had nothing to say, and the silence grew thick with an awkwardness until a loud shout came from above, ¨SPIKE, DID YOU GET MY MESSAGE?¨ Everypony looked up to see Celestia’s coach flying towards the castle, and sitting on it looking worried, was...Celestia?!? She had just came back from the Crystal Empire from helping Cadance with the assassin problem.
Applejack looked confused now, and definitely wanted to know what was going on. Rainbow dash and Rarity gave each other side glances, while Fluttershy hid behind her hair, hoping that this nightmare would be over, and she could finally wake up. Pinkie Pie on the other hand, was busy waving wildly at Twilight, who did her best not to blush while finally landing on the balcony in one piece.
The small dragon walked up to Twilight, and asked in a worried voice, not answering her question, ¨Twilight, is that you?¨

The alicorn now blushed a deep shade of red, and she nodded, before staring at her body and Luna’s with a raised eyebrow. Her friends suddenly had dropped jaws at the realization that these three bodies’ had been swapped.

Applejack couldn't take much longer, ¨Alright, hold it! Which one a y’all is who?¨

¨I’m Celestia,¨ Luna’s body said, giving them all a nod, before Luna continued in Twilight’s form, ¨And I’m Luna...and the one in my sister’s body is indeed Twilight. Although, I thought it was just I who had cast the spell, but came to find out that it was all of us three.¨

The other two alicorns nodded in agreement, even though they didn't see each other cast the spell, it was the only explanation as to how they ended up in each other’s bodies. ¨Ah guess that explains it...¨ Applejack said, suddenly smiling at the three, as they all walked up and stood by one another.

The other girls still looked a bit puzzled, and Rainbow Dash just had to ask, ¨So, that wasn't Twilight who kicked Trixie’s flank this morning? It was Luna??¨ Luna nodded, before staring at Twilight, who didn't look at all happy, but knew that she would talk to her later about it.

She wanted to know what Trixie was doing back in town, but there was going to be time for that later. ¨That. Was. AWESOME!¨ Rainbow Dash then exclaimed, before doing a double loop in the sky, before coming back down with a bright smile.

¨And just to think that it was Princess Celestia at the apple farm then Luna. Ah thank you kindly for your help, Princess...¨ Applejack said, tilting her hat, before Celestia, who couldn't help blushing.

¨Its’ alright, Applejack, the good news is that the problem was taken care of.¨ Celestia said finally, while her face tuned down a it.

¨So Spike, have you found the Reverse spell yet?¨ Twilight asked, walking into the library finally, only to stop short at the big mess, ¨What happened here?¨

Spike began picking up the jumbled scrolls, before chuckling nervously, ¨It got a bit messy since Luna was trying to find the spell, but don’t worry, I found it. Should be around here somewhere.¨

The three alicorns began searching for it, while cleaning up the mess of scrolls with their magic, until Spike found the right one.
¨Found it!¨ he exclaimed, holding it in the air, which Twilight took from him quickly to look it over.

¨Good job, Spike,¨ she said, smiling at him, which made him smile back, as he watched her place the spell in the middle of the floor, while the other two alicorns made a small circle around it.

¨It would be safe if everyone left the room while we did this, so we won’t have this accident again,¨ suggested Celestia, who got an agreement nod from the other two..

After everyone had left the room, including Spike, the three got started on the spell, and only in a few minutes, were they swapped back into their right bodies.

- A few hours later-

¨So, how do you think this spell could have did this?¨ Spike asked, as he poured Twilight some tea into her teacup, getting a small frown in thought from her, before she thanked him and took a small sip of the hot beverage.

¨Well, if my theory is correct, I think somepony must have done something to the spells, but I don't know for sure.¨ She said, the thoughtful expression still on her face.

After the three had gotten their bodies back, the whole group decided to stay at Twilight’s castle to have some tea, since they knew there was alot to explain.

¨Hello everypony,¨ A cheerful voice said, startling the group as they looked up to see the creature of Chaos stand before them in a dressed up suit and tie, along with a pipe in his mouth, which blew pink bubbles. He had the same distorted body of a lion’s paw, a ram’s horn, goat feel, a dragon’s tail, and the distorted eyes which looked around at the small group with a laughable gleam. Everyone only looked at him with a suspicious eye, before Fluttershy interrupted the silence.

¨Hello Discord, I have not seen you all day,¨ The yellow mare said, giving him a bright smile
Disappearing from his original spot which was on the rug next to the door, Discord chuckled, before appearing behind Fluttershy, and poking her nose lightly, as he answered her question, ¨Well I was kinda busy with...a little something...¨ his voice trailed off, as he gave a playful smirk towards, Celestia and Twilight who didn’t look amused of his presence.

Not long after his arrival, did Luna and Rainbow Dash walk back into the room, ¨Hey everypony, guess what!¨ The blue mare asked with excitement on her face.

¨What now, Rainbow Dash?¨ Applejack asked, taking her eyes off of Discord for a few seconds to giver Rainbow Dash a small glance.

¨Trixie is in jail for challenging a Princess.¨ Rainbow Dash said, smirking slightly, before noticing the God of Chaos hiding in a teacup, acting as though he were taking a bath in it, before glaring her eyes at him.

¨It was something I had been thinking about for a while,¨ Luna put in, as she stared at Discord now with a glare of her own, once he pulled on Pinkie Pie’s tail, and acted as though he were innocent of the matter. ¨Anyways, Celestia and I should get going. We have a big day tomorrow,¨ the dark alicorn explained, while keeping her eye on Discord, as her and Celestia prepared their departure.

¨Before you leave, I just have one thing to say...¨ Discord finally said after a few moments of silence, while floating over the group.

¨And that is?¨ Celestia asked, glaring at the creature, as she felt ready to attack at any moment.

¨How did you like my spells?¨ Discord asked softly, fiddling with his clawed fingers, while he chuckled darkly at the three.
Twilight, Celestia and Luna all looked like they saw a ghost pony, not sure if they heard him right.

¨HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your faces are priceless.¨ Discord said, laughing up a storm.

¨You mean, you made the spells and made them go through the body swap?¨ Applejack asked, standing up and glaring at the laughing Discord.

¨Yes! It was the least I could do since Fluttershy didn't need my help anymore, and I needed something do...¨ Discord said, floating around the three alicorns once they came through, each of them glaring angrily at Discord now.

¨YOU DID WHAT!¨ They all yelled in anger and unison.

Discord stopped laughing, and was now smirking at the amusement of seeing them angry. ¨It was just a joke,¨ Discord said, floating on a cotton candy cloud, as the three started to trot towards him.

¨A JOKE?!?!¨ They all screamed again, feeling ready to blast him out of the castle, as their horns glowed brightly, while the other girls and Spike glared at him, even Fluttershy, who was disappointed in him.
¨Yes...don’t tell me you all fell for it...¨ Discord said suddenly, acting as if he was the innocent one.

¨DISCORD!¨ The three shouted, before they chased him out of the house with his magic, as he continued to laugh at the sight of three angry alicorns flying after him.