Princess Swap! Spell Gone Wrong!

by SonofThePoppyman

Luna’s Encounter with Trixie (Luna's Chapter)

una and the others made their way through town to meet in the center of Ponyville, where Trixie, and the other girls waited for their arrival.

The light blue pony wore her usual outfit, the purple cape and hat with white stars on it. Her baby blue mane complimented the outfit perfectly, as it fell against her face, covering one of her magenta eyes, which only showed off a laughable sight as Luna, and the rest of them stopped in front of her for a breather.

¨Oh hello Twilight and Friends,¨ Trixie said, giving a playful smirk towards them, her eyes landing on the breathless Twilight Sparkle.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy only frowned at Trixie, as she paced around the purple alicorn, as if expecting her to say anything, while she only raised an eyebrow at the blue pony, wondering what it is that made her so amused of her appearance. Pinkie Pie on the other hand, only bounced around, oblivious of the tension around the group.

¨Wait, where's Applejack?¨ Rainbow Dash asked, raising an eyebrow, as she floated above the ground, with her forearms folded across her chest, her wings flapping lightly to keep her balance; while looking around for her best friend.

¨Oh, she is busy with Princess Luna. Said something about weeds growing in the royal gardens.¨ Rarity said, walking up to stand beside Luna, who only stared at her with a worried expression.

Oh no, Luna said to herself, forgetting that she was supposed to meet up with the apple bucking pony to make sure she got the job done. I totally forgot about our meeting. Well, I can’t back out of this now.. Her eyes stared at Trixie for a moment, as her thoughts continued, But why does this pony want to fight me...well...Twilight? She only gave a shrug, before hearing Trixie’s question.

¨So Twilight, are we going to fight? The great and powerful Trixie does not like to waste anymore time. After you had defeated me from my last encounter of taking over ponyville, Trixie has come back to make an exception of a fight to see who is stronger.¨ The blue pony said, her small white horn glowing a bright silver, as she prepared for the match.

Luna looked a bit uncertain of the decision, and stared at the girls and the baby dragon who only gave her pleaded expressions, only for her to sigh in annoyance, and stand tall, before standing into position, ¨Let’s just get this done and over with.¨ Luna said, concentrating herself, as she had no idea how much power Twilight actually held.

Trixie smirked at Luna, and sent a large blue beam at the Princess, who put a shield before her to block the attack. Growling lightly at the pony, Luna sent her own ray of power, causing it to overpower Trixie’s shield that she put up against herself. The blow knocked her off of her feet, and sent her plummeting into the fountain that sat in the center of the square.

Trixie gasped, as she came up for air, and blushed deeply at the embarrassment, before getting up, and sending another blast of magic towards Luna, who flew out of the way, allowing it to crush a stack of barrels.

¨Have you no shame to go up against a PRINCESS!¨ Luna asked, dodging another ray of power from the pony below her, who growled with anger, her face reddening at the question.

¨You were the one who destroyed my life, Twilight Sparkle! I will have my revenge!¨ Trixie shouted loudly, as a rope suddenly wrapped around Luna, trapping her wings, which made her fall to the ground with a soft thud.

¨You think this can hold me?¨ Luna asked, smirking slightly, as an aura of purple magic lifted the ropes off, and was soon returning to its owner with great speed, as Trixie turn and ran. The ropes grabbed at her ankles, and pulled her back towards Luna, who seemed satisfied as she watched Trixie dangle from the ropes.

Letting her go, the blue pony was dumped back into the fountain, causing some of the girls to laugh in amusement, especially Spike who rolled around on the ground with tears spilling from his eyes.

Trixie had just about enough of the games, and took the rope back from Luna, and turned it into a snake, and flung it at Luna. Luna stood back in surprise, not expecting this to happen, and watched the snake carefully as it swayed back and forth, getting ready to attack the purple alicorn.

¨Come on Fluttershy, do something.¨ Rainbow Dash exclaimed, seeing that Luna couldn’t the snake from attacking her, and turned to the shy pony, whose eyes only widened in fear.

¨Why me?¨ Fluttershy asked, peering from behind her pink bangs, her blue eyes staring fearfully at the snake, which made another dash towards Luna.

¨Because you are good with animals,¨ Rainbow Dash said, rolling her eyes at the obvious question.

¨But I don't take care of snakes,¨ Fluttershy said, watching Luna dodge the snaps of the snakes poisonous jaws.

¨Can’t you do your stare on it then?¨ Rainbow Dash said, staring back at the sight of the snake snapping at her friend.

¨I can't! I'm too scared..¨ Fluttershy continued to say, as she peeked a bit from her hair, cringing at the snake, and thinking of nothing to do but cowar for it to go away.

¨Oh Brother,¨ the colorful mare said, rolling her eyes, and took off into the air to help some kind of way.

By now, Luna was getting tired of the snake, and dodged another snap, as Trixie asked with a smirk on her face, ¨So do you surrender Twilight Sparkle?¨

¨Ä Princess does not give up on a fight...¨ Luna said, glaring at the blue pony, while she whispered, Though this isn’t the first time I’ve fought...

¨Come on Twilight, you have a chance to admit defeat!¨ Trixie said, using her magic to transform the snake into a large cobra.

Luna couldn’t respond at the sight of the beast, and was lifted into the air by her waist, with its tail. Its large green eyes stared into hers with hunger, as it hissed lowly. Thinking a bit, Luna tried the teleporting spell, and was soon out of the snake’s grasp.

¨Try this!¨ Luna yelled, blasting a beam of light onto the cobras head, and ran it down his body, cutting it in half. Once the snake turned back into the rope, Luna lifted it, and wrapped it around Trixie, and sent her to the wall of an old house, which crumpled against the harsh weight of the blue pony.

¨AH!¨ Trixie exclaimed, as the attack to her by surprise, and grunted lowly at the damage she got, and made with the house.

¨Do you give up, Trixie?¨ Luna asked, floating over towards the defeated pony, who climbed out of the rubble, her mane and clothes a wrinkled mess.

Her eye twitched at the sight of Twilight standing before her, with a look of triumph, and growled, as she started her way out of town, ¨This isn’t the last time you’ve heard of The Great and Powerful Trixie! I shall be back!¨

¨You did it Twilight! You beat Trixie’s flank!¨ Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a few air punches, as she flew around Luna, before hugging her tightly, causing Luna to feel surprised from the affection.

¨You won! Lets have a victory party!!¨ Pinkie Pie shouted, bringing out her party cannon from nowhere.

¨Yeah, you did great, Twilight,¨ Spike said, nudging the alicorn’s hoof who could only blush lightly at the thought.

¨You’re the best Twilight..¨ Fluttershy whispered, giving Luna a smile.

¨Good Job Twilight. Of course I knew that you would win this fight with Trixie, though I think that pony has a problem of not getting a clue of what she’s up against,¨ The fashionista said, perfecting her hair, as she watched the blue pony run off.

¨Thank you all, but I have to go now to see what Apple JAck and Twi- I mean, Luna are up to...¨ Luna said quickly, getting strange glances from Twilight’s friends, and soon flew off back to Canterlot to find Apple Jack and Twilight, hoping they didn’t start anything yet.

The girls all said their goodbyes, and only shrugged at the short slip up, which Luna hoped they didn’t catch.

I have to get to Twilight and fast. Who knows what she’s doing with my powers... Luna thought biting her lip gently at the thought, and then soared through the sky, eager to get back to the castle, hoping nothing went wrong.