• Published 8th Jun 2014
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Moonie shorts [Filly Nightmare Moon] - Eighth

A series of short stories about a filly Nightmare Moon, nicknamed Moonie, and her father figure/guardian Anonymous the human.

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2 Truth or Dare

You’re heading over to Sweet Apple Acres to pick up Moonie. She got invited to play with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and you’re expecting to walk up to their tree house to see it set alight or dark, evil symbols everywhere of some old cult devoted to her former self or to see her sacrificing one of the girls. Moonie is a great kid and she’s doing well in reforming but she has her... moments.

You knock on the door and Big Mac answers.

“Hey Big Mac, Moonie ready?”

“Nope. She’s upstairs.”

That's probably the most you've ever heard from him. You say thanks before heading upstairs. It's not hard to guess which room; the giggling is a pretty clear sign of which door they’re behind. You open the door a little to check if Moonie is behaving well with the girls. Surprisingly, they’re all sitting in a circle talking.

“Nightmare, truth or dare?” No doubt she made them call her Nightmare and not Moonie.

“Dare. The Princess of the Night can take any challenge you throw at her.”

The girls talk amongst themselves in a huddle for a brief moment before returning back to their spots with devilish grins on their faces.

“Ah dare ya, to call Anon your ‘Daddy’.”

Moonie goes the brightest shade of red and stutters to get out an answer. The other girls go into a giggling fit. “I will do no such thing! Anonymous is my servant and will be addressed as such.”

“You’ve got to Nightmare, it’s the rules,” Sweetie Belle adds.

“Yeah or are you chicken?” Scootaloo mocks after making a few chicken clucks.

Moonie gives Scootaloo a glare while they go back into a giggling fit. Moonie’s blush goes turns a brighter shade of red, probably from anger. You give a knock before opening the door the rest of the way. Moonie freezes, probably afraid you might have heard the dare she’s been given. You know she’s not one to back away from a challenge but she’s not fond of showing emotion either, especially around others so, you play innocent.

“Ready to go Moonie?”


“Good, let’s go then. I’ve got to get dinner ready.”

“Okay *mumble*.”

You know what she said but you’re not going to let her get away with it. “What was that?”

She responds with a confused look. You can see how nervous she really is. “NOTHING! Let’s go, your Queen is tired.”

You give a grin, seems she can’t do it after all.

After dinner and a few games you tuck Moonie into bed then read her favourite bedtime story, ‘Goodnight Moon.’ She falls asleep before you finish, so you give her a kiss on the forehead before quietly leaving. As you slowly close the door, you hear Moonie talk in her sleep.

”Goodnight, Daddy.”

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