• Published 8th Jun 2014
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Moonie shorts [Filly Nightmare Moon] - Eighth

A series of short stories about a filly Nightmare Moon, nicknamed Moonie, and her father figure/guardian Anonymous the human.

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5 Moonie Gear Solid

Today, you're just sitting at home relaxing; you've been looking forward to a chance to just lay down and do nothing.


"What is that?" you think to yourself.


You're feeling too lazy to get up, so you just continue relaxing as you are.


Now you can see the culprit behind the mysterious noise. Moonie has found a box and is using it to hide from you. By the looks of it, she hasn't noticed her horn and tail are poking out the box. Might as well play along. The giggling box of doom inches closer.

"I wonder what Moonie is up to? She's been awfully quiet," you say to yourself aloud in an aloof manner.

She lets out a muffled giggle. Yeah, she has no idea you know she's in the box. Suddenly the Princess of the Night springs out of the box and onto your chest.

"AH-HA! I've caught you! You must now submit to me, your new Queen. Or die."

You can't say anything negative to that proud grin.

"I submit, my Queen. What is thy bidding?"


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