• Published 8th Jun 2014
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Moonie shorts [Filly Nightmare Moon] - Eighth

A series of short stories about a filly Nightmare Moon, nicknamed Moonie, and her father figure/guardian Anonymous the human.

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3 It's quiet, too quiet.

You've realised that it's been quiet for a while. That's too suspicious. You get up and go check on Moonie to see her drawing with crayons peacefully. You watch her for a moment before she notices you.

"How DARE you spy on the Princess of the Night? Off with your head!"

"Moonie, what did I tell you about threats? Anyway, what're you drawing?"

"Stay back. These are my secretest plans. Not for your eyes."

You roll your eyes and go find something else to do.

You're making dinner when you feel a tug on your pants leg. Looking down, you notice Moonie holding a card out to you so you take it and read it.

'To my number one servant.'

There is even a childish drawing of you two atop a castle.

"I just thought... you deserved a thank you... Don't forget your place, servant!"

You pick her up in a hug that she slowly returns.

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