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Really, all Princess Celestia wanted was Harmony. It was her nature, her purpose. Those who threatened it tasted to brunt of her wrath, and many have tried. But when he came, Celestia's perception was flipped on its head. After a fierce battle, she lay broken and defeated before him, but was spared, left to lick her wounds, and mull over the choices given to her.

Five centuries later, Celestia uses her second chance to, once again, fortify her kingdom in Harmony alongside her fellow princesses. And as her mind drifts back to darker times—as she remembers a demon's cold words and thrashing hostility laced with compassion and wisdom—Celestia prepares for the most fool-headed thing she could ever do... Bring him back.

Now the alicorns of Equestria suffer the backlash of Celestia's choice. Join them as they hold fast to their ideals, keep secrets hidden, sins buried, and deny the primordial fiend that'll stop at nothing to test them.

Darksiders Crossover

Proofread by the ever-wonderful, ever fantastic Pearple Prose and Idsterian who just so happen to be the beez-neez.

Rated "Teen" for violence, mild imagery, mild language, and suggestive themes.


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I hate characters who talk in riddles


But do you hate the characters, the riddles, or the talk?

4617689 :rainbowlaugh: That was the best play with words I heard in a long time man.

one of my most fave Darksiders characters ever :moustache:

As flattered as I am, I just want to point out that your proofreader links in the synopsis both link to my page.

In other news, this story is absolutely superb and if it isn't featured by tomorrow, I'll be rather annoyed.

Samael was one of the greatest characters in Darksiders 1 and 2, the best part was where you fought him in 2 and death was going all out on him and Samael was just toying with him the whole time!
I really wish we would get to know him a bit more.

I'm interested to see where this will go. I hope Celestia has ends up having to eat a lot of crow when she tries to show Samael how she has done what he has challenged her to do. Keep up the good work!

One does not simply fuck with Samael. Instead he fucks you at the time and place of his choosing.

4617655 *hisses* Ooooh... That doesn't bode well for you.

4617689 :rainbowlaugh: Joking or not, that's a perfectly legit question!

4618290 Hells yeah! /)

4618483 You can't imagine how close I came to dropping my laptop when I realized my mistake. But the crisis was averted. And honestly, I knew a feature wasn't really possible for this, considering, A) the Dark tag, and, B) the crossover tag. I'm sure If I tagged 'romance' on it and promised some TwiDash, people would flock to it like...

4618636 To be honest, I was never sure if Samael was actually toying with Death. I mean, he was short of breath when they finished, but I digress. I'm a bit grateful we don't know too much about Samael, because now I can titillate you all with THIS!!!! :trollestia:

4619226 :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

4620686 D'ooohohoho! You are gonna LOVE this.

I got the impression that if Samael wanted he could have ended it at any moment and just chose not to because he wanted death to succeed but not without a challenge.

4620854 Good sir I already love this. I eagerly await for more.

This story pleases me.



PS: Samael is traditional Jewish lore is considered to be the Angel of Death, second only to God in his power. And I can only assume, second to Lucifer as well. Something fun to play with.

Eee! Samael! My favourite demonic villian EVER! You nailed him down to a T. You even managed to get the last quote he said to Death at the end of the story! I am really REALLY looking forward to what comes next. Like and Favourite from me. :-)

Oh snap, Samael is back and he's feeling even more badass than usual.

What is interesting is that he speaks the truth, primarily in regards to how Celestia rules. She does rule through lies and deception, even if said deception is for the good of her own people.

Can't wait to see where they end up! Earth, maybe? Alternate dimension where Equestria has been defiled?


I like how this is a Darksiders crossover, and the first thing that popped in my head seeing Samael was,"Oh boy, Silent Hill crossover, :yay:" And I was wrong.

I bet they end up in one of the realms death visits in ds2 maybe even separated from each other!

Bwahahahaha!!! This is going to be awesome!

Twilight does not enjoy pop quizzes. Especially ones where if she fails she dies.
This is gonna be awesome.

Celestia you dun-goofed. Big time!

4627869 I've lost count in how many times celestia dun goofed in stories based on her quick judgement

4627929 I agree. But this is too huge of a goof to let slide. She brought Samael - the only demon that could possibly topple the Dark Prince himself - into her realm. Only to leave the entrance to both realms unguarded and to be chucked into who knows where so easily. So, Samael is now going to casually sit in his spot and wait for them to come back? I doubt that. He will probably level Equestria the same way he did 500 years ago. The beauty of her goof - she knew that this could have happened and still went along with it.

By the way, I cannot wait to see where this will go.

4628023 yeah, I've rarely seen any darksiders crossovers that weren't on hiatus or last updated two years ago, so anything that has something to do with the game is good enough for me

4620859 *Sighs* We'll never really know, will we... Welp? Guess we all know what time it is.

4621833 Believe me... I had to physically STOP myself from researching too deep into Jewish and Christian lore when researching. I believe I've combined enough details to fully characterize Samael. Correctly, that is. Let's find out.

4624977 Nailed a favored character's personality AND perfected my foreshadowing? F**king score!

4626198 The funniest thing about this comment? You will likely read it again and again in the coming chapters. Just a heads up :raritywink:

4626434 Silent Hill??? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: You may want to read this.

4626531 Heh. Well... You got one right.

4626535 4626772 *squees* If I can get this much excitement from people, my foreshadowing has definitely improved! I shall deliver. I shall deliver.

4627869 4627929 HAH!

The big mistake Celestia made was assuming Samael was anything like any kind of monster or evil she has dealt with on her world. He has no need for their friendship since he is a being that does not need it. Usually demons are shown as non-social creatures, power being the only thing they respect. They don't need friends or social connections, they just want to advance their own goals and desires. Samael did not get to be the ruler of the Woeful Realm by making friends. I suspect Samael to test the princesses beliefs in Harmony through incredibly trying and immoral tasks. Let's see how well their belief in friendship holds up when they have to do something unspeakable to keep themselves and those they personally care about alive. Keep up the good work!

Now that I've actually read this, you got Samuel on the tee! His words, his personality, his power perfectly demonstrated so far! I am a huge darksiders fan, and will read anything that has even the slightest reference to the game, and I can see that this story is clearly the best I've read.this story has great potential within it, and I can't wait to see this story grow. Do not disappoint me by putting it on hiatus like all of the others:pinkiecrazy:

4628713 I assure you, I've read all of the silent Ponyvilles, just the first game of SH was all about Samael so I was like: :rainbowkiss: Ooh, here we go again!!!!
Then I was totally lost, from never playing Darksiders and kind of stumbled from there.

...I think I love you.


Does Sunset Shimmer come back to Equestria to show to the princesses the souls of humanity. Their angel and demon in their very hearts. To show them what is her purpose,instead being just a princess, she become much more with everything that she learns from the humans, one of the chaotic species in existance.

Hate? No. Not hate. I'm impressed.
Samael is an absolute rat bastard and you write him very well.
Hate you, no. Him? Absolutely.
Of course by the end of this story they may all wish for Death to take them and for War to run rampant.
And yes I left those two capitalized for a reason.

the sins of the past will come back to bite you I the ass

Hate you? Mate, what you did was brilliant. I get his purpose is to reveal the truths of the Alicorns but you did it so brilliantly that I cant hate you. I did have fangasm over Samael quoting the game and to be honest how did that scene between him, Spike and Twilight was great.

That TwiDash moment did catch me by suprise though.

Keel going man. You are doing great.

I think I love Samael even more. Now he just needs to bring back demon form Sunset Shimmer.

hate you? HATE YOU!? You sir are a bloody genius! You have made art with words! That and it's a darksiders crossover! You are now my favourite author ever!

Oh yes there is one more thing....

“Samael,” he said. “Understand this. While not a single living Wyvern escaped the purge, that didn’t account for their eggs.”
“Wait…” Spike said with a squinted eye. “What?”

Who exactly is speaking in this part?

Very good chapter. While I don't think the Mane 6 would actually have the power (Rainbow boost or otherwise) to actually defeat Samael, I can see why you would give them the boost so he wouldn't just beat them down into the ground which may have made the story less satisfying (I would have been fine with it but we have to take others views into account as well) so this chapter was immensely satisfying. I did not expect the whole drama with Spike and I can only wonder what will happen to the Mane 6 now that Samael has potentially crippled them and shown them that their princesses and government can be just as brutal and violent as most demons. Keep up the good work!

I vote Samael for Princess.

Comment posted by Lord_Kalbario deleted Jul 4th, 2014

4636966 images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/6500000/Bashful-snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-6512638-300-240.jpg

4636994 I don't even... What???? Please tell me I haven't implied that anywhere in this chapter. 'Cause I REALLY don't think I did.

4637061 Ah, the joys of reading characters we love to hate. To be honest, I didn't expect that with Samael. Being that we all love him to death. Not sure if f**ked up good, or f**ked up bad. As for the Horsemen? Don't count on it. This is Samael's time. And he about to f**k some s**t up.

4637282 Heh. Best karmic phrase. But know this... you've seen nothing. :moustache:

4637720 I didn't...! Goddammit... You can't imagine how much I SUFFERED with that TwiDash scene. Why? Because it's not TwiDash. I had no intention of shipping these ponies; it was merely a distraught emotional response, and I couldn't think of anything else to do without making it seem half-assed. I hate half-assing s**t.

And, hell, I'll be honest. I was a bit worried about quoting the game AT ALL. The first drafts of these chapters were riddled with them just to get the engine started. But editing swiftly cut a good 92% of them back. That may have been best.

4637752 I hadn't even considered that... And will never consider it again. *shudders* Sunset Shimmer is only a passing mention in this tale.

4638836 Huh. Thought that was clear. Okay, I've got a solution. Aaaaand... done.

*smiles at 'favorite author' comment*

*sees exact same number of watchers*


4638838 Hah! I thought the EXACT same thing about satisfaction. But the bottom line is conflict and conflict resolution. This story is much more MLP-centric than it is for Darksiders. As such, Rainbow Power very much HAS to be 'the most powerful magic of all' and perfectly capable of toppling Samael. If he were foolish enough not to see it. I wanted the conflict resolution to actually be the plot device that drive it forward AND foreshadow possible events (I.e; Spike). So it damn-well better have been satisfying!

I'm so glad you're looking forward to this. Predicting events let's me know I can still pique curiosity without throwing my readers blindfolded into minefield.

4638991 :rainbowderp:

4640405 That's... disturbingly accurate.

4641030 Oh I never said I loved him. I respect him which for me is actually better. He is a masterful combatant and a magnificent foe and I will respect him for that. For me my favorite characters were, in order, Ulthane, Death, and War.

As for the Horsemen I pretty much figured they wouldn't show up, seeing as how this is Samael's story. I left it like that as a way of saying that it might be something the princesses wish could happen.

4641030 the longer I looked at that picture, the harder I laughed

holy shit that was awesome! :rainbowkiss:
any chance of making a side fic of spike rebuilding the Wyvern race? :moustache:

:ajbemused: Oh. I do hate you now.

samael bringing out ALL THE DIRTY SECRETS I LOVE IT

I really wonder what Celestia's and Luna's tests will be. Will Celestia have to face what her prized student is becoming, so corrupted with hatred that she is? Keep up the good work!

You continue to be one ruthless motherfucker.
I like that.
Break them all.
Like a Kit Kat bar.

Once again you have amazed me with what you did to sa male and used his personality to make art.
*sniff* I love you man!

Samael blinked. Then, out of every snide remark or rude gesture he could have made, he smiled. Genuinely. He crouched before Spike and put an open palm to his own chest. “Samael,” he said. “Understand this. While not a single living Wyvern escaped the purge, that didn’t account for their eggs.”

He was introducing himself! You should put "names samael". I was unsure :twilightsheepish:

Darksiders Crossover

Fucking Damnit, not again! I got tricked into coming to another one of these! Does nobody on Fimfiction actually know that 'Samael' originates from Christian Folklore?! To boot, it's an ANGEL's name, not a demons. I'm...I'm tired.

This is, in fact, a Darksiders crossover. While Samael is from Christian folklore (I actually didn't know that. Thank you.), the Darksiders universe uses a character named Samael as a demon instead of an angel. Don't blame the author of this story. Blame whoever created Darksiders.

No ill will intended whatsoever towards you, Ikio. This story isn't a Christian folklore crossover though.

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