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Very few people know of Celesta's secrets. But even fewer know of her darkest one.
She decides that the time has come. The time has come to reveal to Twilight and her friends one of the biggest secrets in equestrian history.
The time has come.
To Secure, Contain, and Protect.
Welcome to The Foundation.

Note: Added the Dark tag.

Chapters (25)
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Then, Celestia broke the science.

Oh god not the science! :raritydespair:

Comment posted by Solar Caesar deleted Nov 30th, 2015

There will be. Don't worry.

I said that? Uh oh. Better edit that.

I like it. If I remember correctly, there is a SCP which is some strange cat thing. I would like to see Fluttershy's reaction to that.

Yeah, I think her name is Josie. The cat I mean.
You know, now that I think about it, there are quite a few cat SCP's. What's up with that?

That was actually kinda funny...

Thanks. Any suggestions?

6701110 An encounter with Lauren Faust would be nice...just make her an SCP.

Uh.... probably not.
But, if I wanted to(which I don't, sorry. Just not my taste.), It would be like this-

Item #: SCP-001
Object Class: Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-001 is to be kept in an isolated area in [REDACTED]. Food is to be dropped in daily. Interviews with SCP-001 are to be approved by no less than two-thirds vote of the 05 council. If SCP-001 attempts to leave the area, she is to be neutralized by tranquilizer darts and carried back to the main area. If SCP-001 attempts to fly out of the area, she is to be neutralized by an Uruguan Non-lethal pistol.
SCP-001 is a female alicorn, approximately 35 to 40 years of age. She is about the same height of Princess Luna. Her wings are full grown. Her abnormal properties are:
-She seems to know and understand how the earth, and the universe, began.
-She knows of all the foundations secrets, SCP's and origin.
-She is suspected to understand of even before the universe was created.
An interview with SCP-001 is logged below:
Dr. Gears: Good morning.
SCP-001: Are you conducting an interview?
Dr. Gears: Yes.
SCP-001: Continue.
Dr. Gears: Who are you?
SCP-001: My name is Lauren.
Dr. Gears: Lauren......?
SCP-001: Faust.
Dr. Gears: Lauren Faust.
SCP-001: Yes.
Dr. Gears: Where are you from?
SCP-001: No comment.
Dr. Gears: How much do you know?
SCP-001: The universe..... it began with a spark.
Dr. Gears: A spark?
SCP-001: Yes. A spark. That spark created me. It informed me of everything that has happened and what will happen.
Dr. Gears: Interesting....
SCP-001: I also know much about you. And this foundation.
Dr. Gears: Like what?
SCP-001: You will have approximately 3000 SCP's by 2015.
Dr. Gears: .......
SCP-001: SCP-682 will be the the your worst nightmare.
Dr. Gears: 682? Why?
SCP-001: It will be a keter SCP. The file says it must be terminated as soon as possible.
Dr. Gears: This interview is over. Thank you for the information.
SCP-001: Your welcome, Dr. Henry Gears.
Addendum-1: SCP-001 has been receiving requests for classification of different classes. Comments on the requests are listed below.
She is basically harmless. If we label her as Safe, she won't be that much of a problem. She can tell us everything we need to know! About everything!-Junior Researcher Steven Rills.

She could be a problem. Since she knows so much about us, she may want to share this information with the world. Euclid is the way to go. Alex Jackson, Level 3 Researcher.

This is bad. She poses a threat to us. She is going to expose our secrets. Keter. That is the only option.-Robert Lang, 05 council.

Letter from The Administrator regarding the comments:
Dearest personnel,
I have decided what SCP-001's object class will be. From this day forward, SCP-001 will be classified as Thaumiel. She will be in containment until she has proven that she will not tell about our secrets.
-The Administrator.

Note: SCP-001 was recovered in the sewers, in [REDACTED], Canterlot. She was close to death, but has fully recovered.

Addendum-2: All termination orders have been denied.

This is serious. She must not be released. But do not tell her of this. I will personally terminate whoever informs her of this.
-The Administrator.

Phew! Done! How was that?

6701420 What's Thaumiel classification?

Thaumiel is extremely classified. There are few SCP's with this classification. Only The Administrator and few others can see and acknowledge it.

Two chapters in one day? Awesome! This story will be amazing! So amazing, that you'll need a ██████!
- Junior Researcher Tekno █████.
I've been having fun with this stuff. As in the ██████

You might want to ponify the wiki entry just so it fits in with Equestria better.

Good idea. I actually just copied and pasted it from the wiki. The only thing that I remotely ponified was at the end of 500's file.
I'll certainty try. Thanks for the feedback.

lol I posted this chapter less than 5 minutes ago, and people are already askin' for more.

There will be more. I can promise you that.

6709108 Basically, if we loose this item, the world is doomed. Not because it will destroy us all, no no no, that's Keter, we've got hundreds of those. Thaumiel is for artifacts that are Vital to the continued survival of life and normalicy The lives of millions are of less importance than the proper treatment of Thaumiel class items. The elements of harmony are a clear cut example of a Thaumiel class artifact.

Huh. I guess that pretty much explains it.
Wait, your last name wouldn't happen to be "Gears", right?
(As in, Dr. Gears.)

I like this story but was wondering if you have or are planning to make a breach story you with Twilight and her friends trying to find a way out with the random D-Class personnel that you start off when you play that would be a little cool but you would be the D-Class personnel and you have to find the mane 6

~Brian a.k.a DerpMuffinNews

P.S I m throwing ideas here also if you want I could help you out...but my writing skills are a little faulty. But still I wish to see more of this story as well as the: Unharmonious Melody Paper that kills you if you come close to it. Forgot the name of it but how about SCP-096 how about that why doesn't anypony write about him anymore ugh well still good luck out there

I believe your talking about SCP-012: "A Bad Composition".
I'm guessing that SCP-096....well...okay. I'll write about him. But nothing major, or anyone becoming "attached" to him. That's kinda weird.

I AM planning to do a breach event. And, maybe, D-9341 would be added into the mix. But I may throw in some SCP's like 970, 049, 079(most importantly, he's my favorite SCP), 012, and maybe...682?
I'm also thinking of a small romance between D-9341 and Twilight. I kinda see D-9341 as a Caucasian male, aged 25-30, black hair and blue eyes(this is human version of course), with a tattoo on his left arm.

Actually...I think I'll make the elements an SCP. Just 'cause I like the sound of that.

Next they should meet Dr. Bright, Dr. Kondraki, Dr. Gerald, Dr. Rights, Dr. Gears, Dr. Clef, Dr. Crow, Dr. Palmer, Dr. Mann, Dr. Light, Dr. Glass, Dr Blast, and the other doctors in the foundation. Along with the janitor that cleans up after messy SCPs.

Er...say what now? I have a weird feeling that either Luna, Celestia, Shining, or Cadance is going act like Dr. Gears.
I also have no clue who the ████ those other doctors are. I have a feeling that you just made up random names. If you didn't, then we're screwed.

Who or what is SCP-105?

SCP-105 is a European woman named Iris. She's safe. Her and her camera. If she takes a picture with it, she can move objects around in the picture. I don't know whether or not that they move like, actually there, or it just looks like it.

Google her. From what I found out, she's a blond woman. That's all I know what she looks like.

I looked at them. You weren't kidding. I saw the Dr. Bright list. Funny!


Best. Story. Ever.

6795482 hey TeknoLogik where is the containment breach

6795482 Is she going to be human in this fic?

Nope. All ponified anthro. Human isn't really my thing.

It's coming. I'm trying to get through a few more SCP's(including 2219-2). I'm thinking of going through 970, 079, and 096. And probably 682 and 939(those wont be ponified/anthrofied).

6795491 are you going to have the Mane Six meet them?

Eehhh...maybe. Probably Dr. Gerald getting hurt in some way with one of them.

Maybe. 682 wouldn't stand a chance in his bus.

Oh god that broke me.

Maybe, maybe not. But it is likely, considering the fact that she is unfamiliar with these SCP's...except 106.

Nice they got the lucky changeling...to bad he's injured...

6910330 Well, hopefully they'll find a med kit soon.
Or just use console commands XD
Man, I love getting new comments! Love to see how the fans react!

6912161 So when you mean Console Commands you mean Cntrl+z right?

6912506 Say what? I meant the console commands from the game. Which, by the way, you use by pressing F3.

But if you edited the controls to make it ctrl+z that's fine too. But if you didn't then elaborate.

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