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A changeling civil-war has broken out. Chrysalis and her "Changeling Empirium" have waged an armed conflict upon King Thorax's "New Changeling Kingdoms". While having lower numbers than the forces of Thorax's Military, the unreformed have shown utter ruthlessness against the so-called "traitors of her Majesty".

The war, being pushed into bitter winter, has caused fighting to become even more aggressive, with the cold blizzards only fueling the hatred between the two sides.

Both sides have shown to have different ways of dealing with things, whether it be attitude, training, feelings towards the enemy, and many more things to count.

But one thing stays the same, which is the will to surrender.

After receiving word of eight unreformed changelings being captured at the front, King Thorax decides to meet the POW's in person, along with one of his pony companions. Believing this will give himself a better understanding on why the changelings are still loyal to Chrysalis, he is prepared to ask - and answer - any questions placed upon the table, both from his side and theirs.

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After Chrysalis's final attack, she vowed with utter hatred in her eyes to seek revenge for snatching her royal rank away from her. King Thorax and his Princess allies prepared to defend against the former Queen.

But nothing happened. They waited, eventually easing upon their security, however still alert on the possibility that she was still alive.

But one day, King Thorax receives a report on the Griffon Kingdoms. After approaching a griffon outpost, to collect Intel, a changeling scout began to take sniper fire.

After carefully crawling away and gaining a visual on the enemy sniper, the scout expected to see a griffon sniper. But upon taking a closer look, the changeling was stunned to see not a griffon - but an un-reformed changeling.

The scout took a picture of the snipers face, and then returned home for a report.

The scout was terrified to see the changelings face.


(Writing a new story after a long hiatus away from FiMfiction. I had this idea after playing MGSV a lot recently. I hope you guys enjoy!)

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Very few people know of Celesta's secrets. But even fewer know of her darkest one.
She decides that the time has come. The time has come to reveal to Twilight and her friends one of the biggest secrets in equestrian history.
The time has come.
To Secure, Contain, and Protect.
Welcome to The Foundation.

Note: Added the Dark tag.

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Sweetie Belle wants to learn a new language, so she chooses Changeling. But everyone- and I mean everyone, wants her to forget she even thought of it. But something happens in Canterlot, and the CMC have to tag along. But what happens leaves everyone in shock.

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As a changeling, Cyril knows what Equestrians think of changelings.*cough, specist, cough* but when he gets lost on a hike, and captured by Princess Celestia herself, she knows he has a LOT to say, and uses that to her advantage. He then is being Questioned. Will he keep his cool? Or will he freak out?
Or neither?
My first fic, hope you enjoy it!

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