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Flirting with the clich├ęs now, are we? :trollestia: Still, this was better than most that attempt this idea.

A nice ending, too. I always like a nice ending.

This is the first fic I've read that actually tackles the mortality of Twilight sparkle instead of just hinting at it. I love the use of large paragraph breaks to slow down the pace of the story, it really gives it the calm, end of days feeling the story was going for.

Sad story is sad. But I enjoyed it, thank you.

Wow. :rainbowderp:

That was really good. I love the paragraph structure, and the ending made me smile.

Have a thumbs up, my good sir.

keep writing. this story was amazing

God damn it, I wasn't planing on crying this morning. :fluttercry:

why have you still got this marked as incomplete...it was very good but i dont even want to know what you are going to do with it next

It would appear something had fallen into my eyes while reading this.

Both of them.

What a curious coincidence.

Great story. Absolutely loved it. Liked.
No, I'm not crying. It's just these onions here that I cut.
Honestly... :fluttercry:

This was the best thing I have ever read on this website. Thanks for making it

You've been writing lots of sad stories lately, kiddo. The addiction runs deep, doesn't it? Melancholy hurts so good~

Unrelatedly, I may be the only person who dislikes the Princesses having pet names for each other...

455192 I hear that yo. Didn't plan on it. But here I am, shedding manly tears. :fluttercry:

what a way to start a morning.

I have to dry my eyes now

Well well well...

I understand the concept.

But I didn't shed any tears.
Good show however

Short but well done.

increible :fluttercry:

Sad but uplifting, always nice to turn things up at the end.

The grief of the immortal over loving and losing a mortal love is nothing new, of course -- Eos and Tithonus were doing this dance thousands of years ago. And, saving something like the Alicorn Twilight gambit (another very crowded field in the Ponyficnet) this is all built right into any Twilestia 'shipping, friendshipping or otherwise. Nothing dealing with this topic is going to be new; all we can do is evaluate on what feels true and moving. Yours is more of both than most.

That was beautiful :fluttercry:

Wonderful! Just plain wonderful! :raritycry:

My goal is to write at least one good version of every MLP fanfic cliche there is. This is my version of the old favorite, "Princess Celestia and/or Twilight Sparkle coming to terms with Twilight's mortality." Next I'll write a HiE fic or something.

Oops, sorry. I don't actually have anything else planned; it was marked "incomplete" purely by mistake. That's been remedied now.

Surprisingly deep and actually gave me pause after finishing it. Besides the odd formatting, this was a very enjoyable read.

Well done. :ajsmug:

Easily favorites, however I have to wonder, is it possible for you to write a happy story?:pinkiesad2: (I'm only kidding of course)

So true, yet so sad.:raritycry::applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

Immortality is truly the most terrible curse one could have

I'm just going to lie and say I'm NOT crying

Gahh. Stop making me jealous of your writing skills and taking my ideas!

Although, you have inspired me to write a sad story about Twilight NOT involving death or immortality :)

Really good job, though! Only reason I'm not crying is because I just woke up.

455708 No, he's not. He went on a long sleep, and he will wake up when a pony named Rarity, not the Rarity here, but a Rarity. She goes underground, and finds a purple dragon sleeping. He wakes up, and asks where he is, and who they are. He is Spike. The movie where this happens is The Runaway Rainbow. :pinkiesad2:

Bravo, good sir. That's all there is to say...

Hng.. I just got done reading this, it's 9pm and the sun is on it's way down, and night is sneaking upon us.
I was looking out the window and noticed how clear and beautiful place this was, and suddenly I thought of this story. Heh, I can only say that tears were shed.

Can't help but almost crying. Definitely choked me up. Wonderful story. May as well sub to ya.


Very good weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/that-really-rustled-my-jimmies.jpg wow 112 likes and not one dislike(i clicked like) verry nice job :raritywink:
my reaction :duck::raritywink::raritydespair::raritycry:

*Sigh* Heavy has never cried from reading a fanfic.... Not even from My Little Dashie...Although, for whatever reason...I wish I would, just once. To experience such emotions. Great Story. :yay:


Kinda reminds me of this pic

Word of warning to all: Don't listen to the Dead Island Theme when reading this. I think I ruined my tablet...

you have stirred my emotions good sir
and that gets you a fav and like from me
please take my thumb as payment for this epic fic of sadness

The story itself was very good, but a little constructive criticism: instead of putting what the characters say in italics, "Put them in quotation marks," I brained my damage stated.

Still, overall, loved the story. For some reason, I've been drawn to sad fics and horror fics recently...

Very emotional and VERY well written... This was a very moving story... I didn't cry, but tears formed in my eyes... I love these stories... If you can't die content with what you've done, then how can you move on? This was a very good story... Thank you for writing this... Amazing work.

you know it is a good story with you cry:twilightsmile:

A sad read, but in the best way.

That... that was just beautiful. :fluttercry:

Thanks for the tip; but although this initially did use quotes, the basic format of the story (long portions of pure dialogue, occasionally interrupted by brief descriptive passages) made quotation marks look really awkward and messy, since there were so many of them. I ended up going with italics, hoping for some kind of arty look.

Markus Schulz - I Am

Oceanlab - Just Listen

This is all I have to add to this wonderful tale.

All the feels, man!

This is probably the best fic I've read in the cliche of Twiight's mortality, and I've read my share(though everyone else probably has as well).

:applecry: not gonna cry, not gonna...:raritycry:

that was beautiful man! but why'd Twilight have to die?!?!

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