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What's my age again?

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I like it. ANOTHER!


“Oh no! Discord took Spike and I have no idea where they went! They could be drinking, or doing something illegal… He could have his way with Spike if he wanted to!”

Miss Sparkle! Please keep your fantasies in check!

“No Twilight, what's up with all these questions?” She put her hoof on his lips and went down to his eye-level. “Did he… “ She gulped, “have his way with you?”

Oh for- what's the matter with you?!

Seriously, I bet not even Rainbow Dash is this bad, and I hear she writes Daring Do clopfics!

Not a bad start. Could have used a clop scene with Discord and Celestia though.

Spike and Discord's daughter?:rainbowhuh: You have my undivided attention.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

wow this is good, some problems in grammar, but overall, i love this story! keep going my fellow writer! keep going!

If you ask me, Eris and Spike are going to get along just kinky-WELL, I mean well. :scootangel:

3085484 thanks
3085539 told you I was gonna write this
3085564 Very.
3085605 Twilight overthinks everything
3085667 I'm glad
3085679 You shall have Moar!
3085802 I will keep going! Yeah!
3085653 That might happen later on. :raritywink:
3085880 yeah... Well.

3085938 Knew you were going to write this. Just didn't think it would kick this much ass. If you ask me, I can guarantee, that at this will be a great story.

Yay yay yay yayayayayayayayayayaya yayayayayayayayayayayay yayayyayesyayayayayay tayayayayayes yayayayayayayayay yayayayayayayayayes yayayayayayayayyayay yayesyayayayayayayes yayayayayay

Spike gets more ass than the only toilet seat at a chili cook off.

LOL, that part where Twilight makes all those assumptions about Discord reminds of that running gag in Joe Dirt, where everyone thinks something happened between him and Buffalo Bill.

3086064 thanks dude
3086157 :yay:
3086280 I did get it from joe dirt... And those strange images on google


Self-Insert ones, probably :unsuresweetie:

But I think the problem is that Twilight has watched too many crime dramas and thinks, after being in 'jail' for 1000 years, Discord would screw anything

I can't wait to 'see' her

Interesting. Will follow.

Amusing. Your capital letters are all over the place though, please sort them out. And get a beta.

Rappy from TF2 agrees. 'Cee' :pinkiehappy:

They Fucked. For like… Two hours. When you just get out of prison; this is what you do.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: for some reason that line got me into a laughing fit :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

as many has said, i freaking like this idea and your style, this will be a story i´ll be following closely :twilightsmile:

P.S. i like how the sex session was likely just primal rutting, i think i have read one or two stories where weird things happen when Discord has sex :pinkiecrazy: but if you get out of jail you don't care about tricks and stuff :twilightblush:

This should be good. How will the mane six take the fact that Discord is not only with Celestia he's a father?

3088912 yesss... Give me all of your kronk upvotes

Well, who wants to bet on how many ponies Eris is going to attack once she gets out?

3089603 I'm broke. But, I'm gonna go for five.

i love it and when will more chapters for this story come out

3089668 the next should either come out Friday night or Saturday morning

Dammit man.

They Fucked. For like… Two hours. When you just get out of prison; this is what you do.

why u no write the clop if she went into a sex coma?

3089856 I have a plan for that clop scene. :pinkiecrazy:

-tries to keep the drippling in check- must....have.....moar!!!!!

Spike downed the rest of the delicious brew, “Ahh! That’s some good ass shit man.”

He downed his 'good ass shit', and I lost my own :rainbowlaugh:

They Fucked. For like… Two hours.

Lost even more of my shit there. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

3090013 lmfao :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: i love his writing XD

:rainbowlaugh: i love this you sir are funny as hell and a great imaginative writer never change your sense of humor if you do we might die of laughter :pinkiehappy: cheers to you my amazing friend

3090013 I was hoping to make you lose your shit. :rainbowlaugh:

3090140 thanks! :pinkiehappy:

3090358 it pays to be the funniest guy in the hood. :moustache:

Eris is Discord's child.
Dwhoahwoah, whowwehweewha. Wait, if he had a child, he had to have a wife (or whatever). So somebody had to have... Snu snu with him. But he said he never had a friend before. He never met somebody he really cared about, but if he had sex with somebody, he should have cared about them. And somebody he loved should have had a similar effect on him as Fluttershy did.
But if he didn't find love, then wouldn't that mead Eris is a... rape child???

3089442 Successfully or unsuccessfully?

3090566 It's Discord. He could've created her if he wanted to. Like Screwball. Or he adopted her

3090708 I don't think it would work like that. Screwball, I can understand as a creation/adoption daughter, but another draconequs? I think that's biological.

And my previous comment still stands.

3090662 Either one. I'm just thinking about her attacking.

3090901 Phycologically (like how Discord "discorded" the mane six) Or physically? (tooth and claw)

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