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What's my age again?

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3014887 you are to kind my friend.

3014892 Can't wait for more:heart:

:trollestia: + :moustache: = WTF

:pinkiecrazy: I LUV IT!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

3014918 why, thank you miss Barbara, this ship is very rare, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring. plus that pic really helped out.

not bad but I have see worse stalkers so cotos for Celestia not being a manipulative bitch and having some moral and just being plane fangirl

She's cuckoo for Spike!


Of course Celestia isn't gonna hold it against Twilight. Twilight is never held accountable for anything bad she does. And Celestia turned Rarity into a lesbian?

3015047 Crazy enough to screw a baby dragon who has two 'equipments'?

Welp.... Someone's a Loco-Cocoa head, isn't that right?

3015043 twilight fucking up gave celestia a chance to mess with spike, so of course she wouldn't get mad at her.

3014965 yeah she has a small thread of morals.

I will admit, I was waiting for someone to do a fic for this picture, and it's every bit as creepy as I expected it to be in the most awesome way.

And do I detect jealousy, Discord?:ajsmug:

3015060 Never saw the episode but heard Twilight almost destroyed the town with a Want It Need It spell cause she felt she had to send Celestia a friendship report and she had nothing to write. In the end Celestia had to intervene and from what i heard Twilight was never held accountable for what she did.

3015077 I saw this pic yesterday and I knew I had to do a fic about it.

and that is some envy discord is feeling.

man spike spike swag is going to be the end of him if he does not turn it off once an while

3015094 in the show, Nopony or dragon ever gets in trouble for their actions. in equestria, you can do whatever the hell you want, as long as you write the princess a letter.


Don't you see? you were brought her to be mine

i wounder who the other pony is
also pls give us more

Celestia using a twisted version of Cadence's love spell on Rarity...meh. Rarity made Sweetie Belle carry an RV worth of camping supplies, tortures her cat and made a few Diamond Dogs' ears bleed. You can't feel too bad for her. :twilightsmile:

As for the rest of the fic, I don't think Discord would give a crap over what Celestia does as long as it doesn't effect him. On a technical side of things, it's well written (grammar, spelling, formatting and syntax) and there is a fair amount of character development. I am interested in where this goes.

Regardless, :trollestia: X :moustache: still one of my favorite pairings with the whole dragons and alicorns being almost immortal thing. I've only seen this type of fic done a handful of times.

True. In fact all Discord got for escaping his stone prison and taking over Equestria for the second time was essentially 2 years in prison. Spike almost destroyed the town and Pinkie harassed a senor citizen. Applebloom stole from Zecora, the CMC attempted to kill Babs with a parade float and they brainwashed two ponies. Punishment is avoided if you say you're sorry or know a member of the royal family...

3015121 I will give you more, also thanks for pointing out that typo. and who said a pony gave celestia spike's egg? :ajsmug:

3015139 believe me, you will feel bad for Rarity later on. and thanks for saying this is well written, I edited it myself before I uploaded it.

And I do know one pony that got in trouble: King Sombra, he was deformed and trapped in ice for 1000 years, then he somehow finds a way too escape, only to get blown up with the power of light.

While reading this, I discovered a tiny rock hiding in my mouth. Clearly, this is going to only get better as it goes on.

3015373 yes... Rarity will suffer for what she has done to spike and flitter in a completely different story!

This was great! I want more!! Cole is gonna freak when she sees this. In a good way, maybe?
I want more!!

I'm no exper in love. But...Discord has fellings.

Also very nice. I'll fav this so I so I can see where this gose.

Also note. I know this is your story but at the age of 20 I think Spike would be a teen in dragon years.

Dafuq!! My brain went dead for that last post!
Let me get to the nitty gritty. This story has promise, and possibilities. The obssesion Celestia has for Spike is far past the legal limit. To go so far, and the implication with her words, it's a little unsettling. But then you introduced Discord and that made everything right with the world, jealousy, so delicious an emotion, it sustains me. But no seriously with Celestia's character development I had thought this taking a much darker turn, but that expectation was blown out of the water with the reality. I cannot wait for the update!

The two main reasons why I will continue to follow this story is because I'm curious where it will go and I've seen a lot of mess up shit over the course of my life so I'm not all that creped out by this.

Weird I don't remember eating bricks, because I am shitting them:trollestia:. Please sir proceed.

This is BRILLIANT and has amazing potential carry on good sir:moustache:

Crazy Celestia and Spike? I ship it, I ship it HARD

A SpikeXCelestia fic.... WOW! :pinkiehappy:

Yes....just yes....
I love this story...it made me smile for all the wrong reasons. Have a favorite, and a like!

I havent even. Read the story yes and i already puttiing it in my favorites.
(Sigh) why cant there be more stories like this.

MORE DAMMIT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, I need sleep.:ajsleepy:
But I will be back to read this late.:ajsmug:
Count on it!:moustache::trollestia:

This reminded me of a anothere fic that said that Celestia had a statue fetish!:rainbowlaugh:
Anyway great fic can't wait for that next chap.

Dear John The Dragon.

Is it weird that the only thing that really grossed me out in this story is Raripie? Anyways you could do with another read over because I spotted quite a few grammatical errors. Other then that I can say I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Yours Truly Thecakedevil.

I agree with that. Rarity should not be with pinkie pie, if anything she should be with applejack.

Did...did you turned Celestia into a even-creepier version of Helga Pataki?!:pinkiegasp::twilightoops:

:trollestia: wants double dragon D.

3015373:rainbowderp:I think my...my brain just shat itself. That was odd. Too odd.

kinda creepy yet awesome! :rainbowkiss:
give me MOAR! :rainbowwild:



3015512 judging by how slow spike's body grows in the canon show, I think it will be a long time until he grows into a natural teenage dragon. I bet the teenage dragons from dragon quest are four times older than granny smith.

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