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I hope you like spice, 'cause it's about to get REAL hot up in here.

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Alright this was the best spike story ive read i cant want for the next chapter

How about vinyl scratch?


Buttons mom, muahahahahaha!

Lightning Dust and Trixie.
I like how this story had 1 like. When I add my like it's 12 likes.

Okay you got me interested. How about Spike meeting and hanging out with Vinyl and end up having a three way with her and Octavia.

spike with the mayor mare and zecora

3046147 Thank you and how about a late night spa session with the spa sisters or a one night stand with Glida since there is only one story with those two together that I know of.

oh i just got another spike with a foursome with the flower trio. and maybe another one with cutie mar crusaders, diamond tiara and silver spoon, spike with cloudchaser/flitter. berry punch, a day with carrot top, an sexy appointment with nurse redheart and colgate

3046109 I think we have a winner.

>he was face with the reality of ripping through ever

should be "faced"

also, my suggestion: Sparity someone with almost no recognition

3046291 Thanks for the catch! I'll edit that right away. And Sparity will happen, come hell or high water. Just not for a while.

3046301 Thank god, because if Rarity was with another, I'd be somewhat against the story. ('o_o)

3046274 Thanks. If you need more story ideas let me know.:pinkiehappy:

3046236 That is an awesome idea.:pinkiehappy: How about Spike does a favor for a friend and works at a hotel for the night and needs up meeting and servicing the Wonderbolts for the night after a Ponyville air show with the male members going out for drinks. What do you think?:unsuresweetie:

Zecora! Oh and nice job with the story :3

trixie, that one is a tough cookie

The teacher route is supposed to be hard, but Spike completed it in about two hours. Go Spike! Derpy/Ditzy

Ooooh I'm loving this, Moar I say, Moar! :flutterrage:
That is if you don't mind. :fluttershbad:
Found this little Slip up:

He smiled broadly at her, offering her his arm. "Milday," he intoned, bringing an airy, nervous giggle out of her.

I believe you meant Milady?:twilightsheepish:
5 Mustaches out of 5. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

3046772 Thanks for the catch! I'll fix that right away.

Gilda and Spitfire at the same time

Gilda, somewhere along the line please:pinkiecrazy:

3047266 Yeah, besides that sounds like the best way for that party to happen and actually make sense. I like to cover my bases and plot holes.

3047288 Well just in case :moustache: may want to
do cock pushups.

1: loved it
2: you use a few phrases repetetively: Example --> Dragon-blooded boy etc...
3: Luna, Applejack, one of the two

That was your first clopfic? Damn, you've got some natural talent. I like how you portrayed Spike's draconic nature. Especially during the 'fucking' portion of the fic.

As for who should be next, I'm voting for Derpy/Ditzy.

Before I make a suggestion, I first have a question.

You say this is a collection of one shots, but does that mean the previous chapters carry over or not? What I'm getting at, you see, is whether there's any continuity.

...Twilight?! Yes, Twilight! And maybe Nurse Redheart?

Wow, wow, wow, wow and... WOW!
Nicely done.
You deserve :moustache::moustache::moustache: and a :eeyup:

For the next suggestion i'd reccomend Derpy, Lyra or Dj Pon3 (save the Mane 6 for the great finale.)

uh twilight listen and here me out I was walking out then I bumped into miss cheerilee and we kinda of well fucked eachother in the middle of the street

(to twilights response a.):twilightoops:

(response b.):flutterrage:

(response c.):eeyup: what

Sunset Shimmer, never do see enough of her.

Here's a list of ponies for you.

Nurse Redheart
Aged up CMC
Vinyl Scratch
The Mane 6(Especially Rarity, got to have that!)

That's all I have ATM.

Roseluck. I don't think there's ever been a one-shot with those two :moustache:

3047712 Ya, everything carries over. Eventually, as Spike burns through the towns women, drama bombs will be dropped. I'm gonna try and recognize this for what it is though (a clop fic) and try not be make it too much like "Spike, you had sex with X so now I'm gonna be all jealous and melodramatic!!!"

Derpy all the way baby :moustache:

Take your pick. Then again, who do we know who likes to bang?

Yeah, Blossomforth gets my vote!

this fic is godlike! :rainbowwild:
Aloe & Lotus
The Mane 6 (Twilight is a must) :heart: :twilightsmile: :heart:
Vinyl & Octavia
Mayor Mare
Luna & Celestia
Buttons mum?

Well, I'd like to suggest Derpy, but seeing as she's getting so many votes, it looks like I don't need to...

Berry Punch seems somewhat easy, maybe drinking away her problems.

And how about Zecora? Maybe Spike runs into her while she's out late gathering herbs...

Rainbow Dash
Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle

In that order.

I think he should do apple bloom next!

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