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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


“If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks/Then I'll follow you into the dark” -Death Cab For Cutie, "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

Twilight goes to visit Fluttershy at her cottage. However, she finds the cottage empty of all the animals and Fluttershy crying after reading a letter. What is it that has the yellow pegasus in tears and will Twilight be able to help?

Dedicated to DespisedAndBeloved on deviantArt (also goes by Taco_Bandit here on FimFiction).

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hm... its name led me to believe they were going to kill themselfs... but not bad not bad at all ... -_-

Why is it always "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" that people latch onto with Death Cab For Cutie? I personally liked "What Sarah Said" better off of "Plans".

2852762 Oh, goodness no. I would never write something like that.

2852779 Actually, for me it was "Marching Bands Of Manhattan" and "Stable Song" that sold me on them when I got that album. And I'm quite found of "Title And Registration".

2852864 Marching Bands of Manhattan is fucking beautiful, will agree with you. I'm very fond of "Your Heart Is an Empty Room" and "Brothers On a Hotel Bus". I have, in works, a story based off of "Plans".

If readers are wondering about the source of inspiration...


Alternatively, DailyMotion video-link has a moderately better quality to the same music video.



People latch onto this song because of the video as well as the song, it has such a poignant and heartstrings-pulling feel to it. It is hard not to feel both sad and yet uplifted.

2852881 Yes, but it is over-saturated, over-played, and boring to listen to every loser 8th grader cover it endlessly and annoying to listen to wanna-be hipsters pretend they're "deep" for liking the song.

As I said on DA, Thank you very much. You're a great friend. It was a pleasure to go to Everfree with you.

Also Beautiful story as well.

Wow. This is just... amazing. This is a really good story dude. I know your friend will like it... oh wait, he did. And so did I.

Awesome story.

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