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One morning, Fluttershy finds a zergling in her yard. Fluttershy helps the creature and they bond.

In the process, everypony learns a little bit more about the mysterious Zerg.

Cover art by me, because apparently even the internet doesn't have a picture of Fluttershy and a zergling cuddling. Rating is teen because of mild gore in chapter three.

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Zergling? I guess Fluttershy's way more than any ol' Queen.
Will keep reading when you update.

You find a random creature in your yard. It has insectoid wings, several spiked appendages, and a ton of sharp teeth. What do you do? Obviously you befriend it and make it your pet. Because that's the Fluttershy way. :yay:

Although how he's going to survive in a largely vegetarian land baffles me... I shall wait for news of your work. Meanwhile, take a fave.

Hm, actually I seemed slightly confused at the communications between Angel, and the Zergling, Swift. Perhaps explanations might be helpful for less understanding audiences.. or just myself.

My excitement reached a reasonable high at this storys premise, and steadily plumetted from there.

>PS. Do tell me if I was successful with Swift and Angel's interaction with each other. Was it clear what they were "telling" each other?

No, not really. Maybe paraphrase it for us?

e.g. "as if to say ________"

Wouldn't a zergling have trouble from it's cerebrate, though? Zergs go to take over other places, as deemed by their respective cerebrates; when there is no cerebrate to guide them, the Zerg run amuck and attack anything they please. Like when Zeratul kills Sazs and Sazs' Zerg starts killing their own kind, so you have to kill them. :rainbowhuh:

Maybe i'm just looking into this too much. Maybe Fluttershy is a cerebrate in disguise.

What ze fuck? Why isn't the zergling killing evreything? It should be tearing Fluttershy apart limb-from-limb, not becoming her pet!

Sorry if I sound mean, the story's not bad, just not correct lore-wise. I'm always happy to see another SC crossover, and you should upload it to the Starcraft Fan Group. (Sorry for no link, I'm on a tablet.)

'It lay down, curled up into a ball and waited' I think you meant layed.

Glad to see you again.

She noticed a thin film of mucous ran over the animal’s entire body, as if it had just hatched.

If he had just hatched, where's his twin? :pinkiegasp:


That's what I'll address in the next chapter.


Thanks. :) I needed a break from my depressing story, so this is just a cute/adorable story.


In my rush to write something adorable, I stuffed up some of the lore. Oops :rainbowlaugh: Now I'll have to think up an explanation :twilightsheepish:


My desire to write something adorable with Fluttershy and a zergling has created quite the conundrum. Silly me :facehoof:

2796154 2795783

I'll just explain it this time around because I'm too lazy to edit the chapter right now :rainbowlaugh:

Basically, Swift wants to eat Angel. Angel then explains to Swift that it can't do that, as it would make Fluttershy mad. Angel imitates the stare to strengthen his case. Swift understands and is disappointed that it can't eat Angel. Angel then gloats, telling Swift that he is Fluttershy's favourite pet. Swift threatens Angel but it diffused as Angel reminds it of Fluttershy's punishment if it was to eat him. Annoyed at the infuriating bunny rabbit, Swift leaves him alone.

2798419 Sorry if I sound like a jerk, the story's nice, I just noticed the "random" tag. My mistake, Good sir.
Seriously, upload this to the Starcraft Fan group; it'll help it get some moar view 'n stuff.


Of course! She does call a manticore (or whatever it was in Season 1 episode 2 where she removes a thorn from its paw/hand) cute if I recall correctly. So a zergling's nothing on Fluttershy. :yay:


Of course, it's Fluttershy :yay:


Yeah, it's pretty random, I didn't think about the technicalities when I wrote it on a whim yesterday. I'll upload it to the Starcraft Fan group soon, I haven't even gotten around to adding this story to groups yet. :twilightsmile:

2798450 Hahaha true... But the main question is... Where will she be when the killer instincts kick in? :rainbowderp:


I don't know, I didn't think this far ahead with this! :rainbowlaugh:

I put it into the read later list. I'll get to it when I get a good night's sleep. :ajsleepy:

2798460 Also, nice work on that cover art! I wish I could draw like that, and I was wondering if I could ask a request for cover art I'll be starting when I get back to my home in August?


Thanks, you're so nice :twilightblush: I'm generally extremely lazy when it comes to my pony art, or my art in general. Give me a big project, and I'll ditch it halfway through :rainbowlaugh: I can't say I'll accept that offer right now, 'cause I have seriously no idea if I'll still be interested in Fimfiction in about a months time. Also, I'll be back in university by then :raritydespair: so I might not even have the free time. Feel free to ask again closer to the date, but I'm doubtful as to whether I can do it. :ajsleepy: Sorry.

I've never played starcraft, but you my good sir just peaked my interest pip pip:moustache:


I made someone gain interest in something I like! :yay:

2798510 It's all right, I don't mind! I can always download some picture fron the interweb, rather than tax you with it. Good luck when you start school.


True enough, the only reason I didn't get a picture from the net is because google images didn't give me a good picture :rainbowlaugh: Thanks, good luck with whatever you're doing with your life too. :pinkiesmile:

This may be interesting.....I'll follow this.


Oh. I got about 30% of that from the story itself.

interesting, and I think I understood what Angel was trying to say. Somthing to the effect of staying away from Fluttershy I assume. I would very much like to read more about this! Rogue zerg always makes for an interesting tale! :raritystarry:

I have to say... the Zergling here is actually adorable, like a dragon!
(adorable Kerrigan teasing Raynor to no end suddenly emerges in my head)


Something similar to that. Angel is Fluttershy's favourite, and wants to stay that way!


See, the zerg can be adorable if they want to be. Just most of the time they don't want to be. This is an exception. :pinkiehappy:
(Raynor would be annoyed but unable to do anything, as he loves Kerrigan and she would be too cute. :yay:)

Brood mother will eventually apppear and controls zergling to kill flutterrshy remember they are a hive mind specis meaning there can only be 1 leader and that leader will follow the queens orders and so will the brood


Yeah, that whole thing is a massive gap currently in the story :twilightblush:
If a brood mother ever did show up, that's what would have to happen; but who knows if a brood mother ever will show up?

Actually one will show up if thers a zergling on the planet it means theres a entire brood on the planet meaning broodmothe I think that zergling was sent out to scout but got out of contro radius and became feral

Hmm...the Zerg are a hive mind species, but lone members of hive mind that wander tend to not exactly remain natural. It's entirely possible - like any number of Changeling stories I've read - that this Zergling will rebel against the hive mind even if a Brood Mother comes in range. Beyond that, Zerg eat natural resources as well as flesh of other creatures...and the most potent natural resource of Equestria is magic. Zerg are uniquely adapted to absorb any natural energies and adapt based off them. ...what happens if this Zergling absorbs energies of the Elements of Harmony?

This story has a lot of ways it could go, complete with a possible Zerg versus Changelings...or even a connection between the two races (Zerglings come to this world long before, adapted, became Changelings). Will be tracking this.

This is going to be...different, for sure. Worth keeping an eye on, considering that Fluttershy is now taking care of a creature bred with more teeth and claws than nature would ever deem natural. I am vaguely reminded of Zerglings looking like Carbot's animated Zerglings for this fiction.

Oh, and for the record to people questioning what would happen in an Overlord/Queen would come into the picture: canon to the Starcraft universe, without the central hive mind suppressing basic instincts Zerg of all kind go feral and draw from what remains of their natural instincts. The Zerg have been genetically bred so that it is impossible for them to refuse commands from higher entities in the swarm's structure. It is possible for a Zergling to be "tamed" (or grow accustomed to being provided for), but more than likely it would just be reduced to a natural predator hunting in its local environment. (Because in normal circumstance, the Creep provides all of the nourishment any Zerg organism needs to survive.)

Only a minor nitpick: the Zergling in your cover is missing its second pair of claws on its back. Or wings, but I can assume that it's a slow-ling.

I am not sure if Fluttershy actually has the ability to command zergs... and there's always the possibility that the magics of Equestria had done something to the zergling. (don't tell me that the ponies are seedings of Xel'naga as well...)

This got to the top of the popular list?! FUU- I mean.. C-congrats. No, sarcasm aside, really, congrats on the top of the list :D Hope to see more updates in August. See ya, best of luck


Whaaaa! :pinkiegasp: Wow, I didn't think people would like this story that much.


Indeed :pinkiecrazy:


I actually considered making the zergling's appearance like that of Carbot's :rainbowlaugh:. Those things are so cute, and cutesy suits the MLP universe well.


I will follow this story then. There is nothing else to be said.


:rainbowlaugh: Imagine the zergling like that and you can't go wrong :yay:

Hmm... Well, I could probably help you come with reasons to explain the Zergling's behavior.
Perhaps like... All zerg work accordingly only if they are within a certain distance of the overmind or a cerebrate. Thus, being such a distance away from any of those, it is unaffected. Then you would just have to come with a reason for it being so far away.

This is bizzare and intriguing. One small comment though. Feral zerg are even more bloodlustful than the ones under the command of a Hive Mind or a brood mother. Shouldn't the zergling's first encounter with anything alive(that being Fluttershy) go like this?
(censored version)

If you catch my meaning.

So, the Zerg race does exist near to Equestria? The armaments of spears and basic weaponry of the Equestrian Nation, seem to point that any contact with the Zerg should have resulted in the destruction of Equestria, for the only advantage they would have had would have been Magic and only to a certain degree. Then again dragons are note worthy opponents.. Either way, please continue.

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning."
- Louis L'Amour

Hmm...from the sound of it I'm guessing any past conflict with the Zerg was settled through the use of Deus ex Machina, such as the Elements or direct application of overwhelming magic like the Princesses. However, it seems Swift has bonded with Fluttershy, even choosing to protect her over its own egg-mate. And now Rainbow's going to get involved. Awesome!

This story can have the Zerg replaced with other creatures, but it'd lose half the impact... since it's the Zergs, and we all know about'em critters...
(Suddenly thinking about Applejack speaking in a drawl about them. Way to Terran Confederacy there, AJ.)

Just for the record, the "Zerg Wings" upgrade is called Metabolic Boost. Nice update. Continue to update at your leisure, of course.

Not sure what I feel about this chapter.:applejackunsure: I would have liked the Zergling to have been a creature never seen before, but that has happened before with other things, so I guess that is a little overused. I did like the chapter for the most part, though.:pinkiesmile:

I love feeling like I've written myself deeper and deeper into a hole that will be difficult to escape :rainbowlaugh:


I know. I misnamed a lot of the technical terms on purpose. After all, the pony sees the zerglings suddenly have wings and go faster. The logic jump is just too much to call it metabolic boost :twilightsheepish:


You both have a good point. I've written myself into a hole, haven't I? :rainbowlaugh:

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