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It is after the End War. Balance has been returned to the Three Kingdoms, and humanity has been restored. But what of the Horsemen? There is no need of such a force now, and many are reluctant to leave them free to roam without the Charred Council controlling them. But what to do with them? A decision is reached to send them to Equestria, a world that has, until now, been protected from the problems that face other worlds. However, the presence of newly discovered gateways to this pristine world threatens that tranquility. The Horsemen will have to help defend this innocent world, despite their own personal feelings about it

This story is separate from my other stories, though certain OCs may appear in other stories. As I have yet to play Darksiders 2, and have not read the published book or the comics, the personalities of the Horsemen may differ somewhat, though hopefully not too much. Enjoy

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NOT EQUESTRIAAAAAAAA, The Horsemen shall save them! But I think Celestia can handle it.

I WANT MORE KTHXLOL, it's going good so far. You've done good. *pats you on the back*

Aren't the giant skull head guys evil? Or did I have to play the second game to find out more?


Thank you very much

And the Charred Council are more Chaotic Neutral. They try to keep the balance, but aren't exactly friendly in the way they go about it

very interesting take, i have to keep an eye out for updates

The Charred Council only care about their balance and would sacrifice entire planes of existence to protect it. They are going to die at the end of the series I can tell.

Very well done, I like how the Horsemen were blunt when they were explaining where they were, and what they were. xD

Can't wait for the next chapter


Thank you. I always imagined that Strife would be far more blunt than the others. I'm not sure why

And it is currently in the works

So far so good, stay focus and your fic will do well!

I can give you a basic Idea what the 4 Horsemen personalities are:
War is honer bond, he only thinks in a straight path and relies on his strength then make a strategy. He is the youngest.
Death is Loyal to his Brothers and Sister, He also regents killing his kin unlike the other Horsemen, He is cold and calculating always thinking ahead but deep down he is a very nice guy. He has Orange-Red eyes in the game. He is The Oldest and is the Leader of the Horsemen.
Strife does not waste time when it comes to business, and will make examples of people to teach a lesson to others, he is also extremely stubborn and disagreeable and challenges Death's authority over the rest of the Horsemen.
Fury has not yet been introduced in the series yet, so she has no official personalitie.


Thank you. I shall try to keep to their canon personalities as much as possible

Finally, a Horsemen crossover that DOESN'T make the horsemen into complete dumb-asses, Keep this up!


Thank you. I haven't actually read any other Darksiders crossovers on this site

1551186 They're too few and far between, and the ones that do appear aren't really much to talk about.


Fair enough. I shall try not to dissappoint

'Will not sending them to this world put the inhabitants at greater risk?'
should be:
'Will sending them to this world not put the inhabitants at greater risk?'

I can't really see the series ending without the Charred Council going kaput. Not if War gets his way, anyhow.


No, that was the wording I intended. Similar idea to the phrase 'Not uncommon'

And from what I've heard and read, the Riders don't seem to get their way all the time

Surely what you typed means the same as 'Will the inhabitants be put at greater risk by not sending them to this world?'? Which doesn't really make sense as there wouldn't be any change occurring. Sorry if this is turning into grammar Nazi'ing.

Fair point with the Riders. Struggling to imagine much of a satisfying way to kill several big immobile face-rocks anyway.


No, it does not mean the same thing

Other than hitting them, I'm stumped as well

The giant heads are in fact only some sort of proxy over which the council talks to others it is no known how many members are really there and what kind of creature they are.

And so far i am liking this story but now comes the critical moment. How will the Horsemen react to Celestia and what will they do after the meeting?
Because i dont really see the Horsemen visit one of pinkies partys or something like that.

One other question. Are the Horsemen in full possesion of their Council-given powers? Because Death still has the twin scythes and not the Harvester.

If those guardponies think they can take on the Horseman, they are in way over their heads.:pinkiecrazy:

What this guy said. :ajsmug:
You seem to have all their personalities practically spot on.
I like this, Favourited. :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait to see how meeting Celestia and Luna goes.


You'll have to wait and see how they react
As for one of Pinkie's parties, you never know, she'll probably throw one anyway

And no, they are not in full possession of their powers at this moment in time


Well, remember some guards did try to take on Nightmare Moon. Plus there are more of them, and they have the Princesses to back them up

Thank you very much

I'd figured they wouldn't have their full powers that would make it very boring or put either the threath against equestria or the ponies themself at a ridiculus power level.
And of course would pinkie throw them a party :pinkiehappy: the question is how would four warriors, that first waged a war against the whole of creation then murdered all of their kin and after that served a nearly all powerful entity as enforcers of its will, react to a party hosted by a pink pony? :pinkiecrazy:

The answer to that will be found in future chapters!

Nice beginning. I like it. Finally fond darksiders\mlp crossover which fits me perfectly. Thank you.

But of course, on both counts

Glad you enjoyed it

1550859 The Charred Councill is neutral they don't want good or evil to be dominant read the book you will find out more

1551158 >1551021 in the bookl she talked a little bit she did not interfere with deaths plan because he told the horsemen not to so im guessing she respects death but this is all we know about her also her wip is made from a material simmilar to lightning

1561351 Read.... a book? I've only read The Hobbit... and some books that I don't remember.
I almost never read books!

please write moar i cant wait for it i need MOAR:flutterrage: i mean if thats alright:fluttershysad::twilightsheepish:

Glad you enjoyed it. More is on it's way, but the next chapter is currently being re-written

Oh they already know the Horsemen but i guess if you rule a realm you have to know the remnants of the once greatest threat to all of creation.
And of course you know those who will be send to deal with you if you upset the balance yourself.
Good so far.


Thanks, and yea, the way I figured it was that all the rulers of any magical/supernatural realm are aware of the existence of the Horsemen, as if anything becomes royally buggered they'll be the ones that try to fix (break) it

yeah you updated cant wait to read (yes it was short but at least it was something)

Awesome chapter my friend and glad they didn't beat the crap out of them keep up the good work and can't wait for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Moar.... I readied myself by watching 30 minutes of the beginning of Darksiders 2... it explains alot!
It helped with this chapter. Good chapter, keep up the good work!

Thanks, and I haven't actually played Darksiders II yet, much to my chagrin

Good chapter, although one thing bugs me.
That they're so willing to do what Celestia and Luna say.
They're the Horsemen of the Apocalypse! They don't take orders from anyone. Save for the Charred Council. But they don't care anymore.
I would hope you convey this in the next chapter, that the Horsemen can't be pushed around.
So, of course, I look forward to the next chapter.

Thanks, and the reason for them going along with it is that obeying them, for the meantime, is the only way they're going to find out more about where they've ended up, and perhaps how they got there. Don't worry though, there will be plenty of confrontations and shouting matches

Yea, I kinda figured that. They don't always do things on a whim, they always think things through.
Still, it just felt too Okay-We'll-Do-What-You-Say.
But whatever.
Bring on the badassery!

Excellent work, I dont see any errors, keep this up!

From the Horsemen we know about, Death would be the only one to be considered an adequate leader of troops, War is more the silent Warrior type and Strife seems more like a Fighter who works best alone or in small groups and i don't know enough about Fury to judge her but i guess she wouldn't be the leading type either.
So i guess Death will be the instructor and leader while War is his sneering second in command who knows what hes doing but doesn't talk much while Fury and Strife do whatever they do.

Well I like this chapter and can't wait for the next one keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

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