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It's just a hobby, something I enjoy doing. Maybe one day people will enjoy it too.


IT'S DONE · 5:52pm Jul 14th, 2016

I finished reworking my AC X MLP story boys :D I'll (re)work on chapter 2 next before heading over to Jay's place :)

I'm in a super good mood, have good day all :)

About myself

My name is Jorge Corona (or Coco if you will)
I'm Mexican, and I was born in 1998.

I have a passion for writing, I want to create stories of my own even if it means they do not become popular, even if they don't stand out. For once, I want to create something I'm decided to finish.

I'm currently an English teacher, and I have travelled throughout the United Kingdom, Italy and France. I've seen a bit of the world, and I've become inspired by its looks, its sounds.

I love quiet, calm music. I've been into Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds recently. I also enjoy reading a good story, and hanging out with my brother here and now.

And hey, I think we are all destined to be amazed. If MLP has shown me something, is that we can always shine out, maybe now, maybe later. So, have a good day, would you? C:

Here, I made these

Some context on recent events.

I started my stories when I was 13 years old. Foolishly enough I thought I could keep up with top-tier stories and even make a name for myself when I could barely speak English at all.

Now I'm back, after an eternity of being dead and trying to leave everything behind.

Those stories are still my dreams, my work. I can't just leave them behind, I couldn't despite my best efforts.

And I really appreciate everyone that is still around.