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I usually stick to common themes in my stories. I like to have all the characters have a good reason for their goals. I shoot down any concept of fate. Also, there are always dragons.


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Pffffft, a downvote already? I'll even it out...

Not bad so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Whoopy, it's finally here! So excited for more!:pinkiehappy:

2823172 Me, too~! (Imma riff this, just so's ya know~)

“Phrasing, boom!”

... i don't get it

2823577 'Tis a quote from a TV series called Archer. Whenever a character makes a sexual innuendo, someone else calls out, "Phrasing!"

2823586 oooohhh, don't know why i didn't get that, because i love that show.

anyway, you gained one favourite, one thumbs up, and a follower :pinkiehappy:

Reminds me of when Yakko would say "Goodnight Everybody" when they would do a sexual innuendos or an Adult Jokes on Animaniacs.

Oh, Marik, you cheeky bitch.


anthro pls stay

I haven't read it yet, but... dat cover art :moustache:
EDIT: I just finished it... I love it! MOAR :flutterrage:

We're not done here

This isn't ogre.

Comment posted by nabrixwrites deleted Jul 4th, 2013

I'm liking where this is going. One fave for you.

This is already looking good to me! Two scaly thumbs up!:moustache::unsuresweetie:

I love your interpretation of Sweetie Belle as a young adult who is sexually curious. Spike doesn't really strike me as the kind who would have the "cool guy" greaser attitude that he's displaying here, but I'm interested to see how he develops. I'd love to see more Vinyl though, she was fun to read. =3

Someone likes Pat Benatar... ;3

2824558 Le duh! Girl's got attitude!

Ogres have layers like onion!

anthro pls go

2824617 Don't you have something better to do with your time? Wait, why would a MODERATOR say something like that?

2824581 They smell bad and make you cry?

2824659 You lay 'em out in the sun, they get all brown and start sproutin' hairs?

A weekend of sexual fun with Sweetiebelle, yay!:moustache::unsuresweetie:

Your art reminds me a lot of Kloudmutt's work.

He was pretty cool until he started posting shit art. As in, literal shit.

2824941 Rest assured, I will not go down that path.

...Seriously, how is that sexy?

Now is when knighty decides to put an Anthro tag?


But I'm glad he did so.

2825616 ohai, Marik.

And yes, I agree with you.

The drake shrugged and held his arms out. "Hey, I'll give you all the secs you need."
Spike getting dirty?

My jaw hit the floor at the sight of that "anthro" tag.

Anthro Stay forever Please!

very nice :pinkiehappy: more please :moustache:

I appreciated the TMZ reference as well as this being a well-written anthro story.

This is funny.

i loved it :moustache: plz do make more :rainbowkiss:

Sweetie Belle is best CMC ever! Definitly getting upvote from me.:unsuresweetie:

This fic holds my interest greatly.

Usually I wait until the fic is a decent length (around 7-8 chapters) to thumb it up, but this has potential. Do not make me displeased.

Also, faved.

Oddly enough, that got a rise out of me as well, :trollestia:
Phrasing. BOOM.

.....sorry, couldn't help myself, :twilightsheepish:

Spike just screams " Piano Man".

Oh yeah, this is good!

Interesting concept, dialogue's enjoyable, but the first two chapters had some corny phrasing in them. Also, loved Sweetie's Fruedian slip in the shower. :trollestia:

Wish you would have come up with an original song, but I still liked this quite a bit! Do go on. :raritywink:

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