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So I Saw Rainbow Rocks Finally... · 9:26pm Jan 27th, 2015

And holy schnike, I love it to pieces. I love Rainbow Rocks 10x more than the original EQG movie. I love Sunset Shimmer. I kinda ship SunLight now think Sunset and Twilight are great friends and would be brilliant together in the series. I loved the humor: all the jokes clicked right away, and I couldn't stop grinning like a big dope throughout the whole movie. I love how Vinyl Scratch helped save the day in her silent way.

I also want the Dazzlings to release a pop album.

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Hey, thanks for adding Luna's Hard Days Work to your favorites!

Thanks very much for your vote of confidence. If I'm not last, I'll be happy.

I didn't plan on writing for it for the contest at all. I probably read about it, but then forgot (us old people get that way). But I spent a bunch of time up in my head, first driving, and then shoveling snow, and banged out most of the text in a day. It was a bit of fun, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

915024 You're welcome. I love a good Sparity fic, and I really enjoyed their character dynamic in your story. I've heard there's a Sparity oneshot contest going on, and I'd certainly select yours for the top spot.

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