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I usually stick to common themes in my stories. I like to have all the characters have a good reason for their goals. I shoot down any concept of fate. Also, there are always dragons.


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Dropped a load on us all at once, eh?

Ah well. Time to read.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What fun indeed...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hah. Ten to one Twilight sent him with her for that exact reason.

~Skeeter The Lurker


And suddenly, I hate Spike's luck...

~Skeeter The Lurker

hmm... well, so far Zanzebra seems lik an awesomely fun place to be :pinkiehappy: n' it's gonna be interestin to see how much fun :moustache: (and zecora when she appears :applejackunsure:) has with t locals :rainbowwild:


Nice, Spike. Interrupt her like that...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Really a Zelda reference? In an exotic island.. Whatever works for you

You make seduction look easy.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I've recently come to the conclusion that Skeeter is actually omnipresent. In other news I quite like this.:twilightsmile:

I kinda wanna go to Zanzebra now. God dammit :ajsleepy:

man that was hot start :rainbowwild: n' spike's tropical fun has only begun too :ajsmug:

I swear I've seen this before...

4047165 :pinkiegasp: Holy shit, it's Path of Cloud!

Anyway, what makes you say that? I only uploaded this yesterday.


Moreso the chapter structure than anything, I think. Reminds me of one of Cloud's stories.

A very, very, very clear reminder. Involving Rarity. As a maid. For the weekend. Eh? Eh?

Also, holy balls is that cover art high detail. It's rare to find someone who can both write and draw.

4047266 4047165 I love that clopfic! Some of the finest anthro erotica on this website! It's so good to know Path of Cloud approves.


Heavy odds, but I'd take that bet. She seems like the kind of gal who'd try and pair Spike up with someone when he starts riproaring out of stress and frustration.

No better way to relax, really. Well, there's probably a few ways, but those always have the chance of messing up and making you feel worse (cooking, video games, puzzles, etc.) So yeah, real nice of the ol' Princess to send Spike off to a place full of hot women and handsome guys. If he's into that.

And I've seen some fics where he's into that, so I won't judge.

4047404 Spike is middle-of-the-road bisexual in my clopverse.


I thought Siva's look reminded me enough of Din for a Zelda reference. Eh.


The waiting just makes the reward all the sweeter. And even if you did hate Spike's luck, you still wish you had it, Skeeter.

...Hey, that wasn't half bad for a rhyme!


Hey, could be worse.

Could've been a gangbang he walked in on... at least this sight wouldn't be too mentally scarring.


I've always wondered about the point of bi-sexuality in Equestria. God, I need a good concept to explore that... it's always difficult coming up with an idea that allows you total freedom of clop scenes, but still makes sense and is actually entertaining without getting boring. This is one of those ideas; you could basically have Spike partake in anything he wanted until his vacation was over, since the interactions all actually make sense.

Lucky fucking bastard...


Who the hell did Spike learn from? Charlie Sheen?

4047246 I actually haven't read it yet, tonight though :rainbowwild:

No idea, believe I've seen a story with a similar concept using the coverart. I thought perhaps it was a reupload for some reason.

I bow to your supreme, sexy-like badassitude!!!!!

20/10, Please get more out ASAP or I'll have to hunt you down!!!!!!


4048195 Oh! You know what it is? There was a story with a picture of Sunset Shimmer doing a similar pose to Siva Afi.

If you had read Hitting Those High Notes, you would know that Spike is bisexual, so he likes guys as much as girls.

Comment posted by xbL0oDfLac0n25 deleted Mar 9th, 2014

The cover pic made me click this story before I even had a chance to say "damn." Now that I've read it... HOT DAYUM!!! MOAR!!!!!!!

4044971 You and me both, man. And I must say, I like the new profile pic!

...So, I haven't finished Hitting Those High Notes, but, uh... Where's Sweetie Belle? It seemed pretty obvious, unless I missed something, that her and Spike were a couple. Is it, like, a "flexible" relationship? Did something happen in the last chapter? If it's a spoiler, just say so.

I was wondering the same thing. Are they still a couple?

4049625 No spoiler. Sweetie Belle knows Spike isn't one to be tamed, at least for the moment. They have regular flings every now and again, usually between her tours.

I got that first line reference...

Awesome movie, by the way.

4050663 I was referring to Cutie Mark Chronicles and Secret of My Excess.

4049625 I noticed that.
4049900 Maybe this was before.

Alright, now make a Spilight story and I'll follow you

4046220 you make it sound like it isn't :moustache:

Second time trying to post something since my computer broke the first time.

I love how you are giving Spike and Zecora time together, its so hard to find anything, never mind decent lengths and interactions.

ust one thing, are you going to carefully avoid the problem that Spike can have with sexual greed, where he grows in size, stamina, endurance, the more he can easily get hold of, and only slowly recovers when the mares finally cant take him? :raritystarry:

Also, with Zecora being so available to the sufer dudes, and to Spike anytime, will she enoy that offer back home also, to anyone, male, female, pony, zebra,dragon, minotaur, griffon etc that requests gratification time or help? :twilightblush:

Or will she just pay for supplies in services? :eeyup:


As the author had informed me.

As much as I like Spike, I can't stand him being so easily tempted by large breasts and skirts. I've always wanted him in a form unlike others. A runt for the God's champion.

4049373 Totally inappropriate, bro. This story doesn't even feature members of the popular gang "Hood Ratz".

4057795 I don't do the whole sex = money thing. In my clopfics, sex is great for recreation, bonding and proclamation of love, but sex doesn't pay the bills.


Ah, Im very sorry for any offence, I mainly meant, relative to this, as exchange, barter, trade or gifting, instead of contractual monetary payment or such. thats what makes this so much better. Coitus for enjoyment, not employment, or enforcement.


DAMN!!! This story make me super horny!!! I wish to GO to Equestria and MORE to GO to Zanzebra and make love to Siva and Moonlight!!! :pinkiehappy: :heart: :yay:

Comment posted by Hard-Pressed Scribe deleted Mar 12th, 2014

I can't even get past the first story without my interest,

I don't want to sound like a dick, or anything, You're writing style is fine enough, no Idea why you took RainbowBob to do a Spike collab though. The main sneeze I have with this story is Spike himself. He doesn't even resemble the dragon, less feel like him. I don't have anything against homosexuals or Bi'es, but I can't stand him being one. He so willingly admitted he threw ponies lives in massive danger, so easily you thought, with under the influence, he'd liked watching him flee. He seems very immature and rich-boyish. He feels so, weak. Taken under the lullaby of women and booze without protest. Whisked away to a place far from his home. I can't bring myself to dislike the story, solely for Spike. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Tell me, honestly. Does he change?

4070825 It wasn't my plan to focus on character for this story. I just wanted to create a unique setting for a clopfic. If you want character, go to Hitting Those High Notes.

I do plan on having Spike speak a few thoughtful words at the end of the story, but that'll be it.

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