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Bushfires, floods, cyclones and drought. All at the same time. Australia is trying to kill us all.

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Hmm. This should be interesting.

I see you're trying what Ed did and make a "You're courier dumped into Fallout: Equstria." fic

Only his Wanderer is a bit of an idiot, you know, the sort to charge at an alicorn with a sword.

2777735 I guess the title of "That crazy son of a bitch" is well earned.

Oo looks interesting! I'll be looking forward to more!

You glorious son of a bitch... You actually did it.

Sweet, I'd love to see how Thomas interacts with the FoE world :pinkiehappy:

Not many fics like this, but I wish there was. I'll definitely be seeing how this goes. Like your version of the courier; serious, but also a bit cheerful when the time permits. Please keep this up.

Oh hey Moonbeam! Glad to see Sydney is getting some love. She's one of my fav fallout characters.

Same shit different wasteland, cant wait to see how big a pile he steps in:ajbemused:.

2778160 Let's just say he's very lucky not to be in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


On the other hand, he could probably pull it off if he got lucky enough.

I am only sad that this is one of many fics that you are working on, and therefore wont update as fast.
I for one love these type of crossovers and I wish you luck and inspiration for this one.

I'm guessing you're going to mention Ethan in this fic.

(but I doubt that)

Im seeing a trend here.
Keep it comming!!!

Actually, it was meant more as a joke about how Thomas mounted Luna the Moon Princess in the main story.

It's a crossover WITHIN A CROSSOVER!

The way Thomas described his title of "The Courier"........ it was just great.

At least he'll have a somewhat easier time of getting back to the Mojave, seeing as the Equestrian Wasteland and Post-Apocalyptic U.S. have.... relatively similar levels of science.

Oh, who am I kidding, this makes nothing easier.

Similar levels of scientific advancement, true. But the Mojave used good old 50s science. The Equestrian Wasteland uses Magitek. That... really is one of the more significant issues here. After all, EMP grenades here knock out the spell matrix that powers machinery as opposed to frying circuitry.
That and the Equestrian Wasteland's beasties kinda make the Mojave's look like fucking pushovers. Bloodwings, for example. And HELLHOUNDS.

2788084 Yeah, the Equestrian Wasteland is a fucking nightmare compared to the U.S. wasteland, and the human one ain't exactly a picnic as it is. There are the creatures like you mentioned, but also dangerous shit like the Taint and Enervation.

If I had to choose between the two Wastelands to be forced to go to, I would consider the Equestrian one just because of ponies but definitely choose the Human one over it.

Technically, the Taint is just an FEV stand-in. Only it appears to act faster in smaller doses...
And Balefire Radiation is actually necromantic in nature. So Ghoul Ponies are technically zombies.
Hell, the only thing that gives the ponies a chance of really surviving in the Equestrian Wasteland is magic, super-strength and (for the griffons and Dashites) wings.

Alright, this is definitely going onto my favorites list. XD

I've always wanted to see a fic where the courier goes to the Equestrian Wasteland, and I'm really looking forward to seeing if magic still more or less equals radiation for humans. Because if it does, I have a good feeling things are about to get really bad for our good friend Thomas.

Thank you for writing this.

This time around? No. Simply because here that is basically an instant death sentence.

I just came back from a week long trip to Pittsburgh, I found this... SCREW THE PITT:pinkiehappy:

can i have link to this story that your talking about, it sounds interesting

Brilliant as always! You never do fail to disappoint, do you?:ajsmug:
I quite eagerly await more of, well, anything you write. Seriously I have no doubt you could somehow write a scene of Thomas actually delivering mail for once interesting. Oh and will the 'sunshine bringer' make an appearance? I think I already know the answer (:ajsleepy:no) but I'll be damned if I can't dream!:eeyup:

I don't want to fuck around with the FoE canon too much. So no, there will be no 'She of the Colourful Vulgarities' popping up. You'll see why later.

Freakin' awesome. You're right, character interaction is great. I like it as much as any action scene. Please continue!

"Knowledge is power, guard it well" - Blood Raven mantra
Gosh, how I love that line!

Nice job on the character interactions.


That was a joke about how in the main story, the human freaked out when the unicorn picked him up. Just thought I'd change the positions.

2816482Wow I have only just started reading Fallout: Equestria and this already seems a lot better:twilightsmile:

I'm loving this! Reading your other stories, Thomas has to be my favorite interpretation of the Courier and it'll be awesome to see how he reacts to some similarities between worlds. I wonder what'll happen between him and the Steel Rangers when he discovers them. That should be interesting with their technology worship and thirst for knowledge.

If I had the money and resources I would fly to Australia, and track you down, just so I could shake your hand.... Okay that was a bit creepy. What I'm trying to say here is good job.

Oh and more of question about nationality then a comment but do Australia and New Zealand have a kind of rivalry? Don't know why I would think that. Oh well!

Yeah, to Aussies the Kiwis are a bunch of filthy sheep-shaggers, and to the Kiwis we are a bunch of kangaroo fuckers.

Well, he's met the regular Brotherhood. You know, the ones that would have preferred to cut a man's arm off for the Pip-Boy he was wearing rather than buy it? The Steel Rangers are gonna be a bit worse.

I'm enjoying this. Keep up good work!

This "Library" seems like a pretty sensibly thought out post-apocalyptic settlement.
2816482 At least this time it won't be followed by radiation sickness and the accompanying bouts of heavy vomiting.

At least. Equestrian Radiation is gonna be worse, though, being necromantic. His Radaways aren't gonna be of any use here!
And yes, the Library is a brilliant place for a settlement. Seriously, you'd think the Fallout games would have more sensible settlements like that.

2829101Well, Rivet City was a damn good idea

More. Now. Like, right here, right now. :pinkiehappy:

I am well aware of the potential shitstorm of introducing humans as some sort of myth/made-up creature. But aren't the ponies we know and love the same thing?

Meh, it's YOUR version of the Wastes, so if it serve the story who care ?

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