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I wrote some stories for you. I hope you enjoy them.

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Wasn't a fic with name already released?

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is the uncensored version. If you had read past four lines of text, you would know that.


No need to be a dick about it. I was simply asking a question.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Apologies. Today's not really my day. Just read next time, all right? :derpytongue2:

okay, this is great. I approve, I give it a like, I hope to god it makes the featured box.

Amazing work.

Author Interviewer

Well, uh, hello again! I'm glad you kept the title this time around. :)


Zero thought went into this title, but because you hated the new name, I figured it was appropriate to give the "old" version the old name.

In retrospect, I should've held this back until I was done editing both versions for EQD.

Oh well.

Author Interviewer

Doing that makes a lot of sense.

not having read the other version, all I can say is "nicely done."

Beautiful. That's all I can say.



All I can really say is that this was a joy to read--very well-done.

I will say that it is a masterful piece of Literature, with an almost complete depth that sucks you in and surrounds you with the sights, sounds, feelings and color of this world. Very good deskriptive ability. You, Sir, are very talented. But I cannot excuse the things being advocated and presented here. Incest, promiscuous and underage sexual activity. The flip side of something that is fabricated to appear good (such as a romantic love affair between family members who are not even classified as adults yet) always has consequences that are tragically evil and destructive in nature. That is all I will say.


They're in-laws, they're 15-17 years old, since when is experimenting with your first serious boyfriend a case of promiscuity, and your backwards, medieval attitudes about sex are not only saddening but outright dangerous. You and the people who raised you are regressive and erosive to the growth of healthy culture in the first world.

You are either a child or a religious conservative, and you don't know what evil is. Don't abuse the term.


Look. From your explosive and intolerant attitude towards my comment, I can see you are obviously in denial about something, a socialist liberal, a bigoted hater, or all of the above.
I DID NOT post this comment to flame or agitate you. I simply thought it was a masterful story with some disagreeable plot elements. You need to calm down. I'm not here to argue.
I know the subliminal reasoning behind those individuals who write sexually themed stories, and this one tells me a very interesting story about you. I just think some people need a gentle push in the right direction, you know? Some guidance. But anyway, thank you for your somewhat offensive comment. I AM NOT religious, let's get that clear. I am semi-conservative however, with a bit of what liberals like to call dangerous extremist psychopathy, otherwise known as faith-based morality.

But again, thanks for your reply, and God Bless.

This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

It's a rare pleasure to find a story like this where I can feel as immersed in the author's emotions as I have with my own work. The last thing I read that did that for me was Catcher in the Rye.

I happened upon this through your forum post in The Royal Guard, and I have to say that this certainly deserves to be featured there. There is nothing at all explicit in this, and it handles sexuality in an entirely mature way. (Ironic that "mature" is most often used as a label meant to somehow stigmatize the subject matter, as if "sex" were itself a dirty word.) There's nothing wrong with what you've written here, not by any stretch of the imagination.


I'm glad you liked it.

And yes... quite a lot of this was personal. Though not the part about cousins, no matter what Dickhead down there would have you believe.

By funny coincidence, I hated Catcher in the Rye.

Fiddle and Mahogany are pretty distant cousins at that (and only really related at all by way of marriage anyway), probably no more closely related than any two individuals in the general population. But even if that weren't the case, there still isn't anything wrong with their relationship.

And I can't blame you; Catcher is one of those stories that I probably would have hated myself, had I read it when I was younger. I had to reach a certain stage in my life to be able to appreciate it.

Also, did you change the rating on this? I could have sworn it was marked as "teen" when I first saw it last night.


Poultron sent me a PM saying that this toes the line and he's changing it to Mature just to err on the side of caution.

Ah. Well that's a shame. I honestly think labeling this as "mature" does potential readers a disservice, especially those who are at that point in their lives where a story just like this could really speak to them, let them know that other people have experienced the same or similar feelings in their lives; readers who now won't see it with filters on.

But there's not much to do about it, I suppose. :fluttershysad:

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