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Quite good. I find my tastes in clop are different from most, but this was quality regardless.

6127027 This is pretty vanilla compared to my other three fics, so feel free to check them out!

Thanks a bunch for liking it!

6127105 YAY

Spot-on. This deserves my favorite and upvote. I do hope you make more.

6127120 Eh. Should probably explain. I find nudity more arousing than sex, to the point where I'll sometimes reread the points in anthro clop where the characters are undressing three or four times, and then vaguely skim the actual sex. There are very few stories catering to a nudity fetish (hell, I am a moderator of the group that does, and it has only 15 stories right now-) so I mostly just have to make do or find it elsewhere.

I like it. Very good job.

Thank you. And Zephyr!

I'm not sure I understand the chapter title. I have a feeling that you're referencing this:

But I'm not sure why. Unless our protaganist is a ganster blue collar criminal who has yellow teeth and a brown nose, and can also fly. Because then he'd be a spinnaker.

Very nice! Sweet and far more believable than most clop. Bravo.

I thought this was really good, shame this was a one-shot

6128184 I have to agree... This was really good

Sequel with Vinyl?

6127143 I am glad you really liked it. I am still writing but I am not the fastest :P Check out my other stuff!

6127414 So happy someone got it that fast, she had a British accent and I had the part where she asks if he found her sexually attractive. I just had to get it done!

6127525 Hey! Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless! I know what it is like to be completely lost in finding fetishes, it is what made me write a few of my stories.

6127565 Thank you!

6127742 Don't thank him, it makes him think that he is people. Thanks for your praise though!

6128149 That is literally where I got it from. In real life, me and my friends use spinnaker to make general insults. I wanted to use it and the racist unicorn made it very easy.

Fucking Spinnakers.

6128180 Everyone either makes clop like it is "drop pants insert penis" or "Oh my god we are in such love love I must make love to you". Real relationships aren't like that, some people can just fuck and get into one because it fits (pun intended) and some people can just nail each other and have it work without a relationship.

I like to make it more real.

6128184 I only have so much steam before the train stops. I have tried multi-chapter stories before in both MLP and other fandoms, I have ever only completed one. I do have a story in the very-initial planning stages that will be two or three parts, as well as another one that has two chapters. I do like to leave some open-ended details so people can fantasize on how the relationship ends out and such. I'll get there again, I am just enjoying these pieces.

Plus I can hop to new fetishes and characters sooner with one-shots.

6128580 See above and thanks a lot! I thrive on praise. I THRIIIVVEEE

“They were both rival companies. Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. Both were for comedy so it all worked out in the end and it made thousands of kids laugh for decades.”

Thousands? Ha! Try billions! Between the two of them, they've been making children in every first and second world nations, and even most third world, laugh for a hundred years.

“Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you horny, baby?” She leaned in close to your ear and softly whispered, “Do I… do I make you randy?”

:facehoof: Talk about a dated reference. Good thing for you that movie is so good :pinkiehappy:

All in all, very enjoyable story with a very sexy love scene. 10/10 Will clop again.

6128792 howdoitradestocks.com/media/yeah-baby-pic.png

I don't much get references, but this one, this one I knew.

6128860 Yeah, it was a groaner, but a recognizable one.

This was really well thought out fic if i do say so, I guess this is a one-shot, but i think the people who read this me included would really enjoy if you continued this.

Damn, well executed!

Good job smoothly never mentioning the human's name!

I really like this story! Very good and believable. Also I like that you didn't fall into the same stuff other writers here tend to do. By which I mean the dude is first sucked till he cums, then right away he gets hard again and fucks her silly two or three times. Also a major deal maker for me was that when he finally did cum, it all stayed inside her. I never really like creampies and always found them a total turn off. Fill her up and make her feel full is what I say. But don't spill any on the bed! Well... Train car seat thing... WHATEVER!

A follow up with Vinyl would be nice, but its not necessary at all. Tavi is a sweet mare and all he needs in his life.

6127742 Yay, I feel like a human bei- 6128777 Nuuuuuu! *cries in Hungarian*

a good oneshot, and not overdone on the clop or a bad story as an excuse for clop. but actually a very good read:heart:
6128744 that would be even more awesome!:pinkiehappy:

You may have also told them that your brothers were Walt Disney and Bill Watterson, and that you were a greater artist than any of them.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be offended
But, as he said, it's not like they could check...
Cute story~

A most exellent fic!

The Austin Powers quote almost ruined it for me. It really threw off the rhythm of the story. Everything else was pretty decent.

“Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you horny, baby?” She leaned in close to your ear and softly whispered, “Do I… do I make you randy?”

I was, but then you had me dying of laughter. :rainbowlaugh:

Side Note: Might want to fix how the first half of the story isn't indented, then suddenly, wild indentation!

Eh... The editing was weird and constantly jarred me out of immersion... The passive aggressiveness was a bit too much yet the main character put up a half-assed effort to milk the nobility for his talents which completely put his mentality at odds with his current position. There have been many, many artists who never show their face publicly and get by on an absurd amount of money for their art, so why put up with the tripe they dish out? The clop was sudden and not really that great, not to mention the odd breaks in action and the lackluster description :applejackunsure:

If I had the time, I'd give a critique, but this is just my opinion. My apologies if you don't care for it, but thems the breaks for me... :derpytongue2:

6128777 I understand, it's just a shame that you created 2 legitimately interesting characters and now I'll never see how they'll develope. My imagination is not very good so I can't really see how it would conclude.

is it a good thing if I fap to this...... heh heh heh :trixieshiftleft::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::derpytongue2::moustache::unsuresweetie::trollestia::rainbowkiss:


I only have so much steam before the train stops. I have tried multi-chapter stories before in both MLP and other fandoms, I have ever only completed one.

I loved this story and worlds very much like to see a continuation if possible. Maybe you could write subsequent chapters in a way so that each new chapter could be the end? Hypothetically, of course; I'm not telling you to do anything.

Once again, thank you for the story!

6129512 this comment just guaranteed a follow.

I absolutely loved this story, the characters were amazing and exactly like I had always pictures them, this is literally the story I have been searching for, for years. Thanks man!

And yes, a follow up one shot would be amazing haha.

I kinda want to see a full story out of this.

Why do I see an anthro in the future?

"Do I make you horny baby? Do I make you randy?"

Oh. my fucking. god. damn it.

You've earned yourself a follow

6130207 Yay, my feeling of being a human returned! :pinkiehappy:

I loved this! First clop where the story captured me more than the action. I actually forgot what kind of story it was until the action started happening. That takes some skill. I look forward to seeing more of your work, keep it up!

Okay and now I am getting a lot of comments that I don't feel comfortable doing my wall in because of space.

First of all, I want to thank all of you for reading my story. Your likes, favourites and comments have shot me straight to the top of the featured list. I have had a story or two on the list but never has it been this fast since release! So thanks a lot again.

One comment regarded indentation, that has been fixed by removing all indentation. Since I often read on mobile, I figured it would be a better format for everyone involved.

As for another regarding Anthro. I really, really like pony butts, normal ones like on the show. I can write human sex easily, it isn't that hard. The exotic nature between a human and pony does lead up for different takes on fetishes. This does NOT mean I won't do anthro in the future, since I am a huge fan of R63 Spike (Female version of aged-up Spike: Barb) and wouldn't mind HumanXAnthroBarb or even Gilda.

Sequels... suck. I always have a bit of space for another chapter, but I always was one for new content over old extensions. Though I certainly do love a lot of the characters I write, I do love the potential of NEW characters that I can write. I do work 40 hours a week, I am about to go back to college and I have a relationship as well as a (shitty) Youtube show I gotta work on. Writing for me is always best done in bursts, and I don't want to disappoint people with long waits with their favourite characters. Plus with some fetishes I do a lot of work with the best bits, so a follow-up feels empty to me.

I have no regrets over the Austin Powers bit. Absolutely no regrets at all.

Thanks again everyone!

6129762 I do appreciate the input, I just think my style clashes with yours. I take a lot from 4chan's greentext fics so there are tiny bits and break in flow and though that is unique to that kind of storytelling. I wouldn't put too much work into a critique since I most likely won't be changing what I do.

I do hope that I can write something you do like, since I do like making people happy.

“I have absolutely no idea how to court you.”

I fucking love you.

Comment posted by Damien Darkside deleted Jun 24th, 2015

Yes, just yes. Have an upvote.

6131181 There is a reason this is mature... is that hard to understand?

That was actually a good read. Well written, funny, down to earth, classy … more or less like the characters in the story.

There are a few minor typos, but that is alright. It was easy to get sucked in nontheless. I also loved the stupid puns. Even though it is stupid and way too easy, that´s what makes good humor. It´s either easy or dry as hell.

But I liked the first half the most. That´s what many stories lack: an actual story, with actual characters. You did quite well to build it all up.

And now I have to apologize! The part before the kiss reminded me of something stupid and now I got a headache from laughing so hard, so I will drag you all down to hell with me.

All in all, a quite enjoyable read.

I can only imagine the subject of herds joining up and Vinyl wanting in.

Surprisingly good read. Would it be out of place to ask for a sequel or a second chapter?

"Breath deep." Should be "Breathe deep." Breath is the noun, breathe is the verb.

Can there where cartoon anon goes and buys like a hunk of meat, octavia gets home she smells it. Hijinks insue.

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