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Strange monsters have started appearing throughout Equestria. Worse yet, many of these monsters prove to be more aggressive and stronger than the monsters that ponies are used to dealing with. Thankfully, something else has appeared with the monsters as well.

A man who is experienced with dealing with these monsters. A monster hunter. With his help, along with a pony assigned to assist him, he might be able to help able to help Equestria deal with these monsters from his world. But what's cause all these monsters to appear? And is there a new powerful threat looming over the horizon?

Edited by: KorenCZ11
Cover image is the Gameinformer cover image. Credit goes to the original artist. (couldn't find the name of the artist.)

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(Before any complaints, Yes I know Valstrax is not the most powerful Elder Dragon, but frankly, I find him to be the coolest, and we are each entitled to our opinions. Besides, there isnt much in the way of MH fan fics, so I thought I'd try something out.)

First things first, This is my private journal, that has been enchanted to let me know if anyone is getting into it. So unless I have given it to you or I'm dead, Expect a sonic boom followed by something red charging straight at you. Good? Cool.

So we have all heard of displacement. We have all read stories where we turn into our character from a game, or enter the world of it, or any number of combinations. Well I have to say this is a first, for me anyways, and no I'm sot talking about proving it's real or it happening to me in the first place.

No I'm talking about being turned into my favorite monster. You see, I play a lot of Monster hunter, and everyone has their favorite. Mine was Valstrax. The Rocket Powered Elder Dragon, as we fans call it. And that's not all, because of course not. Of course I'd be in a world called Equestria, where all fear me to be some creature made from a chaos god.

Well I shouldn't say all. Tia and Lulu seem to like me.

1/17/19: Featured.... WTF
5/10/19: Featured less than 20 minutes after posting. What the hell did I do to deserve you all.
8/13/19: You all are way too good to me. Featured again!

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Nineteen-year-old Zen is a guy who is perfectly content with his life, despite his tendencies to be a little eccentric. However, thanks to some otherworldly intruder he's pulled to a world brimming with magic. Equestria, now as the Fighting-Steel Lucario.

Now, liberated from the mundanities of his life, Zen embarks on a fresh journey with a distinct goal in mind. As he grows accustomed to his new physique, his journey will ripple throughout the world, gradually altering his fate, but in the end, will he find a way back or will that change?

But what's with the gemstone?

A/N: 'Sex' tag due to references and jokes of the subject. The character becomes a Pokemon and has the abilities of one but that is as far as the 'Pokemon' side of things goes.

Featured 01/05/20! Thank you all so, so much!!

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Ever since his was reformed and after facing a few setbacks, the spirit of chaos known as Discord has been working. No, not working on a scheme or some kind of prank, but actually working. He has a newfound job, unknown to that of his friends, that requires of his attention and is the reason why he's not seen that often in Equestria.

What is that job you might ask? Well, Discord is in charge of running a special kind of restaurant in order to support himself and make ends meet. It is called the Evergreen Cafe and unlike many of the establishments that you would see in Equestria, his clientele is rather... specific.

His cafe is one for monsters. Not equestrian monsters, but monsters from another ecosystem where hunters would hunt them in order to strip them of their fur and scales just to make themselves a fancy hat out of it. Not to mention that a few particular monsters help him both in the cafe and in the kitchen. It's a secret that he's rather proud of and wants to do everything that he could in order to keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, one small slip up from him leads to his friends Fluttershy and Twilight finding out about it. Next thing you know, he finds himself bringing them along to see how everything works at the Evergreen Cafe.

It goes off the rails from there.

A random and silly one shot crossover story that I came up with after watching a few videos from NCHProductions. Some of the moments that happen in the story directly reference skits and videos that they have done so please go check them out and show your support.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Monster Hunter belongs to Capcom
Takes place after the events of Season 8's 'Sound of Silence' episode.

Huge thanks to Viper Pit for helping me with this story as well as coming up with some bits of it.

May the sapphire star light your way!

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Over a century before the events of the modern day. A humble mining town by the name of Oreville has fallen under siege by a sinister beast the likes of which the townsfolk have never seen before. With the situation becoming grim as the monster continues its reign of terror over the ponies, the people of Oreville turn to a band of professional Monster Hunters for assistance in this most desparate time. Will the skills, and teamwork of the Hunters; And the Unity of the townsfolk overcome the creature? Or will they succumb to its overwhelming might? One shall Stand, One shall Fall.

In collaboration with Dr1ft3r01 & Smjames. Proofread by LanceOmikron, Corona Blaze, CrystalMaster, Godzillawolf, and Lazerbem.

Supervised by Tarbtano.

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Sequel to Indomitable

Akira was out on a quest, a self-entitled quest, to defeat a monster that has been terrorizing a small village just on the border with the Frozen North. She's a capable hunter, for a Bat-Pony, but the monster she must face will put her skills to the test.

A story set in the future of Indomitable, I wonder who 'Akira' is, hmm... =^_^=

P.S. This is another monster I was surprised never got added to Iceborne, considering its cousin was already in the base game, aw well.

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Sequel to Indomitable

Zen, human-turned-Lucario, has lived among the residents of Equestria for nearly two years. He has fought many battles and has uncovered many mysteries alongside Yui. Now, Princess Celestia shares with them and two others a most unsettling discovery.

Off the coast of Equestria, a great source of tremors threatens to tear the continent apart. To save Equestria from its impending chaos, Zen, Yui, Topaz, and the human hunter, Ren, set sail to face this threat for the fate of Equestria.

One question remains; Who will prevail, Monster or Hunter?

A/N: There is no tag on for 'Pokemon' as it isn't the central focus, just know that the main character is a Lucario but that is all the ties to Pokemon he has. Enjoy!

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Sequel to Indomitable

With Winter around the corner, the ponies of Ponyville are suddenly struck by a freak blizzard from seemingly nowhere, most considered it an accident on the Weather Team's part, for Zen, it was far more than just some chilling storm.

A/N: Another small piece beside Ice Crushing Wyvern that I couldn't resist writing, happy holidays! ^_^

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The biggest strength is found in numbers: it's a timeworn fact that's been proven time and time again. Brothers and sisters in arms to cover you, drag you to safety, to save your life.

But sometimes, personalities break that strength down with things like pride, boastfulness, and greed. For a small group of hunters dispatched to kill a Silver Rathalos in a vibrant, saturated forest, it nearly causes them to fail their quest. And now comes the hard part: returning to camp without killing one another beforehand.

Thanks to Arcticbrony for prereading and suggestions!

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Sequel to Indomitable

Topaz has seen her fair share of mythical and otherworldly beings, so when she's tasked with tracking down a mysterious case of deforestation near Hollow Shades, she may find she bit off more than she could chew. Good thing she's not the only one searching for the cause of the ecosystem's sudden shift.

A/N: I may have done a battle on his subspecies but I will always love Glavenus's base form. So! Here's another short adventure dedicated to the Cutting Wyvern himself! Enjoy!

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