Hunter Turned Monster

by Lancerot

Queen of the Sky

1005 years later…

“Uhg, come one Twilight! We’ve been through the history of dragons a bazillion times…” Spike complained to his older sibling. The drake, barely twelve of age, looked at the purple alicorn mare with a look of boredom.

“Now now Spike, this is a different book. Unlike most written texts consisting of dragonic history, this one was co written by Princess Celestia herself and another Dragoness.” Twilight said, her voice unable to hide the pure joy of the thought of new knowledge. The tomb in question rested on the Crystal map, looking surprisingly worn, as if it was consistently added to over the years. “Princess Celestia said she wanted me to preread the book before she publishes it out for anypony. I thought you would be excited to learn more about your kind.”

“Uhg, fine…” The purple scaled dragon said. “You’re right. I just don’t want to hear the same old story again and be disappointed.” He said, taking a seat in one of the thrones.

“I know Spike.” Twilight sighed before her face lit up, an idea rushing through her head. “Hey, how about a compromise? You can go and play to day and I’ll read up on the book, and later tonight, I’ll tell you everything we didn’t already know.”

The child beamed at the elder sibling. “Thanks Twilight!” Before rushing out the door to go play in the sun.

Twilight chuckled before taking a seat and levitating the ancient book before her. Careful not to damage the binding, as if it could get worse, the scholar began to read.

A History of Dragons post Discordian Era.

Written by: Princess of Equestria Celestia Sol Invictus, Princess Luna Nox Stella, and Eternal Queen of the Sky Valstrax “Red Comet” Caelum

“Queen Valstrax? I thought this was written with another Dragon. Dragons don’t have queens… right?” Twilight thought out loud before turning back to the book, the bearer of all answers to her questions.

Today was a good day. The town of ponyville was always held onto its small town charm, even as more and more ponies and other beings began to move in. Although the town has had many expansions over the years, nothing can remove the sense of serenity that came with the town. That very town is where Spike the Dragon lived. He ran through the streets, trying to find any sign of his friends.

However, his constant searching meant he wasn’t paying attention to in front of him. With a thud, Spike ran right into someone, knocking him straight upon the ground with a “Ooph.” He looked up once he heard the voice of whomever he had ran into chuckling. The being before him was giant by pony standards, easily taller than Celestia, but just short enough to not have to duck under every single doorway before them. They were on all fours, a large cloak that might as well be a blanket covering most of their features. She, at least he is assuming it was a she by the sound of the voice, brought up a silver scaled claw to her equally silver avian looking snout, chuckling more as the boy looked up in wonder at this apparent dragoness. “Careful to watch where you are going little one.” She said before helping the drake back onto his feet.

“Uh thanks.” He said, scratching the back of his fins in embarrassment. “Sorry for running into you.”

The dragoness chuckled. “It is no problem young one. In my younger days, I may have challenged you, but now that instinct is mainly reserved for those who deserve it.” She said. “But I must ask, what has you so worked up that you saw fit to bump into random strangers.” She said, a smile apparent, even if he could barely see it from under her hood.

“O-oh, uh, I was looking for my friends. I was given the day off by Twilight and I wanted to go play with them.” Spike admitted, feeling the dragoness deserved her answers.

“Princess Twilight...Truly? Then…” He voice trailed off before she looked directly at Spike in the eyes. Her almost glowing blue eyes meeting emerald. “You must be Spike the Dragon, Hero of the Crystal Empire and the one who caused Dragon Lord Ember to even lay claim to her lordship.”

“Yup, that's me alright!” He said, his chest puffing along with his ego.

“Spike… what a lovely name they chose….” The dragoness muttered to herself before turning back to the Drake, pulling away her hood. “I’m sorry to ask this on your day off, but could you show me around little one? As much as I am a traveler, I have never been to Ponyville before.”

“Oh, Sure! Can we still go get my friends, they would love to meet you and show you around.” He said, giving her a smile that could melt anything with a heart.

“I see no problem. I’d love to see what sort of friends you have made Watashi no musuko.” She said before coughing. “Sorry, I sometimes have a habit to revert back to other languages I’ve learned. But please, lead on.” She said, gesturing for the purple drake to lead the way.

Of all the beings to meet, I meet him first. Today truly will be a good day. She thought with a small smile, following the purple and green dragon through town.

Celestia looked out her office window and sighed. She HAD a good day, that is, before she sent Twilight out with that book. “Should I have waited to told her about the book? Should I have told Twilight about Spike... Should I have told Val about him?” Celestia let out another long sigh before a knock echoed on her doors. “Enter.”

With a soft grown, the door opened for the guest. Luna strolled in before concern crossed her face. “Sister, what is the matter? You look… remorseful.” The princess of the night asked, concern laces with her words.

“I’m fine Luna, just… Reminiscing is all. Thinking about different ways I could have tackled a problem.” Celestia explained before Luna tisked, taking a seat in the chair across from the desk that Celestia sat upon.

“And what problem is that, pray tell?” Luna asked/

“Sigh, you won't let up until I say, will you?” Celestia asked, a small smile ghosting across her face when Luna shook her head childishly. “Very well… It’s about Val… I’ve started to hear rumors of a Red Comet gracing your sky every now and then sister.”

“Val… She’s back? I thought… With everyone else gone… I thought…” Luna said, hope and joy creating a pleasure in her chest.

“Whatever you two did all those years ago… She kept living. She has aged as slowly as you and I have. Last time I spoke with her, she looked barely twenty-three when she was well over seven hundred… But that was around when we had a falling out of sorts.” Celestia said, though if Luna heard that last part, Celestia would have stopped eating cake judging from the lunar Princess dancing around the room, squealing.

“Please tell me you’re not, as they say, pulling my leg her Tia!” She said, stars in her eyes. Celestia let herself smile, not having seen Luna like this since… Since the month before her turn to nightmare…

“No, I am not Lulu. Valstrax is very much alive and well, though sightings of her comet is what has me worried…” Celestia said, looking down at the papers before her, not wanting to meet her sister’s eyes.

“What is wrong with them?” Luna asked, no less as happy as before but genuinely curious.

“They are all pointed heading in the same direction… The direction of Ponyville.” Celestia admitted with a cringe.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let go Tia! I’m not missing a chance to talk to Val!”Luna said, standing up and reading her horn for a teleport.

“Luna stop, there is another thing!” Celestia said, causing Luna to grumble.

“Oh come on Tia, I haven't seen her in literally a thousand years. Why can’t we go see her?” Luna complained.

“You can go see her if you wish Lulu.” Celestia spoke softly. “But there is one more thing you should know… and it has to do with Spike…” Celestia said.

It was some time later that Luna sat in her room, unable to truly understand what exactly she had heard within that room. “Oh Spike… Val…”

Ember was NOT having a good day. More of these welps that call themselves dragons continued to thief and bicker instead of just handling things. She has tried using the scepter but again and again they would always go back to what they were doing earlier. With a small growl she was about to cast the two bickering dragons out of the castle halls with suddenly the very ground rumbled. With a previously unknown need, all dragons in the room, ember included, ran out of the castle for a view of the outside.

A single mountain with a flat top rose from the ground , rising and rising until it was impossible to see the top, and yet higher it climbed. All dragons in the dragon lands stared into the distance with awe as a mountain higher than even Canterhorn appeared. All of them feeling the urge to bow before it… Including Ember. “No, No, I am the dragon lord!” She said, resisting far longer than even the eldest of dragons, but eventually, she to bowed. To what? She didn’t know, and it infuriated her.

Once she had regained control of her body she looked up at the spire with anger. Totally not fear of being controlled, Fear was weakness. And a Dragon Lord knows no weakness….Right? Then why was it she felt this way? “I see she finally decided to return to the world.” Spoke a deep, booming voice that Ember know as her father.

“What do you mean Return to the world? What the buck was that?!” Ember yelled, causing the elder dragon to chuckle.

“Tell me Ember, in order of Nobility, what is the most powerful.” Torch said. “Nobles, Lords and ladies alike, then Princes and Princesses, and finally Kings and Queens.”

“So what about that? I am the Dragon Lord, I out rank them all!” Ember huffed causing Torch to chuckle more.

“You are wrong Ember, as there is one Dragon that, despite it’s aversion to fire, despite it being what many of our kind would call a freak, out rules us all. Our Queen.” When the words left his mouth, he chuckled at the look his daughter was giving him as he looked off into the distance. “She has returned… and now that little drake makes much, much more sense…”

“Spike?! What does he have to do with this so called Queen of the Dragons?!”

Ember was NOT having a good day.

Discord laughed at one of his own joke as he spent his normally boring day with Fluttershy. These little moments with his friend are what he cherished, especially after his mistake. “And that, my dear Fluttershy, is how I became a Draconequus.” Discord finished with a bow, causing the shy Pegasus to giggle and clap.

“That was an amazing story Discord. I had no idea that you could eat black licorice that tastes like sour apple.” Fluttershy said, her innocent smile warming Discords little chaotic heart.

“Anything for you my dea- whoa!” Discord said, being interrupted by a shaking fit. “That can't be right...

“Discord, what’s wrong?” Fluttershy asked as Discord looked… Worried? Scared? “Discord, what happened.”

“Wha- Oh it’s nothing for you to worry about my sweet Fluttershy. Just the ol’ Wobbly Sense going Coo Coo again.” Discord said with a smile, but the worry never left his eyes. “Come now, let us enjoy our day.”

“...Okay, but you know i’m here for you Discord, right?” Fluttershy asked before Discord wrapped her in a gentle hug.

“I know.”


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Today was a good day.