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Over a century before the events of the modern day. A humble mining town by the name of Oreville has fallen under siege by a sinister beast the likes of which the townsfolk have never seen before. With the situation becoming grim as the monster continues its reign of terror over the ponies, the people of Oreville turn to a band of professional Monster Hunters for assistance in this most desparate time. Will the skills, and teamwork of the Hunters; And the Unity of the townsfolk overcome the creature? Or will they succumb to its overwhelming might? One shall Stand, One shall Fall.

In collaboration with Dr1ft3r01 & Smjames. Proofread by LanceOmikron, Corona Blaze, CrystalMaster, Godzillawolf, and Lazerbem.

Supervised by Tarbtano.

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Haven't seen much of Monster Hunter stuff here heck yeah.

Honestly. I was surprised the site even had a tag.

I guess that since it’s not really a kaiju it wouldn’t get transformed into a creature that makes its home in the world

That's the thing. In the Amalgam'verse universe. Glavenus is "natural" to Equestria, but rarely seen since it is usually a reclusive species. Thus the limited information, and why it's not affected by the barrier.

Dang, Temni, I step away for a while and you finally write something... and it's better than my stuff. :pinkiesad2:

Seriously though, this was really good. It's a shame you only did one chapter.

Unfortunately, my co-writer at the time(credit goes to him for most of the work here) had too much on his plate so I made the hard decision to put this on the cutting floor. And just to be clear, I'm still in the writing business, as I'm currently focusing on other projects like The Bridge: Paradise Lost on AO3.

That said, I am glad you enjoyed the chapter here. It was my first break into published writing & I'm proud of what me & my co-writer got done here even if it was cut short.

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