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"If you want to get better at anything, you have to be able to enjoy being bad at it."


The biggest strength is found in numbers: it's a timeworn fact that's been proven time and time again. Brothers and sisters in arms to cover you, drag you to safety, to save your life.

But sometimes, personalities break that strength down with things like pride, boastfulness, and greed. For a small group of hunters dispatched to kill a Silver Rathalos in a vibrant, saturated forest, it nearly causes them to fail their quest. And now comes the hard part: returning to camp without killing one another beforehand.

Thanks to Arcticbrony for prereading and suggestions!

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I know applejjacks pain to many times have I been knocked down because of a allie with a large sweepy weapon

We desperately need more Monster Hunter crossovers, have you considered making this into a series? I'd love to see how the girls handle some of my personal favorites, like the Gore Magala or the Nakarkos. Either way stupendous job :twilightsmile:

I do plan on writing stories for the other two states of a quest, but with different characters. As for something larger, I don't know. I will have to think about that.

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