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A pretty nice person who got into writing fan fiction through the fandom, inspite of school. If you want to commission me for a story, give me a PM and I'll be more than happy to talk to you about it.


Strange monsters have started appearing throughout Equestria. Worse yet, many of these monsters prove to be more aggressive and stronger than the monsters that ponies are used to dealing with. Thankfully, something else has appeared with the monsters as well.

A man who is experienced with dealing with these monsters. A monster hunter. With his help, along with a pony assigned to assist him, he might be able to help able to help Equestria deal with these monsters from his world. But what's cause all these monsters to appear? And is there a new powerful threat looming over the horizon?

Edited by: KorenCZ11
Cover image is the Gameinformer cover image. Credit goes to the original artist. (couldn't find the name of the artist.)

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Didn't this used to be longer?

You might be thinking of someone else's story. :rainbowhuh:

Yeah, my story with the same title is based on a different property entirely.

Best of luck over here, by the way!

Huh, that's a coincidence.

Just reading the title of the story and immediately the monster hunter music plays in my head. I'll give this a read

I'm sitting hear like please no frontier monsters they aren't cannon.

Don’t worry, you’re safe.

Thank the heavens because so many stories have them and it's like why

Yep, no bullshit monsters here
*then ancient leshen comes storming in, riding on top of extreme behemoth*

Those aren't technically cannon I believe but if they are oh those poor hunters

I’m pretty sure that the normal versions of behemoth and leshen are.

Well I'm both happy and scared about that

What armor and weapon is he using a because I can't fully tell. Because at first I thought it was Rathalos but that's red not orange and the SnS I thought was Kirin bit thats more white.

The next chapter will go into more detail about his equipment, but the armor is nergigante alpha

yeah i see it in my head now thanks

ah spiky boi armor and Alpha you said? cool and the SnS is Tobi if im not mistaken.

i wonder how long this story will be and i hope it wont suddenly dies like most MH crossovers i seen.

Already a good start, and of course Anja wpuld be the first monster introduced! Poor Harry...

yay a new chapter.

more please


like it so far just two personal complaints
1 "I’m afraid. In the one thousand years I’ve been alive" Celestia is over 1000 years, Luna was just banished for 1000 years
2 try to keep the game terms to a minimum its fine to use the name of the gear but calling your charm "attack charm level 3" just doesn't sound as natural as just "attack charm"

these are just my minor complaints other then those I am enjoying it so far

1.Fair point/fixed. Also, didn't notice I accidently divided the quote into two sentences, thanks for pointing it out.
2.Again, fair criticism. Don't worry, this is the only time I decided to be that specific about game terminology. Everything else will literally just be the names of armor and weapons

You're forgetting combatant #3

the SnS is indeed tobe set... armor, I will need to look

While I love the concept, the pacing of this is kinda off. I feel like it moves between scenes or has things happen a little too fast. The easiest example to think of is how fast Angel Bunny showed up to inform flutters of Harry's demise. It felt like there was the start of a build-up and then a direct jump to the pay-off instead.

That's my only real complaint, but pacing can make or break some stories.

I’m going to love reading the next chapter

The sword and shield is kirin definitely

Question, if a Rajang somehow is in Equestria, Does he feed on unicorns' horn or does he still gonna hunt Kirin like Autumn Blaze?

IDK, ...maybe you'll have to wait and find out. :trollestia:

Comment posted by BlowyRex deleted Jan 22nd, 2020
Comment posted by BlowyRex deleted Jan 22nd, 2020

Credit goes to the original artist. (couldn't find the name of the artist.)

How would you find the artist's name, anyway?

idk, I did try to look though

Oh bubble fox is in Manehatten

Was that a Tobi at the end. Cuz I'm prettys sure thats a TOBI KADACHI

Nope, sorry, try again!:raritywink:

Im glad you updated this story. I started reading after getting back to MH World after the iceborne expansion on pc. Im gonna guess that you made an update for the same reasons

No, more along the lines of me starting a new job, this had been written months ago, and my editor and I just needed to get off our lazy asses. :twilightsheepish:

It’s a possibility,” Celestia answered. “Tell me, Artemis, does a fish covered in lava mean anything to you?”

He gave her a nod. “Lavasioth. It mostly limits its territory to volcanos, but it’s aggressively territorial.”

“A winged creature with horns that digs?”

“Diablos. It’s a herbivore that mostly eats cacti, but it’s aggressively territorial.”

“A giant spider that appears to be wearing the hide of another animal.”

“Nerscylla. An ambush predator that’s known to make its nests near farmland…and it’s aggressively territorial.”

I sense a pattern! :derpytongue2:

“Oh, these herbs were very easy to come by. Grew damn near everywhere too. Forests, deserts, and, hell, even volcanoes for crying out loud,” Artemis answered as he looked down at the herb. He stared blankly at it as he said aloud, “Guess I’ll have to use these sparingly from now on.”

Add some 🍯 and you got a Mega Potion. :raritywink:

Don’t worry, I won’t let your words go errant.

I wish you farewell and good luck on your hunt.”

Hmm.... That doesn't quite scan. :trixieshiftleft:

Artemis looked down at her to finally see the pleased smile on Zarola’s face. He smirked at her before he turned forward. Heh, to be honest… I’m glad that the captain screwed up by sending you with me. Let’s just hope I don’t need your help for the next monster.

Provided that you continue the story, I sincerely hope that she gets a promotion.

Pls do more, I live monster hunter and mlp, this is like a two in one deal for me, pls do more

Don’t worry, I just got started working on it again recently. Had to get my shit together after I started a new job.

Wait a second... I know that monster...

Is it the 'Fox Bubble Wyvern' :3

Hey, you still still going for this story? I know you said that you would, but you most likely have stuff that you need to do irl before coming back to this. Just.. Don't forget about this please?

Don’t worry, I’m currently working on it. Recently, I’ve had to move to a new apartment, so I’ve had to take a break from it for a while. It’ll get done when it’s done. All I can ask for is your patience. :twilightsmile:

Then I will wait patiently.

Thanks for responding by the way, not much people do these days...

“So, what’s your plan, Artemis?”

Artemis flinched at the question. A familiar pain began to course through his chest. “What did you say?”

“Uh, I asked-”

“-what’s our plan, meowster?”

Watch out, you little furball. I might be joining you real soon.

Oh no....

Comment posted by MyLittleTimeLord deleted May 11th, 2020

Finally, a worthy opponent!

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