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I am a simple teenage gamer who is very weak and is quite shy. Until one day a demon had came into my aid in a certain event( i will explain that in one of my stories) and now became a hero to help.


I was a normal teenager that was living a decent life. That was until when I finish the story of the game called,"The Peacekeeper", A strange entity called me on my phone and told me that I had to protect the tree of harmony from a great danger that only I could fight off. I did the only reasonable thing anyone would do when they were extremely bored, I accepted it. LOOK OUT EQUESTRIA! IT'S TIME TO EAT LEADED PEACE!

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Is The Peacekeeper a real game?

7278912 yes it's a real game. It's on the android game app.

7279182 Iv'e played it before.


Next chapter can you make 2 waves in 1 chapter?

7341848 ☟⚐☹✡ ????⚐☠ ⚐☞ ✌ ☞????????????✋☠☝ ☺☜????✋????☟ ☟✋❄☹☜☼✏✏✏ ☹✋????☜ ☟⚐☹✡ ????☟✋❄ ♋■♎ ♋●⬧□ ♓ ♎□■⧫ &■□⬥ ⬥♒⍓ ♓ ♒♋❖♏ ⧫♒♓⬧ ⧫❒♋■⬧●♋⧫♏♎ ⧫□ ⬥♓■♑♎♓■♑⬧

7343854 the translation fucked up a little

7343860 I don't understand it. The translator doesn't either.

7345029 Ahem its :HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKING HITLER! also i dont know why im putting this in a translater

Please continue this story. It's real good

Thank you for making me discover the awesome game called peacekeeper!:pinkiehappy:

Is there gonna be 150 chapters?

This is gonna be fun to read

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