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I am a simple teenage gamer who is very weak and is quite shy. Until one day a demon had came into my aid in a certain event( i will explain that in one of my stories) and now became a hero to help.

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I was a normal teenager that was living a decent life. That was until when I finish the story of the game called,"The Peacekeeper", A strange entity called me on my phone and told me that I had to protect the tree of harmony from a great danger that only I could fight off. I did the only reasonable thing anyone would do when they were extremely bored, I accepted it. LOOK OUT EQUESTRIA! IT'S TIME TO EAT LEADED PEACE!

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Hey, my name is Jack Shot-lame name I know- and I work as a reporter for the canterlot high news. Sadly, business was slow and there aren't alot of things that are interesting. I soon discovered that the main seven, a name for seven friends that had saved canterlot mulitiple time and were never interviewed, including a few friends were going to go on a cruise for the first week of summer vacation. I knew that I will finally be respected by getting a interview with them. Of course, not everything goes according to plan. Lets just say that god decided to fuck us over with a storm. This story will be driven by your comments. You will have to vote for certain choices through out the story. Will they all survive or will some die? Their lives are hanging by a rope and you have the power to cut the rope or save it.

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Three months after sealing Discord in stone, a strange spirit came to Celestia and Luna to introduce an opportunity. The spirit said it will summon a new species in Equestria and that Celestia and Luna must assist them until they can take care of themselves. Clestia and Luna soon agreed to this proposal but, after creating the species, it gave them a warning. The new species will either make equestria change for the better or worse depending on how the two princesses act from here on out. After a thousand years since the proposal, the new species were known as humans however, the humans and ponies were having a very difficult time trusting one another. Both sides don't like each other, but not to the point of war. Humans and ponies manage to live in peace, but there was a dynamite that can destroy everything with just a small spark... And then one day, the dynamite was lit.

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No pony knows who or why they made a unique system, but it was going to be fun! It was a headwear that sends ponies into a virtual world. Many ponies brought the new game that came along with it, it is a rpg game and so every pony in Equestria got it. The cutie mark crusaders decide to get the game too, hoping they will get their cutie mark. However when they entered, something hacked into the game and calls itself,"THE VIRUS". It cause the nerve gear, the headgear system, to malfunction and traped in the game. The VIRUS gives the players a change to get out... Enter his sick tournament and have your team be the victor. Who will win the tournament? The VIRUS also mention if they died in the game, they died in real life.( this is inspired by the game sword art online)

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