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I am a simple teenage gamer who is very weak and is quite shy. Until one day a demon had came into my aid in a certain event( i will explain that in one of my stories) and now became a hero to help.


Hey, my name is Jack Shot-lame name I know- and I work as a reporter for the canterlot high news. Sadly, business was slow and there aren't alot of things that are interesting. I soon discovered that the main seven, a name for seven friends that had saved canterlot mulitiple time and were never interviewed, including a few friends were going to go on a cruise for the first week of summer vacation. I knew that I will finally be respected by getting a interview with them. Of course, not everything goes according to plan. Lets just say that god decided to fuck us over with a storm. This story will be driven by your comments. You will have to vote for certain choices through out the story. Will they all survive or will some die? Their lives are hanging by a rope and you have the power to cut the rope or save it.

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