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Hunter Turned Monster - Lancerot

You know the saying "Be careful when hunting monsters lest you become one'? Well I didn't think they meant it literally!

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Grounded by Truth

Author's Note:

First off, I will say that the first three chapters have been rewritten. I was unsatisfied with them looking back, plus some helpful constructive criticism to point out the problems thanks to you all who comment. The base story arks have not changed. I will just be rewriting and changing a couple events, while still keeping the theme in which I want to portray, most notable of which being the whole Displaced explanation being crap. Ditching that for something that is a bit better in my opinion. Now with that out of the way, on with the show!

Spike smiled up at Valstrax. "So, what brings you to Ponyville? We don't get much dragons around here, and you are by far the coolest dragon I've met! I've never seen a snout or scales like yours before! Are you a different kind of dragon? What kind of dragon are you!" The Wrymling rambled, bringing small smile to the silver scaled dragon's face.

"I guess I'll answer your questions in order." She chuckled heartily, causing Spike to blush in embarrassment. "I came here to meet someone, as well as pick up food for my journey. Thank you for the complement, and Yes I am a different kind of dragon. For one, I can't eat gems... well I can, but they are more like candy, no real nourishment." She chuckled. "And to answer you, I am the Last dragon of my kind, so I named myself after my race, so that my race may never be forgotten." The lie she told so long she had almost believed it at one point.

"So your name is Valstrax, and so is your race of dragon?" Spike clarified, receiving a nod. "Wow, thats rough."

"Its not so bad. It's been like this for me for the last thousand years. Plus, kind of hard to feel sad for something you never got a chance to meet." Val said casually, causing Spike to freeze in his steps.

"Wait, you as old as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?" Spike asked in surprise.

"Well, more akin to a year younger than Luna, but yes. I even knew them back when they were just teenagers. Heh, Luna's Emo faze hit late and hard. I'm truly glad she is back however." The dragoness chuckled.

The pair continued to walk in relative silence, and by that it meant that Val was recounting stories about her travels as they walked a path towards Sweet Apple Acres. As they approached what seemed to be a club house, Spike stopped. "Wait right here, I don't know if you can fit inside." The young drake said before running inside, leaving Val to lay down and remove her clock, showing her toned, muscled, and heavily scared body.

A few minutes later, Spike and the crusaders left the club house. "Uh... Spike? Where is that dragon lady you were talking about?" Scootaloo said, looking at the empty place that Spike gestured to.

"What?" Spike gasped out before running down. "She was here."

"It's alright Spike, ahm sure she'll be right back!" Applebloom said, the crusaders remaining on the porch of the club house.

Spike wasn't listening really. He looked around, trying to find anything before noticing something in the bushes. A rather large cloak was off to the side, the very same cloak that Valstrax had on. "Why would she leave this-"

His thoughts were interrupted by the girls crying out, spike whipped around to see the one dragon he could have never seen for the rest of his live and be happy. Garble and his gang, all having their claws around the girls while garble sneered at Spike. "Well, if it isn't the pony lover. It's been too long." The red dragon growled.

"Garble! What do you want!" Spike cried out, a look of anger on his face.

"Oh, just thought I'd stop by and see the only wimp to have embarrassed me and ruin my reputation." The older dragon growled, his friends claws digging into the crusaders, causing thin lines of blood and for them to whimper. "Not so strong without your pony friends and Ember now are you?!" He laughed, oblivious to the shadow being cast over him. "What are you going to do, little 'Spikey Wikey?'" He said, laughing more before a older, feminine voice spoke up.

"Wow... real strong. You caught a couple of elementary school children. Impressive." The voice taunted before Garble and his goons were knocked off the tree house and onto the floor below. Above them, resting on the treetop (miraculously supporting the dragon's weight) was Valstrax, her face forming a small, disappointed frown.

"Who are you to judge me? They are just weak ponies and a pony lover." Garble shouted as Val raised a brow.

"No self preservation..... Is this what my kingdom has fallen to?" She said, ignoring the teen.

"Don't ignore me!" Garble yelled before breathing out a large jet of flame, hot enough to where even spike felt it.

Garble looked proud of himself until the smoke cleared and the dragon's looked unimpressed. "So...that was it? Here, let me show you what a pony lover is capable of." She growled before with a ear piercing cry, grabbed the dragon teen in her claws and shot off at speeds that would make a certain Pegasus blush, red and black energy trailing behind them.

"Ahhhh!" Garble cried out in fear. "Put me down you freak!"

"Listen hear welp!" Val cried out over the roaring wind. "I am Valstrax "The Red Comet" Caelum, Eternal Queen of the Sky. I have returned, and thanks to you, have learned that in my absence, the dragon's have lost what mattered. So let me make this clear." She said before dive-bombing, creating a Sonic boom. "You are to never lay hands on any ponies or any being less in self defense.... Or a lot worse than this will happen." She said before slamming the teen into the ground, the audible crunch of ribs breaking heard, but not even flinching the silver monster.

As Garble layed there, crying in pain and agony,, Valstrax calmly walked over to the other dragons. "Unless you want to end up worse than him, you best be off. Take him with you, his wines are getting pathetic." She said as the dragon's dropped the CMC before booking it, only two wasting the time to take Garble with them.

"Whoa." The children all said at once. Valstrax turned to them and chuckled, her red and black energy returning into her body.

"Sorry if I scared any of you children. It would appear that in my absence, leadership in the dragon lands has become... Lax. I will see to it that all is better when I return." The silver dragon bowed.

"Wait, you're a queen?!" Spike exclaimed.

The dragoness chuckled. "Indeed I am, however I have neglected my duties for many, many years due to foolishness. Once my trip is over, I intend to reclaim what is mine and bring order to my land once again."

"Now what in tarnation is going- Whoa nelly!" The orange mare Applejack exclaimed, having come in response to the noise.

"Everything is fine little pony. Spike here was just introducing me to his friends. Someone tried to interrupt it rudely, and I was forced to expell them from your land. I'm sorry for the trouble." Valstrax said calmly.

"You should have seen it sis, Miss Valstrax was So cool!" Applebloom gushed.

"She did help us out of a scary situation." Sweetie commented.

"Four words. ROCKET POWERED ELDER DRAGON! Val, congrats, you are now the second coolest thing ever!" Scootaloo said proudly, causeing the silver Drake to chuckle.

"Thank you little ones." Val spoke kindly.

"Well... If what their say'n is true, then alright. I'm Applejack, and you are?" An asked

"Valstrax, but please, call me Val. A bit easier to say no?" The dragon grined at the farm mare.

"No complaints her miss Val. What brings yah to ponyville anyhow?"

"As I told Spike, I was simply passing through on my way to meet someone and figured I'd stop and say hello to someone I haven't seen in many years, so many he has forgotten me sadly." Valstrax said with a hint of disappointment.

"Huh, you never mentioned that last part..." Spike said, confused.

"Oh don't worry watashi no kodomo. It was simply not important at the time." Val said, bringing a smile back to the young drake.

"Hey, could you tell us some stories? Spike said you're as old as the princesses, so you got to have a few cool stories!" Scootaloo said, somehow managing to get on the dragon's back.

Valstrax chuckled. "I have no problems with it. What do you say Applejack, care to stay and listen?"

"Well... I suppose it couldn't hurt." The farm mare said, taking a seat as Valstrax layed down, the fillies and drake crounding around and on the silver dragon to listen.

"Now then, this story takes place shortly after Discord was defeated and while Equestria was trying to rebuild...."

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