Hunter Turned Monster

by Lancerot

First published

You know the saying "Be careful when hunting monsters lest you become one'? Well I didn't think they meant it literally!

(Before any complaints, Yes I know Valstrax is not the most powerful Elder Dragon, but frankly, I find him to be the coolest, and we are each entitled to our opinions. Besides, there isnt much in the way of MH fan fics, so I thought I'd try something out.)

First things first, This is my private journal, that has been enchanted to let me know if anyone is getting into it. So unless I have given it to you or I'm dead, Expect a sonic boom followed by something red charging straight at you. Good? Cool.

So we have all heard of displacement. We have all read stories where we turn into our character from a game, or enter the world of it, or any number of combinations. Well I have to say this is a first, for me anyways, and no I'm sot talking about proving it's real or it happening to me in the first place.

No I'm talking about being turned into my favorite monster. You see, I play a lot of Monster hunter, and everyone has their favorite. Mine was Valstrax. The Rocket Powered Elder Dragon, as we fans call it. And that's not all, because of course not. Of course I'd be in a world called Equestria, where all fear me to be some creature made from a chaos god.

Well I shouldn't say all. Tia and Lulu seem to like me.

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Chase away that Saphire Star...

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There they stood, Four hero's of the Guild sent to slay a god. One whom none could possibly catch, and even the fastest of hunters could never even dream to match. Their leader spoke as she brandished a strange Axe which could morph into a Sword.

"Jake, keep with the Arial style. You're a Insect glaive, Use it! Sarah, you're a hammer, you know what to do. Alex, You know how to effectively use that horn, buff us and then join Sarah at the head. I'll try to go for that tail sever!" I said through discord as I controlled my character towards the elder dragon in front of us.

Ah, it’s good to hunt again! I looked down at my screen as me and my friends all controlled our hunters, mostly running away or dodging incoming attacks as we started to memorize the moves of the coolest Elder dragon of all, Valstrax.

I was rocking my favorite Goremagala armor set, and taking charge of my usual team. Our group is pretty much balances each other with our weapons and the way we fight so we vanquish any monster that crosses our path. We are the Trio of Blades after all. I grinned as Jake actually used his air superiority, jumping off Sarah as she went in close to try and KO the rocket powered elder dragon. With them receiving the monster’s attention, Alex was open to start giving us all Earplugs as well as a few other boosts before joining Sarah in the KO effort. I went for the (in my opinion) Most important job: Cutting off the tail of the monster.

I grinned as my blade went to cut into the monster. As it did though, I cried out in pain. My back felt as if I had just been stabbed.

“Valkyrie, You okay? What’s wrong?” My friends said over the mic, not caring as the monster carted their avatars. I looked behind me to see blood dripping on the floor… from my back.

“Guys… call 911 for me…” I said as I started to feel dizzy. Little did I know that as I fell over, so did the Elder Dragon on the screen as everything went black.

The wind roared around me as I opened my eyes. I was falling, and somehow, I wasn't afraid. I felt a energy in me as I turned to face the ground before I was surrounded by red, and crashed strait onto the top of a mountain plateau. I looked up into the sky and Roared, a monstrous roar escaping my lips before I calmed down.

It was then that everything caught up to my tired mind. I looked at myself and started to freak out. Instead of two legs, two arms, I had four legs, each clawed and scaled with silver scales. I looked to the side and saw some very distinct wings. Looking to the side, I saw a small natural spring and stumbled over to get a look at myself. I looked at my reflection and saw, staring back a distinct beak looking maw and blue eyes, along with the glowing red air vents on my chest.

“No, no no no, this has got to be a dream. I always liked Valstrax, but I never dreamed of becoming one!” I said as a laughter filled my ears.

“Hahaha! Well look who decided to visit.” A boisterous voice laughed. I followed, slowly getting used to walking to where I heard the voice just to see a few very strange sights.

First the entire terrain looked like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Sitting on a throne in the center of it all was a strange dragon-like creature. It had a grey horse face with yellow eyes and red pupils, a long brown dragon body, the left hand of a chicken, the right arm is a dog paw, a green reptilian right leg, a left horse hoof, and ending in a red dragon tail. Basically a chaotic mis-match of various animals.

“Damn, what Angry pickle thought it was a good idea to bang a chicken, a Rathian, A dog, and a horse all at one?” I said in response to the Creature’s appearance, staying hidden to see who he was talking to. Two horse… With Wings and a horn… and looking like teenagers walked up to the throned monster. (like I’m one to talk) “Oh my this is so much fun, Let’s play pin Tail on the pony!” he said, holding the tail that once belonged to the white pony before the pony in question gasped and glared.

“Playtime is over for you, Discord!” The currently tailless pony said.

“Discord? Fitting name.” I said to myself as I continued to watch.

“Oh I doubt that.” He says, slapping his fingers to replace the tail where it belonged before eating a bag of black seeds, a few of them bouncing off the teen’s muzzles. “Hungry?” He said, offering the bag before receiving unflinching glares. “Suit yourself.”

“You caused our parents to lose their minds and kill each other, and you dare to offer us whatever those seeds were?” the youngest growled out as the monster shrugged.

“Not my problem that they tried to understand Chaos.” He said, as if talking about the weather.

The older one said no words as she opened her saddle bags… with magic… “Shit I’m in for a headache later…” I groaned to myself as I looked at the items now floating around the two ponies.

A look of surprise flashed across the monster’s face. “Well, looks like Celi and Lulu got some new toys. But do you even know how to use them properly? Let’s find out!” Discord said before darting at the two, claws outstretched.

It was then that time seemed to slow. This man, whatever the hell he was, would willingly attack… no, I know that look in his eyes. He would willingly kill two children just because they stand in his way. The energy I felt earlier started to vent out of me as my chest cavities started to draw in air. I now know why everything seemed slow.

It is because I am faster.

With the roar of Dragon energy flames, I closed my wings much like Valstrax does in his hunts as I launched myself strait at Discord. It felt amazing, all the speed, the power, but at that time, I was too enraged to care. Red and black energy poured out my wings, chest cavity, and even the crest on top my head as I slowed instantly. Discord was thrown into a building before I let out a Piercing roar, causing all nearby, sadly including the teens, to cover their ears in pain as I glared at the hole, knowing he was still there.

Discord freed himself from the rubble with a dizzy look on his face. “Did somebody get the number on that train?” He dizzily asked before shaking off his confusion. “Now, what do we have here?”

Not giving a reply, I launched one of my wings at him, the links in the wing forming into a rocket powered spear that was aimed to stab through the prey in front of me. I roared “I may not know where I am, or who you are, but you will not hunt children, not in my territory!’ I roared, my enraged state causing me to go into full Valstrax instinct.

Discord grunted in pain as he tried to remove the wing from his body. “Your territory? As you can see, this world is full of chaos. This is my territory!” He successfully pulled the wing out, and sent a wave of purple magic towards my direction. It crashed into me as I roared.

“You call that a blast?!” I said as I rotated my wings to face him, the biological thrusters facing the creature before releasing a volley of pure Dragon element shots off at the mismatched creature.

“Why do you stand in my way!? Do you even know the ponies you’re protecting? Why are you fighting for beings you don’t even know?” Discord asked as he manipulated the ground beneath me to split.

Just when he thought he had handled me, I decided to show him why I was the Red Comet. With wind being pulled in around me, I launched skyward and speeds even discord was jealous of, Circling to gain speed before breaking the sound barrier with a resounding boom, red energy covering me completely before I dived straight at him, knowing my scales and energy will protect me from the crash. A explosion of energy emitted when I crashed into the dumbfounded Chimera esk creature, keeping him stunned for a time.

"That was a fancy trick." The Chimera growled before snapping, and nothing happening. An aura I recognized as dragon blight flowed over his angered form. "What?!"

Not being one to waste time I continued my onslaught, slicing, biting, and stabbing the dazed, angry and confused creature

The two teens realized their opportunity and began to use those relics they had floating around them, a warm, calming energy radiating off them as they directed their attention to Discord. As they did this, the dragon blight vanished and the creature growled at me. “Okay, no more mister nice Dragonequis!” Discord rose his paws to the sky, gathering various pink clouds to fill the skies. “It’s time to end you! Then I’ll take care of those little ponies!”

“Then you may wanted to have payed them more attention.” I growled as the, I assume, Sisters fired of a wave of rainbow magic at the Dragonequis, quickly turning him to stone before sending off another wave, cleaning the land of all chaos and reverting to actual land. When it hit me however, I screamed in pain as a burning sensation from the inside felt as if it was consuming me as a small sound echoed in my head.

”I am sorry, but this must be done. This is not your end, Valstrax.”

I blacked out.

I groaned as I opened my eyes. “Man, that was a weird dream…” I said with a yawn before stretching… and feeling something extra. I looked over myself, and noticed I was still looking like Valstrax. “Wait, you mean that wasn't a dream?” I said in slight panic as I looked around. I was in a building of some sorts, though where I couldn't begin to guess. Before I started to have a full blown panic attack, I heard a knock on my door. “C-come in!” I said, wondering who it was that was coming into see me.

The door opened, and revealed the dark blue pony I had saved from Discord.

“Oh, you are awake. That’s good.” She sighed in relief.

“O-oh, uhm… hi?” I said, nervous and honestly clueless. “You’re one of those two sisters I saved, right?”

“That is correct. I am Princess Luna. It is nice to meet you, dragon. I wanted to formally thank you for saving both my sister and I.” She bowed her head.

My jaw dropped. “A princess? Wow… There is no need to be formal.” I said “It feels strange is all. Not used to it.”

“Only showing respect to those who deserve it. May I ask you name?”

I paused. What should be my name? My real name was Valkyrie, but I was in Valstrax’s body. Then I had an idea. “My name is Valstrax, but please, just call me Val. And I just did what anyone should do with power, instead of abuse it.”

Luna smiled, “I understand. Are you able to walk? My sister would like to have a word with you as well.”

“I think so.” I said, rolling onto my four feet. “Just so you know, I may need to go hunting later. I am a carnivore.” I responded as I felt a pang of hunger.

“Quite… unnerving. But as long as you stick to non-sentient creatures, then it should be fine.” Luna said nervously.

I tried my best to smile. “Don't worry. If it talks I won't hunt it. I have morals.” I stretched like a cat. “Alright, let's go.” I said.

She lead me through the castle, if you could call it that. It was currently still in the process of being built so I guess my room was one of the first to be finish. Luna continued to lead me along until we reached the throne room. Two thrones stood in the open corridor slash entrance hall, each bearing a symbol, one of the sun, and one of the moon. “Wow, pretty impressive display of Duality.” I said in honest complements.

“Well my sister raises the sun and I raise the moon. It’s only natural.” Luna chuckled.

“Wait, you mean you control the moon?” I said, my eyes wide.

“Yes, that is what my cutie mark represents after all.” She motioned to her flank, which had a white moon symbol on it.

“Cutie mark? Does that thing represent your destiny or something?” I asked as we started to walk up to the stand, where Luna’s sister was talking to another pony, something about paying finances for castle walls.

“More or less. I’ll explain more to you later, but right now my sister is waiting for us.”

I nodded, though I thought that it was kinda stupid. Why should a mark on your body determined your place in life, rather than crafting your own through hard work? I shook my head of these thoughts as we reached the podium, Celestia glancing up as me before turning to the other pony in front of me. “Mason, we will continue this later, something important has come up.” She said, gesturing to me as the pony turned around before bowing to me.

“Very well Princess Celestia, I will return tomorrow with the numbers for review. He said before taking his papers and leaving.

“Such is the life of royalty I guess.” I said as a I walked forward onto the podium, barely fitting on it with my comparatively larger size.

Luna left my side to take a seat by her sister on her own throne before Celestia cleared her throat. “First off, I would like to thank you for your help. If not for you, I fear what might have become of my sister and I.”

“No thanks needed. As I told Lulu over there, I did what anyone with power should do.” I said, still nervous, but thankful that talking to them is lessening my panic of being a Valstrax.

Celestia raised a brow at my nicknaming of her sister before continuing. “Yes, well thanks are still due. May I ask though, what breed of dragon are you? You look nothing like any dragon I have seen before.” She questioned with a hint of suspicion.

“I suppose I am the last of my kind.” I said somberly. Thank you acting classes, even if it isn't a complete lie. “I don’t even remember who my parents were, only what my race of dragon were. My race was the Valstrax, and I decided to take that as my name. We were a breed of Elder Dragon, dragons with immense power. Admittedly, the Valstrax were basic as far as some of their powers go, with us being the fastest things in the air, but others were more akin to forces of nature rather than dragons.” I spoke. I am so thankful that I knew all the lore of Monster Hunter before I came here.

“I see…” Celestia said, writing something down. “Can you tell me what that red and black energy surrounding you earlier was? It bore a resemblance to dark magic, but didn't feel like any magic I know.”

“This is feeling more like an interrogation.” I chuckled causing the two to wince before I continued. “It was my Dragon Element, or as some refer to it, Elder Dragon Energy. I, unlike other dragons, Do not have a breath weapon, or can I stand heat to be honest. Instead my kind utilize our energy to rule the skies, blasting forth with speed and power. We have learned to even create balls of our energy and launch it out our wings as you had seen earlier against Discord. And before you ask, no, extending my wing into a spear was not a part of the use of the energy. That is just how my wings work.” I said with a chuckle. “When you saw it surrounding me, unlike now, that was because I was enraged. When I’m like that the Element just vents out of me, making me stronger, faster, and far more deadly.”

That didn’t seem to reassure Celestia as Luna smiled at me. “Sister, you mustn't be paranoid. The fact that she is telling us this, and the fact she isn't attacking us is proof that she means no harm, despite her being a carnivore and not having eaten in a week.”

“Wait, I was out for a week?” I asked. “Why didn’t you mention anything sooner?”

Luna blushed “It sorta… slipped my mind.” she said embarrassed.

Celestia looked at me. “But you are a dragon are you not? I thought dragons could eat gems more commonly than meat.”

“Well not me, eating a gem for me would be similar to you ponies eating one, complete with all the digestion problems..” I said.

“Fine, one last question before I let you go to… proquire some food.” Celestia said, obviously not enjoying the fact that there is a very powerful predator in the room with her and her little sister. “What did you mean by your territory during your fight with Discord?”

Damn, wasn't expecting that one. “It… Valstrax are very territorial. Anything inside their territory, unless they want it to be in it, are hunted down as if a criminal barged into your room. In my rage, my instincts worked before rational thought and I must have claimed the forest, specifically the one around that mountain” I said, pointing out the window towards a large mountain that extended far beyond the clouds, past the point where most pegasi could hardly even reach at their peak, with a flat plateau on top. “And all surrounding areas… I guess including where this castle is located. However, Now that I am more calm, I do have to say I claim that mountain, but only that mountain. It has prey for me to hunt, places for me to live, a natural spring and a great place to be alone and enjoy the night sky.” I said, at the time not recognizing the sparkle in Luna’s eyes.

Celestia closed her eyes. “Very well. I will write a deed for you so none may claim the mountain for any reason, along with telling the population about it being your homestead. Many here will never forget the role you played against Discord, and would likely respect your privacy, however you can never be sure.” She said, writing down another note. “Now, please return here after your bit of hunting. As you do not officially own that mountain yet, you can for the time being remain in the room that was made for you.” Celestia actually smiled at me. “Provided you do nothing to become a threat to Ponykind, that room shall always be reserved for you.”

I was taken aback but nodded none of the less. “Thank you Tia.”

“Tia?” Celestia questioned before I turned to Luna.

“Hey Lulu, if I get back early enough, I would love to see you raise the moon. To be honest, I didn’t even know how they worked before I met you.” I said causing Luna to have a big old smile.

“I don’t see the problem Val. Be swift.” I laughed at her unintentional joke as I blasted out the unfinished roof, quickly traveling over mach one as I looked for food.

“Well, this has been crazy… at least I’m relatively calm about all this.” I said to myself, unaware of the future forced upon me.

...With the Red Comet

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It was sometime later that I sat in my room of the castle, that the staff has begun to call the ‘Dragon Wing’ as a small pun. Hunting came...scarily natural. And even if i was eating raw flesh, not only did it taste good, but I had no problems with eating the carcass strait instead of cooking it. The worst part? Even if it is worrying to me, I should be having a full blown panic attack by now… but I only have a sense of calm acceptance. It is honestly freaking me out, as calm as I am.

Thankfully I was pulled from my thoughts with a knock on my door. “Val, are you there? You did say you wished to see my raising of the moon.” Luna’s voice said from the large door. I smiled before walking over to the door and carefully opening it. And I say carefully because it was freakin hard using only my wings or claws!

I finally opened the door and nodded to Luna. “Hey Lulu, time to raise the moon?”

“Yes, it is.” Luna said with a happy smile. “Most ponies don’t pay much attention to the night, so it’s good to know at least one does, even if they are not a pony.”

“Well, your welcome Lulu. Well let's get somewhere where we can see the night sky as you raise the moon.” I said, walking in the direction of the balcony I use to get to and from my room.

A few ponies quickly ran past me as we came to them while others suddenly has elsewhere to be. I sighed. “They all fear me.” I said as we neared the balcony.

“It is because they don’t know you. All they know is you are a strange predator that fought Discord to a standstill, and even to an extent look like something he would make. Only to me you make far too much sense to be one of his creations.” Luna said, causing me to give a weak smile before looking up at the sky.

I watched as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon as Luna lit up her horn and opened her wings. As the sun disappeared, a bright silvery moon rose in its place before the stars themselves seemed to respond to Luna. With a flick of her wing, one my one the stars lit up the night in their beautiful glow. “That was… Simply breathtaking.” I said as Luna turned to me, a small blush highlighting her cheeks.

“It was nothing. Besides, most prefer to spend time in my sister’s light.” She said, looking down.

“I don’t believe that. In my opinion, it looks to me as if they trust you to guard over them in their most vulnerable. During the day, they may play, But at night, when they are tired, they trust you and your night to safeguard them from threats.” I said, causing a small smile to appear on the Lunar teens face.

“You truly think that?” she asked as I responded with a nod, and a yawn.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’d think after a week of sleep I’d be fine.” I said with a chuckle, causing the princess to giggle.

“That’s quite alright.” Luna responded before I had an idea.

“Hey Luna, want to see why I am known to some as the Red Comet?” I asked as the midnight blue pony raised an eyebrow.

“The red comet? I’m interested.” She said as she sat down. I smiled before building up energy and launching into the air. God does it feel good to fly! The wind roared around me as I cut a path through, red tailing behind me as I streaked across the beautiful night sky, nothing in the air to rival my speed or my sky. With a roar I went full speed, truly becoming the Sky Comet Dragon as I dived down, looping back around.

I slowed down enough to land back on the balcony with a grin from the look on Luna’s face. “Not bad for a 16 year old Dragoness huh?” I chuckled as Luna recovered.

“That was amazing, Though I think my sister and I still have you beat, what with me raising the moon before I was ten, and Celestia the sun when she was ten.” She retorted with a smile before I yawned again. “Oh, You must still be tired, I apologize.”

“Ah don’t worry about it. Besides, it was nice, staying up with you I mean.” I said with a smile. “Well then, see you tomorrow Lulu.” I said, starting my way back to my room alone. Well, as alone as you can be with maids, after hour guards, and what have you clearing the way for me and avoiding me. One mare even shivered in fear as I pasted by her. ‘From what Celestia and Luna said there are other dragons, but why do all of them look at me as if I’m the scariest thing they have ever seen?’ I thought to myself before I let myself into my room and shut it behind me.

I layed down on the gigantic bed before raising my head to stare into the night. I sighed before laying down, knowing none of my questions would be answered anytime soon. Questions such as why am I here? How did I get here? How are my friends? Did this happen to them too? I banished the questions before closing my eyes, hoping to get some true rest for the day.

I opened my eyes to be met with what I can only describe as a serine, beautiful nebula. Lights of Purple, Lavander, Pink, Cyan, Orange and Yellow all combining into a thing of beauty. "I see that you have finally come to talk." a female voice chuckled from seemingly everywhere and nowhere. "I must apologize for knocking you unconscious and bringing you here. I would not if not deemed important."

"Who are you? Where are you?" I asked, looking around to see no figure, just the nebula.

"I am Harmony. I apologize, I do not have a form to show you save for the colors of my elements. It was I that brought you to this land and gave you form." The voice, Harmony said.

"What? Why?!" I cried out around me. "I'm only a kid! Why rip me from my home, family, friends! Why turn me into a Valstrax!"

"I am sorry, but you were there best candidate for what I needed. As for your form, I changed it to something you loved that would allow you to blend into the world of Equis. Wonderful quick thinking on the explanation, even if I now must work with Chaos to add in elements of your story, to be more believable." She said leaving me flabergasted.

"And why the hell did you need to abduct anyone in the first place?!" I yelled out.

The voice sighed. "The timeline is not as it should be. Light and dark must always be in a clash, or the world becomes stagnate.... but now Dark has become more aggressive, more deadly.... more willing to go for the kill. You saw how Discord reacted, what he was going to do before you intervened. If things were as they should be, he would have never done that. Discord has always been a trickster, but always hated breaking his toys. With that, I have needed to find another to help keep the balance, to counter act that aggressiveness... I believe the term on your world is 'Fight fire with fire?'"

"But... why me...."

I'm sorry child. I with I could explain more, however, it appears it is time for you to-"

“-Wake up!” Luna’s voiced called through my door, stirring me from my slumber. I groaned awake before a blue glow covered the door and a worried looking Luna burst in.

“Uhg hello Lulu. What caught fire?” I grogly said as I stood up only to be assaulted by the pony princess.

“Now is not the time for silliness, as enduring as it is.” Luna said “We need to get you into the throne room now.”

“Alright alright, just tell me what for.” I said, starting to follow the alicorn.

“The current dragon lord Ifrit came to confirm that Discord has been stopped, and inevitably you came up. He wants to get a look at you, know the dragoness that fought Discord and caused the god of chaos to become serious.” Luna said as she continued to trot along. “And knowing him, he will also be looking to see if you are a worthy to even consider yourself a adopted member of his royal bloodline."

I was appalled… at the same time flattered. “Very well then, but he better not try any funny business.” I snorted.

“With any luck, he won’t be insulted by your lack of heat resistance, but you never know.” Luna said before we stopped in front of the door to the throne room. “I should tell you, don’t try to act like something you’re not around him. Doing that will just anger him and even if it does bring his interest into you, once he finds out it’s fake, only his own son would be able to quell such a fury.”

“Don’t worry Lulu, I don’t plan on pissing him off anytime soon. Besides, I don’t think he’d catch me anyways.” I said with a slight chuckle, stretching out my wings before folding them once again. “Let’s get this over with.”

I walked into the throne room along with Luna, causing the group to glance our way. Celestia had a look of relief at the sight of us. “Here she is Dragon Lord Ifrit, Valstrax, the one who helped Luna and I seal Discord.” Gesturing to us as I looked over Ifrit.

He was a giant compared even to me. To me he looked like a spikeless, giant Nirgigante, but I doubt he has the regeneration to back is as I clearly see some fire in his breaths. He looked me over as well, my silver scales glinting in the sunlight as my piercing blue eyes and more avian structured maw stared back into his yellow unflinchingly. “So, you are this Valstrax I’ve been hearing so much about.”

“Yes, the last of my subspecies of dragon, and now celebrity over night for defending what I claimed as my own.” I said, my eyes never breaking contact with the lord.

“So it would seem…” He said as we stared down each other. My blood started to pump as I felt my breathing start to get heavy, and before I knew it, both of us reacted at the same time. With the suddenness that not even the two trained alicorns could have caught, Both of us blasted through the still unfinished roof. My Dragon element trailed behind me as I let out my roar, speeding up far faster than him as his bigger frame and muscles allowed him to keep pace… as long as I didn’t go full throttle.

Ifrit let out a roar of his own, far more commanding, but not as powerful as my own. He grappled me as we flew, circling as we both faught. I pumped more dragon element into my wings, speeding us both up as the element started to afflict Dragonblight onto the bigger dragon. He tried to use his fire to find he couldn’t, black and red sparks dancing across his body preventing the status of his fire to be of any effect. He and I started to bite and claw at each other, drawing blood on both as we started to speed towards the ground. I went into my enraged state, my crest and wings venting my energy as I dived us down. At last second, Ifrit flipped us, having me take the impact. He places a claw over me, pinning me as I tried to recover, my chest raising and falling as I looked up to him. We both stared at each other, my gaze unflinching spite my hopeless situation. I twisted around, trying to bend and escape while never letting our eyes part, even blasting my wings at full power, finally breaking free as I stared into his eyes.

“I won't lose!” I said, My body Glowing brighter and more heavy and a crown of energy flowed out of my crest.

“Well now, that’s a reaction.” Ifrit said walking up to me as our eyes never broke contact before he clocked me upside the head.

“Ow! What the-?” I said as my body returned to normal and my heart rate went back down. I glanced around, confused. “Wait, where are we… we were just in the castle…”

“Hmm, a loss over control due to Dueling instincts. Not uncommon for females without a mother to teach them control.” Ifrit said, earning my attention. “Tell me, strange one, Do you have a mother, or even a father.”

“No… I meant what I said when I said I was the last. They passed shortly after I hatched.” I said as if it was the truth.

“Then that makes sense… However I am curious of the energy you produce.” He said, walking towards the castle

“It is what is called Dragon Element. My ancestors discarded their inner flame for it, modifying our body and internal magic to accommodate that of a body built to rule the skies.” I said. “The only reason you beat me was because I was not thinking, or even going full out on you.”

“Of that I have little doubt.” He said with a small grin as we started to head towards the castle. “You didn't use a fraction of your power or speed so as to not scare off a potential Ally. Your wings are multi-segmented to allow easy rotation and allow you to use them in ways that any other is unable to. The energy you produce can be shot out of your wings as well as how flexible and agile you are.”

“How did you-” I begun before he cut me off.

“It is amazing what the body will show you in a fight, full stops or no.” he smirked as we entered the castle. Again they all took a look at me and ran the other way as we reached the throne room. “We have returned, and while worthy, Tell me Valstrax, What is your age?”

“Sixteen.” I said before putting a claw to my mouth, wondering why I said it like that.

Ifrit chuckled. “Someday visit the dragon lands. We will get someone to help you control your instincts. But you have matters to attend to here for now, mainly in cementing your territory. My offer to come to the dragon lands shall remain open for if you ever wish it.”

“Uh...Thank you?” I questioned before Ifrit turned to Celestia and Luna.

“You shall receive no grief from the dragon lands as long as this dragoness lives within your lands princesses. If a dragon does, Send her, they will surely be… persuaded to leave your ponies alone.” Ifrit said with a small bow to the Celestial Twins. “Now sadly I can not stay, My own kingdom is having to try and rebuild after discord, thankfully not to the extent of your Equestria. Valstrax, Till we meet again.” Ifrit said, giving me a look that sent shivers down my spine.

What is wrong with me?

Queen of the Sky

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1005 years later…

“Uhg, come one Twilight! We’ve been through the history of dragons a bazillion times…” Spike complained to his older sibling. The drake, barely twelve of age, looked at the purple alicorn mare with a look of boredom.

“Now now Spike, this is a different book. Unlike most written texts consisting of dragonic history, this one was co written by Princess Celestia herself and another Dragoness.” Twilight said, her voice unable to hide the pure joy of the thought of new knowledge. The tomb in question rested on the Crystal map, looking surprisingly worn, as if it was consistently added to over the years. “Princess Celestia said she wanted me to preread the book before she publishes it out for anypony. I thought you would be excited to learn more about your kind.”

“Uhg, fine…” The purple scaled dragon said. “You’re right. I just don’t want to hear the same old story again and be disappointed.” He said, taking a seat in one of the thrones.

“I know Spike.” Twilight sighed before her face lit up, an idea rushing through her head. “Hey, how about a compromise? You can go and play to day and I’ll read up on the book, and later tonight, I’ll tell you everything we didn’t already know.”

The child beamed at the elder sibling. “Thanks Twilight!” Before rushing out the door to go play in the sun.

Twilight chuckled before taking a seat and levitating the ancient book before her. Careful not to damage the binding, as if it could get worse, the scholar began to read.

A History of Dragons post Discordian Era.

Written by: Princess of Equestria Celestia Sol Invictus, Princess Luna Nox Stella, and Eternal Queen of the Sky Valstrax “Red Comet” Caelum

“Queen Valstrax? I thought this was written with another Dragon. Dragons don’t have queens… right?” Twilight thought out loud before turning back to the book, the bearer of all answers to her questions.

Today was a good day. The town of ponyville was always held onto its small town charm, even as more and more ponies and other beings began to move in. Although the town has had many expansions over the years, nothing can remove the sense of serenity that came with the town. That very town is where Spike the Dragon lived. He ran through the streets, trying to find any sign of his friends.

However, his constant searching meant he wasn’t paying attention to in front of him. With a thud, Spike ran right into someone, knocking him straight upon the ground with a “Ooph.” He looked up once he heard the voice of whomever he had ran into chuckling. The being before him was giant by pony standards, easily taller than Celestia, but just short enough to not have to duck under every single doorway before them. They were on all fours, a large cloak that might as well be a blanket covering most of their features. She, at least he is assuming it was a she by the sound of the voice, brought up a silver scaled claw to her equally silver avian looking snout, chuckling more as the boy looked up in wonder at this apparent dragoness. “Careful to watch where you are going little one.” She said before helping the drake back onto his feet.

“Uh thanks.” He said, scratching the back of his fins in embarrassment. “Sorry for running into you.”

The dragoness chuckled. “It is no problem young one. In my younger days, I may have challenged you, but now that instinct is mainly reserved for those who deserve it.” She said. “But I must ask, what has you so worked up that you saw fit to bump into random strangers.” She said, a smile apparent, even if he could barely see it from under her hood.

“O-oh, uh, I was looking for my friends. I was given the day off by Twilight and I wanted to go play with them.” Spike admitted, feeling the dragoness deserved her answers.

“Princess Twilight...Truly? Then…” He voice trailed off before she looked directly at Spike in the eyes. Her almost glowing blue eyes meeting emerald. “You must be Spike the Dragon, Hero of the Crystal Empire and the one who caused Dragon Lord Ember to even lay claim to her lordship.”

“Yup, that's me alright!” He said, his chest puffing along with his ego.

“Spike… what a lovely name they chose….” The dragoness muttered to herself before turning back to the Drake, pulling away her hood. “I’m sorry to ask this on your day off, but could you show me around little one? As much as I am a traveler, I have never been to Ponyville before.”

“Oh, Sure! Can we still go get my friends, they would love to meet you and show you around.” He said, giving her a smile that could melt anything with a heart.

“I see no problem. I’d love to see what sort of friends you have made Watashi no musuko.” She said before coughing. “Sorry, I sometimes have a habit to revert back to other languages I’ve learned. But please, lead on.” She said, gesturing for the purple drake to lead the way.

Of all the beings to meet, I meet him first. Today truly will be a good day. She thought with a small smile, following the purple and green dragon through town.

Celestia looked out her office window and sighed. She HAD a good day, that is, before she sent Twilight out with that book. “Should I have waited to told her about the book? Should I have told Twilight about Spike... Should I have told Val about him?” Celestia let out another long sigh before a knock echoed on her doors. “Enter.”

With a soft grown, the door opened for the guest. Luna strolled in before concern crossed her face. “Sister, what is the matter? You look… remorseful.” The princess of the night asked, concern laces with her words.

“I’m fine Luna, just… Reminiscing is all. Thinking about different ways I could have tackled a problem.” Celestia explained before Luna tisked, taking a seat in the chair across from the desk that Celestia sat upon.

“And what problem is that, pray tell?” Luna asked/

“Sigh, you won't let up until I say, will you?” Celestia asked, a small smile ghosting across her face when Luna shook her head childishly. “Very well… It’s about Val… I’ve started to hear rumors of a Red Comet gracing your sky every now and then sister.”

“Val… She’s back? I thought… With everyone else gone… I thought…” Luna said, hope and joy creating a pleasure in her chest.

“Whatever you two did all those years ago… She kept living. She has aged as slowly as you and I have. Last time I spoke with her, she looked barely twenty-three when she was well over seven hundred… But that was around when we had a falling out of sorts.” Celestia said, though if Luna heard that last part, Celestia would have stopped eating cake judging from the lunar Princess dancing around the room, squealing.

“Please tell me you’re not, as they say, pulling my leg her Tia!” She said, stars in her eyes. Celestia let herself smile, not having seen Luna like this since… Since the month before her turn to nightmare…

“No, I am not Lulu. Valstrax is very much alive and well, though sightings of her comet is what has me worried…” Celestia said, looking down at the papers before her, not wanting to meet her sister’s eyes.

“What is wrong with them?” Luna asked, no less as happy as before but genuinely curious.

“They are all pointed heading in the same direction… The direction of Ponyville.” Celestia admitted with a cringe.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let go Tia! I’m not missing a chance to talk to Val!”Luna said, standing up and reading her horn for a teleport.

“Luna stop, there is another thing!” Celestia said, causing Luna to grumble.

“Oh come on Tia, I haven't seen her in literally a thousand years. Why can’t we go see her?” Luna complained.

“You can go see her if you wish Lulu.” Celestia spoke softly. “But there is one more thing you should know… and it has to do with Spike…” Celestia said.

It was some time later that Luna sat in her room, unable to truly understand what exactly she had heard within that room. “Oh Spike… Val…”

Ember was NOT having a good day. More of these welps that call themselves dragons continued to thief and bicker instead of just handling things. She has tried using the scepter but again and again they would always go back to what they were doing earlier. With a small growl she was about to cast the two bickering dragons out of the castle halls with suddenly the very ground rumbled. With a previously unknown need, all dragons in the room, ember included, ran out of the castle for a view of the outside.

A single mountain with a flat top rose from the ground , rising and rising until it was impossible to see the top, and yet higher it climbed. All dragons in the dragon lands stared into the distance with awe as a mountain higher than even Canterhorn appeared. All of them feeling the urge to bow before it… Including Ember. “No, No, I am the dragon lord!” She said, resisting far longer than even the eldest of dragons, but eventually, she to bowed. To what? She didn’t know, and it infuriated her.

Once she had regained control of her body she looked up at the spire with anger. Totally not fear of being controlled, Fear was weakness. And a Dragon Lord knows no weakness….Right? Then why was it she felt this way? “I see she finally decided to return to the world.” Spoke a deep, booming voice that Ember know as her father.

“What do you mean Return to the world? What the buck was that?!” Ember yelled, causing the elder dragon to chuckle.

“Tell me Ember, in order of Nobility, what is the most powerful.” Torch said. “Nobles, Lords and ladies alike, then Princes and Princesses, and finally Kings and Queens.”

“So what about that? I am the Dragon Lord, I out rank them all!” Ember huffed causing Torch to chuckle more.

“You are wrong Ember, as there is one Dragon that, despite it’s aversion to fire, despite it being what many of our kind would call a freak, out rules us all. Our Queen.” When the words left his mouth, he chuckled at the look his daughter was giving him as he looked off into the distance. “She has returned… and now that little drake makes much, much more sense…”

“Spike?! What does he have to do with this so called Queen of the Dragons?!”

Ember was NOT having a good day.

Discord laughed at one of his own joke as he spent his normally boring day with Fluttershy. These little moments with his friend are what he cherished, especially after his mistake. “And that, my dear Fluttershy, is how I became a Draconequus.” Discord finished with a bow, causing the shy Pegasus to giggle and clap.

“That was an amazing story Discord. I had no idea that you could eat black licorice that tastes like sour apple.” Fluttershy said, her innocent smile warming Discords little chaotic heart.

“Anything for you my dea- whoa!” Discord said, being interrupted by a shaking fit. “That can't be right...

“Discord, what’s wrong?” Fluttershy asked as Discord looked… Worried? Scared? “Discord, what happened.”

“Wha- Oh it’s nothing for you to worry about my sweet Fluttershy. Just the ol’ Wobbly Sense going Coo Coo again.” Discord said with a smile, but the worry never left his eyes. “Come now, let us enjoy our day.”

“...Okay, but you know i’m here for you Discord, right?” Fluttershy asked before Discord wrapped her in a gentle hug.

“I know.”


No Pinkie, No telling spoilers.

“Oh but you practically gave it away already!

No means no pinks. Look, you can throw her a party next chapter okay, but leave that spoiler out, and try to act even a little surprised when it is revealed please?

“Oh fine… But only because I don’t like making ponies frown.”

Thanks Pink. Now for me to go try and write some more… oh boy.

“You got it Mr. Author man! Say hi to alternate universe me!”

Today was a good day.

Grounded by Truth

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Spike smiled up at Valstrax. "So, what brings you to Ponyville? We don't get much dragons around here, and you are by far the coolest dragon I've met! I've never seen a snout or scales like yours before! Are you a different kind of dragon? What kind of dragon are you!" The Wrymling rambled, bringing small smile to the silver scaled dragon's face.

"I guess I'll answer your questions in order." She chuckled heartily, causing Spike to blush in embarrassment. "I came here to meet someone, as well as pick up food for my journey. Thank you for the complement, and Yes I am a different kind of dragon. For one, I can't eat gems... well I can, but they are more like candy, no real nourishment." She chuckled. "And to answer you, I am the Last dragon of my kind, so I named myself after my race, so that my race may never be forgotten." The lie she told so long she had almost believed it at one point.

"So your name is Valstrax, and so is your race of dragon?" Spike clarified, receiving a nod. "Wow, thats rough."

"Its not so bad. It's been like this for me for the last thousand years. Plus, kind of hard to feel sad for something you never got a chance to meet." Val said casually, causing Spike to freeze in his steps.

"Wait, you as old as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?" Spike asked in surprise.

"Well, more akin to a year younger than Luna, but yes. I even knew them back when they were just teenagers. Heh, Luna's Emo faze hit late and hard. I'm truly glad she is back however." The dragoness chuckled.

The pair continued to walk in relative silence, and by that it meant that Val was recounting stories about her travels as they walked a path towards Sweet Apple Acres. As they approached what seemed to be a club house, Spike stopped. "Wait right here, I don't know if you can fit inside." The young drake said before running inside, leaving Val to lay down and remove her clock, showing her toned, muscled, and heavily scared body.

A few minutes later, Spike and the crusaders left the club house. "Uh... Spike? Where is that dragon lady you were talking about?" Scootaloo said, looking at the empty place that Spike gestured to.

"What?" Spike gasped out before running down. "She was here."

"It's alright Spike, ahm sure she'll be right back!" Applebloom said, the crusaders remaining on the porch of the club house.

Spike wasn't listening really. He looked around, trying to find anything before noticing something in the bushes. A rather large cloak was off to the side, the very same cloak that Valstrax had on. "Why would she leave this-"

His thoughts were interrupted by the girls crying out, spike whipped around to see the one dragon he could have never seen for the rest of his live and be happy. Garble and his gang, all having their claws around the girls while garble sneered at Spike. "Well, if it isn't the pony lover. It's been too long." The red dragon growled.

"Garble! What do you want!" Spike cried out, a look of anger on his face.

"Oh, just thought I'd stop by and see the only wimp to have embarrassed me and ruin my reputation." The older dragon growled, his friends claws digging into the crusaders, causing thin lines of blood and for them to whimper. "Not so strong without your pony friends and Ember now are you?!" He laughed, oblivious to the shadow being cast over him. "What are you going to do, little 'Spikey Wikey?'" He said, laughing more before a older, feminine voice spoke up.

"Wow... real strong. You caught a couple of elementary school children. Impressive." The voice taunted before Garble and his goons were knocked off the tree house and onto the floor below. Above them, resting on the treetop (miraculously supporting the dragon's weight) was Valstrax, her face forming a small, disappointed frown.

"Who are you to judge me? They are just weak ponies and a pony lover." Garble shouted as Val raised a brow.

"No self preservation..... Is this what my kingdom has fallen to?" She said, ignoring the teen.

"Don't ignore me!" Garble yelled before breathing out a large jet of flame, hot enough to where even spike felt it.

Garble looked proud of himself until the smoke cleared and the dragon's looked unimpressed. "So...that was it? Here, let me show you what a pony lover is capable of." She growled before with a ear piercing cry, grabbed the dragon teen in her claws and shot off at speeds that would make a certain Pegasus blush, red and black energy trailing behind them.

"Ahhhh!" Garble cried out in fear. "Put me down you freak!"

"Listen hear welp!" Val cried out over the roaring wind. "I am Valstrax "The Red Comet" Caelum, Eternal Queen of the Sky. I have returned, and thanks to you, have learned that in my absence, the dragon's have lost what mattered. So let me make this clear." She said before dive-bombing, creating a Sonic boom. "You are to never lay hands on any ponies or any being less in self defense.... Or a lot worse than this will happen." She said before slamming the teen into the ground, the audible crunch of ribs breaking heard, but not even flinching the silver monster.

As Garble layed there, crying in pain and agony,, Valstrax calmly walked over to the other dragons. "Unless you want to end up worse than him, you best be off. Take him with you, his wines are getting pathetic." She said as the dragon's dropped the CMC before booking it, only two wasting the time to take Garble with them.

"Whoa." The children all said at once. Valstrax turned to them and chuckled, her red and black energy returning into her body.

"Sorry if I scared any of you children. It would appear that in my absence, leadership in the dragon lands has become... Lax. I will see to it that all is better when I return." The silver dragon bowed.

"Wait, you're a queen?!" Spike exclaimed.

The dragoness chuckled. "Indeed I am, however I have neglected my duties for many, many years due to foolishness. Once my trip is over, I intend to reclaim what is mine and bring order to my land once again."

"Now what in tarnation is going- Whoa nelly!" The orange mare Applejack exclaimed, having come in response to the noise.

"Everything is fine little pony. Spike here was just introducing me to his friends. Someone tried to interrupt it rudely, and I was forced to expell them from your land. I'm sorry for the trouble." Valstrax said calmly.

"You should have seen it sis, Miss Valstrax was So cool!" Applebloom gushed.

"She did help us out of a scary situation." Sweetie commented.

"Four words. ROCKET POWERED ELDER DRAGON! Val, congrats, you are now the second coolest thing ever!" Scootaloo said proudly, causeing the silver Drake to chuckle.

"Thank you little ones." Val spoke kindly.

"Well... If what their say'n is true, then alright. I'm Applejack, and you are?" An asked

"Valstrax, but please, call me Val. A bit easier to say no?" The dragon grined at the farm mare.

"No complaints her miss Val. What brings yah to ponyville anyhow?"

"As I told Spike, I was simply passing through on my way to meet someone and figured I'd stop and say hello to someone I haven't seen in many years, so many he has forgotten me sadly." Valstrax said with a hint of disappointment.

"Huh, you never mentioned that last part..." Spike said, confused.

"Oh don't worry watashi no kodomo. It was simply not important at the time." Val said, bringing a smile back to the young drake.

"Hey, could you tell us some stories? Spike said you're as old as the princesses, so you got to have a few cool stories!" Scootaloo said, somehow managing to get on the dragon's back.

Valstrax chuckled. "I have no problems with it. What do you say Applejack, care to stay and listen?"

"Well... I suppose it couldn't hurt." The farm mare said, taking a seat as Valstrax layed down, the fillies and drake crounding around and on the silver dragon to listen.

"Now then, this story takes place shortly after Discord was defeated and while Equestria was trying to rebuild...."

Of Thrones and Homes

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"I should tell you this takes place before I was Queen, Before I had ever even seen the dragon lands" Valstrax began

"Wait, yer a queen?!" Aj Exclaimed

"Shhh"!" Hushed the children as Val chuckled. "Lets see... It took place about three days after I met dragon Lord ifrit....."

I woke up with a yawn and a stretch, my scales creaking slightly as my wings splayed behind me. "Good morning Lady Valstrax. I take it you are going hunting for breakfast this morning?" Asked the butler that the princesses assigned to me. Funnily enough, the old Pegasus was the only one who was willing to take the job.

"Thanks Jasper. Yeah, the stores are running low anyways, and I cant maintain this figure on gems." By then I had figured out that I could indeed eat gems, though not after a visiting dragon all but forced me to try them. I still prefer being a carnivore, but gems could tide me over for a time.

"No, I am not about to eat your family Honesty."

"But you're-"

"Pegasus need to eat fish to maintain their physique. Even grounders need to help themselves at least once a month"


"As I thought. NOW, no more interruptions."

After bidding Jasper a good day I didn't immediately leave through my balcony, instead I decided to walk through the castle Evergreen, perhaps even stroll through the town. Didn't take me long to dismiss that last one however...

"Do you see that beast there?"

"Isn't that the monster? The one that caught discord to a standstill?"

"Where is it's leash? Something like that shouldn't be allowed to just roam about."

"I heard it claims to be a dragon, has the scales for it."

"But nothing else. I bet Discord made it, and just lost control of the creature. We can't trust it."

"The princess's monster... You don't think it eats ponies do you?"

I tried to ignore them, I really did. But I was young, lost, confused... And on so hurt. I kept quiet and kept walking, even as a tear fell from my face.

I don't know how long I walked the halls until, either by luck or Fate throwing me a bone, I came across my only friends in the world. "Valstrax! Good morning dear friend!" Greeted Celestia, having by now gotten over her suspicions of me and accepted me.

"Val, is something the matter?" Luna asked, the only pony to have accepted me in a heartbeat. "You're crying."

It was at that moment that I noticed my tears and quickly wiped my face, trying to play it off. "Y-yes, yes I'm fine, thanks for asking Lulu." I said with a smile, genuine dispute my tears.

The sisters shared a look, neither convinced but neither pressing either. "If you are sure Val. Luna and I are always here if you need somepony to talk to." Celestia said with a nod from Luna.

"Thank you, but I really should be going. The meat stores are low today and I need my morning meal." I said trying to step past them, a feat not made easy by my size. And the sisters didn't help.

"Actually Val, We've been meaning to ask, but could you take us with you to your nest?" Luna asked. "We rarely get days off ruling a country, much less rebuilding it, and You made mention of a hot springs once?"

"Besides, gives us a fine excuse to get to spend time with you. Away from all the stuffy nobles and skittish townsfolk." Celestia piped in.

"Wait, you have a nest?"

"Yes watashi no kodomo, I do."

"Where is it?"

"Look up there."

".....When the heck did that mountain get there?!"

"You mean it left? Huh, Celeatia's list just keeps growing daily. Back to the story."

We headed out to the front of the castle for my lift off, my body being enough to just barely fit both princesses at that time.

"See, it even acts like a beast of burden."

"What a ugly thing."

"Maybe the princesses are keeping it around to breed it. I mean, That monster brought the god of chaos to a standstill, imagine a entire platoon with domesticated monsters like that."

It was then that I learned my hearing was well beyond that of most creatures, because the princesses seemingly didn't hear a word, though I would never know if they did. Always lost at poker to those two.

With a roar I sucked in air through my chest. "Hold on... I'm gonna be letting out some pent up emotions here soon." I warned my passengers before, with a strangled cry, the damn broke, and I took off. All my anger, my sorrow, my frustrations, I poured it all out into my wings. "The lose of my friends and family. The lose of my home. The agony of discrimination. Of being seen as nothing short of a beast. The unfairness of it all, all boiling over and into my wings. In no time we reached my home, where I did a loop, landed by the springs, and broke down crying. I cried and cried, even as the sisters hugged and shushed me, not understanding, but knowing what I needed.

"I'm sorry, it's... Been rough." I said once the snobs finally calmed down.

"There is no need for apologies" Celestia comforted.

"There are times where even we can't handle the weight of the crown, and we just need to cry." Luna said gently.

"So much has happened, so much as changed... I miss my home. I miss my family, I miss being treated fairly by strangers. I-I miss everything." I said, hikuping half way through.

After a few more minutes of shakey breaths and comforting words I stood up. "Thank you again. Now, I didn't bring you hear for my problems, let's relax yeah?" I said, gesturing to the hotspring.

We all slowly let ourselves into the spring, one side deep enough for me with plenty of room to grow, and it was relaxing. With a collective sigh, all three woman let their muscles, all tight for verging reasons, lossen under the warm spring. "I needed this." Celestia said in bliss.

"We all did sister." Luna said, her eyes closed in relaxation

"You're welcome." I said with a small smile, the bitter words of the ponies below at the castle still stinging, but lessened under the relaxing waters.

"I thought you said this was a cool story, but it's so... Sappy."



"It's fine little one. Besides, the climax will be soon, don't worry young Scootaloo."

After our relaxation, and a few hour of companionship and hunting, it was time for us to return. It was around four in the afternoon if memory serves, when the first of many attempts were made.

"So, Luna was so jellous that you got your cutiemark, than she exploded, and the resulting explosion made the moon, as well as the Badlands?" I asked. I had found out that the sisters, regardless of appearance, were already many ages old, just aged at a much slower rate due to their magic and biology.

"Sister, you swore to never speak of that again!" Luna exclaimed much to our amusement. It was during this laughter that time seemed to slow. I heard it, the click of a crossbow being pulled back. With speeds even I rarely see, I covered the sisters with my wings, to realize too late that they were not the targets. With a cry, the bolt was lodged in my neck. With a roar I turned to where the sound originated work another to hit one of my weak points. The air vents that are my chest cavities. I became enraged and flew at the attempted hunters, hell bent on capturing them, or killing them, which ever came first. I could tell they were unprepared for me to survive as the scrambled to run. I followed, blasting through segments of the recently repaired castle to hunt the hunters. I followed them to the court yard where they cried out. "The monster has gone insane! Put it down, kill it!" Many guards took their word and readied their weapons, spells you name it. I took a step back. I was out numbered, out gunned, and my would be killers were escaping. But I was faster. With a burst of speed I plowed through the ranks, careful not to harm any permanently before I caught the two, young nobles I recognized through the castle. "Help us! It's gonna eat us!" They cried. With a growl I was tempted to do just that when a voice rang out.

"Now, the net!" A guard rang out, a net of iron being magicly thrown at me. I roared even as the net was pulled down by a team of unicorns. "The rope!" Another team started to tie down my legs and wings, even as I tired to burn through them.

"This is the end monster!" Spoke the guard Captian as he leveled a Lance of pure magic to my head. I stoped resisting, closed my eyes, and cried. Why must I suffer...

"That's enough of that." Celestia said, stepping down the ruined castle doors, her name, tail, and eyes abladze with fury.

"Princess, I apologise but you must leave, that monster-"

"That Dragon just had a attempt on their life and used themselves as a shield over my sister and I, protecting us before herself." Celestia glared, the grass around her turning brown and blackening. "Could you say the same Captian? Where you there, protecting us like you swore? And even if you were, would you, without a single hesitation, without a single thought of your family, your friends, those who mean the world to you, thrown yourself before us. No, I think not. Release her."


"Release her, or I will, and trust me Captian, you won't enjoy that choice." Celestia said coldly.

"Yes your Highness." The Captian said, looking down. "Release the be- the dragon"

Slowly one by one the different nets, ropes and shackles came off, all backing away quickly to see if I would attack them, yet I just laid there, humbled, broken... And thankful to Celestia. Once I was clear of the various chains and nets, Celestia spoke to me. "Valstrax, head inside. Luna will need to know her friend is alright, and she and Jasper will tend to your wounds."

"Thank you Celly." I croked out, the bolt in my neck making it a bit harder to talk before I made my inside, soaring a glance behind me as Celestia walked towards the cowering nobles and smiled, knowing justice will be done.

"That's enough story for one day little ones." Valstrax said to the children plus Applejack.

"So cool!" Scootaloo cheered.

"Ah think yah were brave Miss Valstrax." Appleblood said happily.

"It was Soo sad..." Sweetie Belle sniffed

"It was a age ago young belle. A hard time to be sure, but there were other trials ahead, ones that mean more than a single instance of 'Noble' stupidity." Valstrax reassured the young filly.

"I hate nobles... Doesn't matter the day or age, they only cause problems." Spike growled, much to the surprise of the ponies present.

Valstrax however, "None of that watashi no kodomo. You are better than that. They are unworthy of anything you do, of anything you feel. They are unworthy of your ire." The Elder Dragon spoke to the hatchling. "Now, run along you four. I will meet you at the castle Spike, insure Honesty wishes to speak with me."

With a round of awes, the crusaders and spike left the two adults alone. "You didn't tell them the full truth, did you?" Applejack said, going straight to the point.

"No, young ears need not hear what else happened. How I stood at the door and watched with a sick satisfaction as the two were burned alive. Of how other attempts included bribing a dragon ambassador to not only... Relieve himself with my body, but to make me suffer the whole time, of how it came to be that I ended up leaving the lands of Equestria not out of choice like I will tell them, but out of fear of those ponies and all they could do, dispute the princesses trying everything short of killing them all needlessly." Valstrax said before looking the horrified and surprised farmer in the eyes. "You ponies enjoy peace now, enjoy preaching harmony, forgetting what caused the other races to regress into themselves in the first place, forgetting what caused Luna to become that monster of a mare, Nightmare Moon. So no, I will not open their young, innocent eyes to the horrible truth, even if it is such a truth." The dragon said, before turning and walking, leaving the apple farmer to her thoughts.