• Published 6th Nov 2018
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Hunter Turned Monster - Lancerot

You know the saying "Be careful when hunting monsters lest you become one'? Well I didn't think they meant it literally!

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...With the Red Comet

Author's Note:

Sorry if this chapter also feels rushed, after this chapter, future ones will be a bit more drawn out as to truly experience what Val is going through, I just was running out of ideas for this scene.

Also, for those who wonder where I get most of my info:

It was sometime later that I sat in my room of the castle, that the staff has begun to call the ‘Dragon Wing’ as a small pun. Hunting came...scarily natural. And even if i was eating raw flesh, not only did it taste good, but I had no problems with eating the carcass strait instead of cooking it. The worst part? Even if it is worrying to me, I should be having a full blown panic attack by now… but I only have a sense of calm acceptance. It is honestly freaking me out, as calm as I am.

Thankfully I was pulled from my thoughts with a knock on my door. “Val, are you there? You did say you wished to see my raising of the moon.” Luna’s voice said from the large door. I smiled before walking over to the door and carefully opening it. And I say carefully because it was freakin hard using only my wings or claws!

I finally opened the door and nodded to Luna. “Hey Lulu, time to raise the moon?”

“Yes, it is.” Luna said with a happy smile. “Most ponies don’t pay much attention to the night, so it’s good to know at least one does, even if they are not a pony.”

“Well, your welcome Lulu. Well let's get somewhere where we can see the night sky as you raise the moon.” I said, walking in the direction of the balcony I use to get to and from my room.

A few ponies quickly ran past me as we came to them while others suddenly has elsewhere to be. I sighed. “They all fear me.” I said as we neared the balcony.

“It is because they don’t know you. All they know is you are a strange predator that fought Discord to a standstill, and even to an extent look like something he would make. Only to me you make far too much sense to be one of his creations.” Luna said, causing me to give a weak smile before looking up at the sky.

I watched as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon as Luna lit up her horn and opened her wings. As the sun disappeared, a bright silvery moon rose in its place before the stars themselves seemed to respond to Luna. With a flick of her wing, one my one the stars lit up the night in their beautiful glow. “That was… Simply breathtaking.” I said as Luna turned to me, a small blush highlighting her cheeks.

“It was nothing. Besides, most prefer to spend time in my sister’s light.” She said, looking down.

“I don’t believe that. In my opinion, it looks to me as if they trust you to guard over them in their most vulnerable. During the day, they may play, But at night, when they are tired, they trust you and your night to safeguard them from threats.” I said, causing a small smile to appear on the Lunar teens face.

“You truly think that?” she asked as I responded with a nod, and a yawn.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’d think after a week of sleep I’d be fine.” I said with a chuckle, causing the princess to giggle.

“That’s quite alright.” Luna responded before I had an idea.

“Hey Luna, want to see why I am known to some as the Red Comet?” I asked as the midnight blue pony raised an eyebrow.

“The red comet? I’m interested.” She said as she sat down. I smiled before building up energy and launching into the air. God does it feel good to fly! The wind roared around me as I cut a path through, red tailing behind me as I streaked across the beautiful night sky, nothing in the air to rival my speed or my sky. With a roar I went full speed, truly becoming the Sky Comet Dragon as I dived down, looping back around.

I slowed down enough to land back on the balcony with a grin from the look on Luna’s face. “Not bad for a 16 year old Dragoness huh?” I chuckled as Luna recovered.

“That was amazing, Though I think my sister and I still have you beat, what with me raising the moon before I was ten, and Celestia the sun when she was ten.” She retorted with a smile before I yawned again. “Oh, You must still be tired, I apologize.”

“Ah don’t worry about it. Besides, it was nice, staying up with you I mean.” I said with a smile. “Well then, see you tomorrow Lulu.” I said, starting my way back to my room alone. Well, as alone as you can be with maids, after hour guards, and what have you clearing the way for me and avoiding me. One mare even shivered in fear as I pasted by her. ‘From what Celestia and Luna said there are other dragons, but why do all of them look at me as if I’m the scariest thing they have ever seen?’ I thought to myself before I let myself into my room and shut it behind me.

I layed down on the gigantic bed before raising my head to stare into the night. I sighed before laying down, knowing none of my questions would be answered anytime soon. Questions such as why am I here? How did I get here? How are my friends? Did this happen to them too? I banished the questions before closing my eyes, hoping to get some true rest for the day.

I opened my eyes to be met with what I can only describe as a serine, beautiful nebula. Lights of Purple, Lavander, Pink, Cyan, Orange and Yellow all combining into a thing of beauty. "I see that you have finally come to talk." a female voice chuckled from seemingly everywhere and nowhere. "I must apologize for knocking you unconscious and bringing you here. I would not if not deemed important."

"Who are you? Where are you?" I asked, looking around to see no figure, just the nebula.

"I am Harmony. I apologize, I do not have a form to show you save for the colors of my elements. It was I that brought you to this land and gave you form." The voice, Harmony said.

"What? Why?!" I cried out around me. "I'm only a kid! Why rip me from my home, family, friends! Why turn me into a Valstrax!"

"I am sorry, but you were there best candidate for what I needed. As for your form, I changed it to something you loved that would allow you to blend into the world of Equis. Wonderful quick thinking on the explanation, even if I now must work with Chaos to add in elements of your story, to be more believable." She said leaving me flabergasted.

"And why the hell did you need to abduct anyone in the first place?!" I yelled out.

The voice sighed. "The timeline is not as it should be. Light and dark must always be in a clash, or the world becomes stagnate.... but now Dark has become more aggressive, more deadly.... more willing to go for the kill. You saw how Discord reacted, what he was going to do before you intervened. If things were as they should be, he would have never done that. Discord has always been a trickster, but always hated breaking his toys. With that, I have needed to find another to help keep the balance, to counter act that aggressiveness... I believe the term on your world is 'Fight fire with fire?'"

"But... why me...."

I'm sorry child. I with I could explain more, however, it appears it is time for you to-"

“-Wake up!” Luna’s voiced called through my door, stirring me from my slumber. I groaned awake before a blue glow covered the door and a worried looking Luna burst in.

“Uhg hello Lulu. What caught fire?” I grogly said as I stood up only to be assaulted by the pony princess.

“Now is not the time for silliness, as enduring as it is.” Luna said “We need to get you into the throne room now.”

“Alright alright, just tell me what for.” I said, starting to follow the alicorn.

“The current dragon lord Ifrit came to confirm that Discord has been stopped, and inevitably you came up. He wants to get a look at you, know the dragoness that fought Discord and caused the god of chaos to become serious.” Luna said as she continued to trot along. “And knowing him, he will also be looking to see if you are a worthy to even consider yourself a adopted member of his royal bloodline."

I was appalled… at the same time flattered. “Very well then, but he better not try any funny business.” I snorted.

“With any luck, he won’t be insulted by your lack of heat resistance, but you never know.” Luna said before we stopped in front of the door to the throne room. “I should tell you, don’t try to act like something you’re not around him. Doing that will just anger him and even if it does bring his interest into you, once he finds out it’s fake, only his own son would be able to quell such a fury.”

“Don’t worry Lulu, I don’t plan on pissing him off anytime soon. Besides, I don’t think he’d catch me anyways.” I said with a slight chuckle, stretching out my wings before folding them once again. “Let’s get this over with.”

I walked into the throne room along with Luna, causing the group to glance our way. Celestia had a look of relief at the sight of us. “Here she is Dragon Lord Ifrit, Valstrax, the one who helped Luna and I seal Discord.” Gesturing to us as I looked over Ifrit.

He was a giant compared even to me. To me he looked like a spikeless, giant Nirgigante, but I doubt he has the regeneration to back is as I clearly see some fire in his breaths. He looked me over as well, my silver scales glinting in the sunlight as my piercing blue eyes and more avian structured maw stared back into his yellow unflinchingly. “So, you are this Valstrax I’ve been hearing so much about.”

“Yes, the last of my subspecies of dragon, and now celebrity over night for defending what I claimed as my own.” I said, my eyes never breaking contact with the lord.

“So it would seem…” He said as we stared down each other. My blood started to pump as I felt my breathing start to get heavy, and before I knew it, both of us reacted at the same time. With the suddenness that not even the two trained alicorns could have caught, Both of us blasted through the still unfinished roof. My Dragon element trailed behind me as I let out my roar, speeding up far faster than him as his bigger frame and muscles allowed him to keep pace… as long as I didn’t go full throttle.

Ifrit let out a roar of his own, far more commanding, but not as powerful as my own. He grappled me as we flew, circling as we both faught. I pumped more dragon element into my wings, speeding us both up as the element started to afflict Dragonblight onto the bigger dragon. He tried to use his fire to find he couldn’t, black and red sparks dancing across his body preventing the status of his fire to be of any effect. He and I started to bite and claw at each other, drawing blood on both as we started to speed towards the ground. I went into my enraged state, my crest and wings venting my energy as I dived us down. At last second, Ifrit flipped us, having me take the impact. He places a claw over me, pinning me as I tried to recover, my chest raising and falling as I looked up to him. We both stared at each other, my gaze unflinching spite my hopeless situation. I twisted around, trying to bend and escape while never letting our eyes part, even blasting my wings at full power, finally breaking free as I stared into his eyes.

“I won't lose!” I said, My body Glowing brighter and more heavy and a crown of energy flowed out of my crest.

“Well now, that’s a reaction.” Ifrit said walking up to me as our eyes never broke contact before he clocked me upside the head.

“Ow! What the-?” I said as my body returned to normal and my heart rate went back down. I glanced around, confused. “Wait, where are we… we were just in the castle…”

“Hmm, a loss over control due to Dueling instincts. Not uncommon for females without a mother to teach them control.” Ifrit said, earning my attention. “Tell me, strange one, Do you have a mother, or even a father.”

“No… I meant what I said when I said I was the last. They passed shortly after I hatched.” I said as if it was the truth.

“Then that makes sense… However I am curious of the energy you produce.” He said, walking towards the castle

“It is what is called Dragon Element. My ancestors discarded their inner flame for it, modifying our body and internal magic to accommodate that of a body built to rule the skies.” I said. “The only reason you beat me was because I was not thinking, or even going full out on you.”

“Of that I have little doubt.” He said with a small grin as we started to head towards the castle. “You didn't use a fraction of your power or speed so as to not scare off a potential Ally. Your wings are multi-segmented to allow easy rotation and allow you to use them in ways that any other is unable to. The energy you produce can be shot out of your wings as well as how flexible and agile you are.”

“How did you-” I begun before he cut me off.

“It is amazing what the body will show you in a fight, full stops or no.” he smirked as we entered the castle. Again they all took a look at me and ran the other way as we reached the throne room. “We have returned, and while worthy, Tell me Valstrax, What is your age?”

“Sixteen.” I said before putting a claw to my mouth, wondering why I said it like that.

Ifrit chuckled. “Someday visit the dragon lands. We will get someone to help you control your instincts. But you have matters to attend to here for now, mainly in cementing your territory. My offer to come to the dragon lands shall remain open for if you ever wish it.”

“Uh...Thank you?” I questioned before Ifrit turned to Celestia and Luna.

“You shall receive no grief from the dragon lands as long as this dragoness lives within your lands princesses. If a dragon does, Send her, they will surely be… persuaded to leave your ponies alone.” Ifrit said with a small bow to the Celestial Twins. “Now sadly I can not stay, My own kingdom is having to try and rebuild after discord, thankfully not to the extent of your Equestria. Valstrax, Till we meet again.” Ifrit said, giving me a look that sent shivers down my spine.

What is wrong with me?

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