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... · 7:42am May 6th

New/updated chapters.

ETA 36 hours.....

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Back baby! · 8:15am March 13th

Alright people, my internet is back to being functional, My Muse has returned, and I am here with a vengeance. I will be creating a new story to get ideas out of my head but worry not, Hunter Turned Monster will be getting updated chapters AND a new one here soon. Thank you all for putting up with this crazy time.

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Apologies and Explanations · 6:55pm January 16th

So by now many of you have been wondering why I haven't updated in a while. Well, it is a collection of things all leading up to one I found out yesterday that may prevent me from writing for a good long while.

The first hurdle was school. Life after highschool isn't sunshine and rainbows so I couldn't find the time in between classes.

The second one is a mix of two, that being the Holliday season and me trying to find a job after dropping out of my higher education.

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