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Sweet Apple Acres starts to produce a new breed of apple that will change the life of everypony forever.

A Pony In Hay was going to be part of the serie of shorts entitled "The Applejack Zone" under the concept of horror stories around a camp fire. But its length and ending stile were better for a stand alone story.

This tries to be a mix of Junji Ito horror stories inside the original flavor of FiM.
Proofreading courtesy by


It's really helpful, not just about grammar and punctuation, but to find out, if you can deliver the feeling in the story you were intending.

Warning: Contains short scenes of gore.
Rated Teen because these scenes could disappoint mature readers.
Yeah, I rather scare younger people.
the lack of horror tag is a problem again.

Image thanks to BambooDog: One In The Bunch
Visit his amazing gallery.

Finally edited thanks to the good Lifter who took some of his time to do me the favor of proofread it.

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A student of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns stumbles upon a mysterious house in the streets of Canterlot, only to find it abandoned. Once the door has been opened, it can never truly be shut. Once the house has accepted him, he can never escape it.

His only hope lies hidden in the deepest chambers of Canterlot Palace, in this manuscript.

(A gentle warning: contains psychological horror and mention of but not graphic depiction of sexual activity.)

Cover Thanks to Beloved BonesWolbach

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Something dark and horrifying is found wandering the outskirts of Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack goes to investigate, but what will the discovery reveal?

A Halloween story. Pre-read by ShyNight.
Now with a reading by Crafty Arts!

Now with a Russian translation by Nuclear-pony-Jack and Randy1974

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Every so often, a storm comes along that even the Pegasi can't control. Best they can do is warn everypony to bunker down and ride it out. Equestria hasn't seen a blizzard this bad in over half a century. AJ and Big Mac were out when the first winds hit, so Applebloom's stuck with Granny Smith in the farmhouse.

But ol' Granny remembers, she tells Applebloom. She remembers the last blizzard, and what came with it. Can't help but wonder if they'll stop by again.

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One evening, Applejack gives refuge to a stranger whose very voice sends shivers up her spine. He is a self-proclaimed storyteller who has a tale of woe for the Apple family. And later that evening, blood is spilled. Can Applejack figure out his intentions? Or is it already too late?

Written for the Halloween in April horror contest with The Barcast.

Chapters (1)

When a spook named Mr. Mean tries to scare Applejack, she drives him off, only for him to confront her friends in their rooms. As they all fall prey to Mr. Mean, unable to drive him off the same way Applejack did, they begin searching for a way to stop him. When they get captured one after another, Twilight finally goes to visit Applejack, only to learn that this goes much deeper than just a single night.

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Sweetie Belle is invited by Twilight Sparkle to the decrepit castle in the Everfree to see if they can't find any other spell books, and Sweetie wouldn't lose such an opportunity. Unfortunately, she gets lost after a brief distraction and can't find her way back. The more she panics, the scarier and more twisted the trees started to become, and the more Sweetie starts to see things coming from the bark that disappear when she looks at them directly.

Cover art by Ralvar. Source on the image.
Psychological Horror
I fancy this as the theme of the story.
There are hidden symbols in here explaining what is happening. Can you find and decipher the hidden story?

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This story is a sequel to The Truth Behind My Little Pony

No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold. Nothing satisfies me but your soul. (Oh Death)
Well, I am Death. None can excell. I'll open the door to Heaven or Hell.

Jen Titus-Oh Death.

Special thanks to Cowriter MisterNick for his help in writing this story.
Also A shout-out to Luna Bruce for her helpful ideas.

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Legend tells of an ancient race
That hides in shadows with changing face
Stealing ponies who wander away
Until revealed by light of day

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Dusty was supposed to just fall asleep. It was his dream, after all. Dreams were nothing special.

Unless it wasn't his dream.

Edited by: Reader Review, Genesis1212, Softy8088

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