• Published 13th Oct 2012
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The Applejack Zone - A Pony In Hay - TrollestiaSubject

A Pony In Hay is a short horror story about Applejack and her five friends

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I think it was one year later after the first crop when me and Rainbow Dash were competing in a race, the price, an apple of course, that had settled all of our differences aside and we were just doing it for the fun, not to mention the apple, even if only one.

That day I was a little ahead when Rainbow Dash made me stumble and I fell down by the hillside. Certain for how she was laughing, it should have looked funny from where she was. But next thing I remember was my tummy itching by the hay on the ground.

At the beginning everything was blurry, and my head was still dizzy; but I recognized that filthy stall and the stinky smell. My legs felt a little weak when I tried to stand up, but over the door I could see a few ponies in other stalls, and I could recognize a muddy Pinkie Pie and a less muddy version of Rainbow Dash in a separated cabin. They were very quiet, but a soon I made the first sound they started with things like “Finally, the princess woke up!” and nonsenses such like that, so I was pretty much sure they weren’t going to help me getting out of there, or explain what’s going on. But, what the hay, I’d been there before and wasn’t so bad, very soon a nice breakfast of Sweet Apples should start.

And so it goes on, they feed us, Pinkie ate her apples too fast, she didn’t have any control, she doesn’t know how to enjoy properly an apple. Rainbow Dash also decided that the appropriate way to eat them was crashing her face against them, was there when I noticed that her wings were gone.

I should have suspected in that moment that I was just dreaming; but a grin twisted mah face. I already wanted to see that show off pegasus after an earnest tough day in a farm.

So they hitch the plow to me and pinkie. But they brush Rainbow! I was expecting to see working that presumptuous mare for once in her life, but they groom her and that’s just not fair! Or at least I thought so because later that day I saw her carrying one of these things on her back, an owner. And I could have laughed on my back but my legs were aching a bit so I decided to keep it for later, she was wearing a seat tied down with some stripes at her belly, and her head was held gagged with reins, it was so sick that I had to bit my lower lip to don’t burst out laughing. But it covered just that one part of the morning primp, so thinking that the cheater had it well deserved I made her stumble with the plow when she went near, she fell down with that one thing “owner” on her back and I saw them writhing on the mud, I thought it had been so hilarious till she said she twisted her ankle, but then she was taken away to the building where I woke up, and I felt better knowing they could care her there for the day.

That afternoon they took Pinkie away, for a shower I hoped so, and I was taken to that poor imitation of a house for us were they had kept Rainbow Dash for the day. Inside one of them brought me my well-earned bucket of apples and it wasn’t very clean, but Sweet Apples are totally worthy an ugly bucket or the heavy work. I was eating and could see Rainbow Dash up in some kind of cart, with her leg tied down in bandages, and one of the owners gave her a single apple, it wasn’t a big one or the prettiest one, but surely it was one of the sweetest, you can say by the moisture around a bite mark when you are an expert as you know ey am. Dash was holding it between her hooves gladly munching her bite, I was happy for see her sane and safe eating properly an apple for the first time in her life when the owner took a stick and making a terrifying sound with it Rainbow’s head blow off. I jumped up on my place shouting every course I could made up, or at least I was trying to but no real sound came outside, just a strange sound that I didn’t know I could do.

I still remember the brain bits of Dash raining over the place, I wondered if these were part of the dirty between that hay. I had never watched the insides of a pony or a head, but they were Rainbow Dash and I couldn’t turn my eyes away.

Poor Dash, she was always the first pony in die.

The thing with the boomstick was heading to my cubicle in a hurry when another form outside came in, and they argued for a while, I placed my hooves above my head and begged Celestia for it all to be a dream. Silly me, I had forgotten it was a dream, if I had be able to see what would happen later, I would have begged to stay.

Next morning I woke up again in a hospital bed, and I started to wonder if it all had been a dream since I went to Pinkie’s place, an unicorn doctor came in, examined my pupils, and then when outside wordless, After a while my friends went in and this time Pinkie wasn’t crying, and Rainbow wasn’t there at all. They told me how worried they were but I was almost weeping because the bad dream. I was sopping Rainbow’s dead and I didn’t stop there. We found her dead that very same afternoon; she hanged herself from an apple tree at Sweet Apple Acres. The doctors said she had to fly fast against the rope to be able to hang herself like that, I didn’t understand, I didn’t want to in that moment, we would be able to see the procedure over again later first hand, but in that moment I was denying everything related to it. They blamed regret for it. Some ponies told me that Dash hanged herself because she thought she had hurt me badly, and that I couldn’t make it through the night. But Dash wasn’t anything like that; she should be the last pony thinking I wasn’t going to make it. Or maybe some ponies were just mad to me and that’s why they told me so, and I didn’t blame them, I was mad to myself, to them, to everything. I’m still. Maybe a Sweet Apple could help now.