• Published 13th Oct 2012
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The Applejack Zone - A Pony In Hay - TrollestiaSubject

A Pony In Hay is a short horror story about Applejack and her five friends

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We ponies use to say some words too slightly; and one of these words is honestly, well, I honestly can say apples here from Sweet Apple Acres are the best all around Equestria, and I’m sure of it for all the work and dedication that I have put into them. You should taste them sugarcube; once you grab a bite you won’t stop liking them. I owe these apples not just my fitness but my sanity itself.

You know, many ponies had tried to get the secret of this fruit out from me, and I’m probly crazy for telling you but I trust you if say you can keep the secret, I’m gonna start saying that these apples can only be found in this part of Equestria thanks to little Apple Bloom. She got the seeds of an already extinct apple tree from her zebra friend living in Everfree forest. We all in the family have a natural tinkle when it comes to apples, and even if she didn’t earn her cutie mark as "CUTIE MARK CRUSADER, APPLESEED RESCUER!", She did good indeed that day.

We started to plow them, just a few the first time, and I remember the whole family gathered for that special moment in the field. We were helping to keep alive an apple kind after all. We don’t usually reunite all very often, but when we do it sure is fun, and that one time was no exception, in fact I guess these all good vibes and cheerful camaraderie was what made the propitious ambient for these trees to group up fast and healthy, it was like if they would want to repopulate the world again, or maybe that was natural for the new tree, nopony in the family would know, not even Twilight could find anything in her books about this new crop, but its grow rate was amazing, that was probly the reason why Zecora had decided to let them die as apple kind, she said they were dangerous, and in the wildness of her land they could be clearly a problem, but they were under the watchful eye of mah family now, and you won’t find ponies with more experience anywhere in all Equestria, yah know it. So what could go wrong?

Before a season they were ready to be bucked, and howdy apples! They were the sweetest thing I had tasted in all my life; Pinkie’s oven never knew what a sweetened flavored thing was as I did that day. Too bad Apple Bloom was too busy doing Cutie Mark Crusaders crusades that day, so the honor of the first taste fell on me, and I was probably the first pony ever in taste such apple, or at least the first living being in this part of the world.

So when I went back, I wanted to share with everypony in the farm. Surely it could be our best season in the farm with a harvest like that. When I gave an apple of these to everypony in the farm to taste the new product, I felt sorry for mah friends in Ponyville, so I went right there with some more of these new apples in a basket for them. Carrot Top, and Colgate, Berry Punch, everypony in the way should know about this, in fact all my friends had their own friends, and pets; these apples should sweeten the behavior of Fluttershy’s bunny sure, and help Rainbow Dash to do her rainboom flying thing. These apples were good, the point was going to find, how good.