• Published 13th Oct 2012
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The Applejack Zone - A Pony In Hay - TrollestiaSubject

A Pony In Hay is a short horror story about Applejack and her five friends

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At Sugarcube Corner Pinkie couldn’t deny these apples where the sweetest things ever, so she tried to bake some in different pastries, as cupcakes or pies, but the flavor was kinda ruined when baked so I told her to stop wasting them. But you know Pinkie, everypony in Ponyville does, she was like “one more, one more!” But I had more friends to visit, and when I tried to get outta there with mah apples, she… I’m not really sure what she tried to do, but she stumbled with me, and mah lights went off; I wish I had a better way to explain it, but my head has been a mess lately.

Before heading out the door of Sugarcube Corner with my basket in mouth, I had this weird feeling, of something other than a basket in my mouth; it was something acid, metallic, something tied around my head. Sugarcube Corner was nowhere around and I was in some crappy wooden building, it smelled funny and my coat was itchy n’ frowzy, and my hat n’ ribbons in my mane and tail were gone. I was resting over a dirty floor of hay, mud under it, and I dun wanna imagine what kind of disgusting thing was mixed within at the corner. Then I heard something, a weird sounds, like if somepony was snoring or something like that.

I had completely forgotten about Pinkie, Sugarcube Corner, or the apples. I just wanted to know where I was, but my legs gave me some trouble to lift me up. After some effort I could stand up and find out Pinkie Pie inside an individual stalls too, they were lined in the border of the building and all the other were empty but they all were the same of creepy.

“What the hay! Pinkie, Is that you?” I could believe what I saw, she was all muddy and her puffy mane had some bugs flying around, but it was her, no doubt.

“Hello silly filly!” she said cheerfully in her usual bouncy standing position. “You overslept again; you are the laziest mare I have ever met!” She told me and I wasn't giving credit, Pinkie pie was lecturing me about oversleeping! My jaw couldn’t go lower, and that was just the beginning!

“Where are we?” I asked her.
“In the ranch” she replied. But just what in hay a ranch is? She told me it’s like a farm, but it didn’t look anything like Sweet Apple Acres, not even if you abandon it for one hundred years. This place was much more dirtier and smelly than a farm could ever be.

Then a… some... thing, came in, and I asked it why were we there, but that thing had just such a dumb face that probly didn’t even understand a single word of what I said. It walked bipedally and had a hide covered in more… hide, and was wearing a hat like mine.

“They are our owners” Dirty Pie said, but owners my flank, I told her that we had to scape, but then that thing brought a basket full of these sweet apples we had tasted earlier, and I had to admit; maybe play to be a pet for a little bit more wasn’t going to be so bad, And they gave them in baskets, a metallic ugly one but still. It gave one to me, and one to Pinkie’s sweet tooth, and since I was too full to complain anymore, and since Pinkie was still energetical and surprisingly eager to work, I let it put me on a harness and played to do Big Mac work. Pinkie was unexpectedly strong so in fact I wasn’t doing the entire job as I had thought before.

In the field I noticed Pinkies cutie mark was… different, like bald random lines, I told her, but she chuckled and made me notice mine was the same, and I would have been scared if I wouldn't have been so tired. After the work It wanted to let us again inside that dirty shack with just dirt and hay in the floor and Pinkie didn’t mind at all, but I fought back until some other of them brought more apples, and I don’t know who they did it, but they managed to get me back in a stall again, at the end I was so tired that even that filthy hay did a good place to rest for the night.

When I woke up, nurse Redheart was taking my pulse, I was on a mint clean hospital bed, mah ribbons in place, and my hat was at the bedside. When she noticed I had awake she smiled to me, and after look at the door and pony her hoof back and forth my friends went in, all rushing inside bringing a gush of wind along them.

Pinkie Pie was crying waterfalls and her mane was deflated, she told me she was sorry, and I said “It’s okay sugarcube” but I don’t really remember what happened, and ask her wasn’t going to help her feel any better, so I’m not very sure what happened there even now, but then I told them my dream and at the end they all were like:


And I know right, it sounds a little scary, but these sweet apples did worthy the whole thing.

Sometime later everything was back to normal, even better. The apples had been a huge success so we had to plant more of these trees, and even replaced some fields with the new apple breed. We even had that discussion about replacing all of them with the new crops, but we just agreed to focus in the later production, without lose the original product, but just a few ponies wanted to keep working on them even back then. The new apples were a sales record, we even tried to share our incomes with Zecora but she had suddenly left to her homeland.

This new tree was growing up fast, and the fruit could be bucked a few times each season. What’s even better, with proper cares it could bloom even out of season proving to be a strong and resilient crop, even so due to demand it wasn’t cheap, but for short, it was a great time for us on the farm.

We had a brand new barn, Granny Smith had her new hips, Big Macintosh didn’t need to do physical job anymore, if he ever had wanted! but nooo… well, I guess that wasn’t so bad in the end. Anyways; Apple Bloom was the guest star at the parties of all her filly friends, and everypony in the field had a new cart. Not to mention this new Sweet Apple was the absolute treat that the world needed.