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When Twilight receives a letter from one claiming to be a changeling, she is shocked. As she starts reading, however, she soon learns that there is far more to it than she ever suspected.

Reading by Goombasa.

The story had been translated to Russian: Here and Here

Special thanks to PoisonClaw for editing.

For the Weekly Prompt (changelings) of the Hazardous Writing Materials and Challenges

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One day, upon walking through the Everfree, Fluttershy ends up unknowingly saving a fairy's life.

She should have let it die.

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"Unicorns are wonderful!"
"Unicorns are fantastic!"
"Unicorns are marvelous!"
"Unicorns are glamorous!"
"Unicorns are enchanting!"
"Unicorns are terrific!"

They also like to twist words. What would happen if you asked what they really are, without the wordplay?

Unicorns provoke wonder. They create fantasies. They cause marvels. They project glamour. They weave enchantment. But most importantly, they spawn terror.

For you see, nopony said that unicorns were good.

Massively A.U.

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