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This story is a sequel to How We Found Love

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have been friends for longer than they have been Crusaders. Scootaloo recently realized she was developing feelings for her friend, and on urging from her aunts she admits the truth to Sweetie.

Now that that's happened, what will happen next? Will Sweetie return the feelings? What else will happen?

Cover image belongs to its creator.

Chapters (3)

When Scootaloo admits to her aunts that she has a crush on one of her classmates, she isn't sure about whether or not she should tell them. So her aunt Holiday tells her the story of how the two of them first met and fell in love.

Cover image belongs to PixelKitties

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This story is a sequel to I'll Always be Here for You

A budding love, a new family.

Rescued from her horrible parents by Twilight and Rainbow, Scootaloo begins a long journey of recovery from the years of mental and physical abuse. Now Rainbow’s and Twilight’s adopted daughter, she looks forward to what the future has in store for her. However, Scootaloo's happiness and her life are at risk now that her parents have escaped from prison, fully intent on revenge.

Meanwhile, Rainbow and Twilight try to make their relationship work as they face the difficulties of raising a filly together. To accomplish their dream of a happy family, they all must face numerous challenges that will test the strength of their love and friendship.

Chapters (21)

Scootaloo keeps being reminded of what she can't do. Some days, it seems like nopony sees anything else. Apple Bloom however, reminds Scootaloo that there is at least one pony that sees her for what she is, and what she is capable of.

A quick little bit of Scootabloom cuteness.

Chapters (1)
by Teq

It's hard when you're alone. It's harder when you're alone and constantly picked on. Scootaloo's lost all faith in ponykind. A dark and troubled past drives her to the most extreme of measures.

The first fanfic I've felt confident enough to submit. I would appreciate if you could point out any spelling or grammatical mistakes. There may be a few (I often write late at night), but hopefully not many. If you do plan to leave criticism, the constructive kind is appreciated. If you don't like this kind of story, don't comment. It doesn't help anyone and just gets annoying. Alternatively, if you must leave a comment, leave it in a civil and constructive manor.

Immerse yourself in the story and travel through my twisted mind. Scootaloo's feeling down and you get to follow her as she plummets down the pit of despair.

Chapters marked with a ~ are flashback chapters. These are not essential to the story, but are there to clarify certain things that people are bugging me about. You can just read all of the non-marked chapters and still get the full story in the modern setting, but if something's not quite clear to you then reading the flashback chapters will hopefully clear that up. (If not, let me know in a nice way. Don't be rude!)

Warning: Comments section may contain spoilers!

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After an unfortunate accident resulting in a mistimed prank, Fluttershy is left temporarily blinded. Pinkie offers to take care of her.

Cover art by: Teknibaal [Link]

You can find an awesome comic version of "A Sight for Really Sore Eyes" was on DA by SpeccySY but can still be found here: [link]

Chapters (7)

Rarity and Rainbow Dash, having been a married couple for a few months, decide to go to the orphanage and adopt a foal. Rarity has already signed papers for a certain filly, though. And boy, will it be a pleasant surprise for the foal who's being adopted.

Chapters (1)

For the past year, or so, Rainbow Dash has not been living comfortably in her own home. Her father walked out on her, and her mother has become a heavy drinker. All of that alcohol intake has caused Rainbow Dash's mother to be physically and verbally violent towards her daughter. The athletic Canterlot Highschool student has yet to tell a soul on what is going on at home. This is her struggle.

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Sunset Shimmer has an assignment due that morning, there is only one problem standing in her way of academic perfection.... Windows update. Will she be able to finish her essay on time, and keep her school record of no late or missing assignments?

Probably not.

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Yet another failed attempt at a new stunt lands Rainbow Dash in the infirmary once again. She is patched up and sent on her way, but as she is leaving the Ponyville Hospital, she catches glimpse of Scootaloo sitting alone in the waiting room, injured and upset.

Taking a seat beside her, she finds out what is wrong, plus something quite shocking and disturbing.

Featured - 03/10/2019 :rainbowkiss:

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